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  1. Second AT-RT is done.
  2. Reaper Breone Blue, and Templar blue for the windows. It really photographs horribly, because it's so shiny, but it looks great on the tabletop.
  3. Here is a pic of each of my finished squads.
  4. Iraqui sand might be a bit light but you could always give it a try. Tallarn Sand by GW might also make a good substitute. I'm glad you like my guys, but if you are stealing my scheme I want to see pics when you get some done!
  5. The first of two AT-RT's for my rebels.
  6. A light sponge of very dark brown followed by light sponge of silver. Then a few streaks of silver brushed on with a fine pointed brush.
  7. Just wanted something different for the officer pants for some reason.
  8. The paint colors were listed above the very first picture. Vallejo german grey, and Vallejo khaki. I used Secret Weapon Miniatures rubber for the grey highlight, and Vallejo Iraqi Sand for the khaki highlight.
  9. It's not letting me post any more pics Is there a limit?
  10. Another, more top-down view, as per your requests. I should have added this image when I first made the post but I wasn't thinking.
  11. Here is what I have painted so far. Vallejo game color Khaki, and Vallejo model color German grey. I also used Sorastro's leather method that he uses on Luke in his first Legion video, check it out on Youtube if you would like to know those colors. He is always a great source of inspiration. Doctor Fausts' Painting Clinic was the inspiration for the basing as he did a desert base video a couple years ago, and I used a slightly modified version. Another great source for inspiration. Thanks for looking, and I may post more pictures in this thread as I finish models.
  12. Wow, lots of teachers! I work in a Spec. Ed classroom for high school kids with emotional disturbances and behavior disorders.
  13. I had great success running the 2 named defenders. Col. Vessery, pro rockets, HLC, Lone wolf, Stealth device Rexler Brath, HLC, predator, Stealth device The trick is staying at range 3 and taking advantage of 5 defense dice, while still hitting with 4 attack dice. The pro rockets were in there just to use the points, and advanced homing missles will probably take there place now. Keep a target lock up with Rex so Vessery gets it free every turn and use focus when you can. I know predator seems redundant here, but I use it so I don't have to use my TL.
  14. I love Miniatures Market, and will continue to buy from them, but yes, the new shipping sucks. I actually live 2.5 hours from their physical store. So, not realizing they had changed shipping to another company, I made an order a few weeks ago. Usually, I would get my items from them in 2 days, because we have a local UPS hub. This time, my order actually went 1100 miles, and took 9 days. Seriously...1100 miles, as the crow flies. It actually went through Missouri (where mm is located) to Kentucky, Indiana, and then into Illinois. I sent MM an email and told them all about it, and got a nice reply, BUT this really isn't their problem. This is really FedEx's stupidity. I don't fault MM at all, as I'm sure they did it to save money. What I will say is this, it makes me more likely to check on Amazon and Ebay before I place an order with them.
  15. At my local game store, there is 1 Imperial player (me lol), 1 Scum and Villainy player, and 4 Rebel players. I really only chose Imperial because nobody else was doing it. Strangely enough, the scum player never uses Boba Fett, as he really, really, really likes bombs and Eamon Azzameen.
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