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  1. I don't know why but why there is a painting of Balthasar Gelt on the Gold Wizard Acolyte card? I am pretty sure that's him, the freaking Primearch. Also I didn't know where to post this, so sorry if it's the wrong forum.
  2. Investigators, Against all odds, we were triumphant. The shameful serpent people were right to betray Yig, but foolish enough to fear him and reunite with him to stand against humanity. Through sheer power of will, we ended this horror. Maybe you will encounter a black shaman woman one day, maybe you will be able to recognize her by her injured leg. If you do, learn everything you can from her. Maybe you will get to know of two very influencial people, who will aid you and provide you with whatever you need at these times of desperation. Maybe you will get to meet a magical woman and hear her whisper across the world and maybe you will be acquainted with the most daring man who will unearth artifacts, find crucial information about the greatest enemy. Have no fear! You are not alone! Whatever your situation in your own world is. Keep on fighting on and taste the sweetest victory known to mankind. Eldritch Bakırköy: Nightmare Mode On
  3. We began playing Hard-Only and just submitted our results today. Eventhough we lost, there is hope, investigator. I am writing this as my hotel door is being teared down by these civilians who think their Idiot God is their, salvation. To my luck, I know a very peculiar guy named Dexter and trust his ability to save me. I hope he does. Will everything I've found just vanish? No... Never.. Is there something under my bed. I am starting to feel, horror.. Whoever gets this, push on! Statistics Name Eldritch Bakırköy: Nightmare Mode On
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