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  1. and what monster hits 3 times with frenzy (maybe some action that does dmg but not basic attack)? for others its good tactic but you cannot use it all the time. For some classes or charecters rest is vital to get things done(grisban/healers) and others dont even need use it to much (runemaster gain 2 instead of one from surge and wildrunner 2 move with one fatique) spiritwalker turns in my last game 1st turn double healing rain 2nd turn hit and rest with skill that gives health for every fatique you gain by rest. 6 last turn were repeating that if needed
  2. 1. Any restriction except using same OL card on same monster (no 2 frenzy/dash and so on) but is there any other restriction how many card you can use for one monster? in Castle Daerion 2nd part i used frenzy, + 1 surge(2 times on diffrent attacks), + 3dmg, + 2 dmg and reroll cards on one monster where 3 of thous where in one attack . Can i do that ? 2.Can heroes buy 3xp skill when they have 3 xp even if they dont have anything else then basic skill ? so far only find rule that only OL cards need 2 lvl1 cards for lvl2 card and 1 lvl2 card for 3card (same type: Warlord/Sabotage/Magic) and thought there would be some restrictions on what heroes can get with xp aswell.
  3. also bit off topic does Tomble Burrowell's heroic ability count only grey die or all dice that come from armors of adjacent hero ?
  4. So Leoric of the book has this heroic feat that does attack all persons near to you. there are 2 question i want to get answered 1. attack does damage to friendly targets right ? 2 what does the text part ''this attack ignores range '' mean then. Cause if attack affects only adjacent figures and you don't really need range on it in a first place. does this mean that if i roll X on blue die i still hit or is there some other meaning in this wording?
  5. Badend said: The first blood encounter is incredibly rigged in favor of the heroes. I consider it a victory as OL if I can keep the heroes from searching all 4 markers before losing. If the heroes have trouble winning, either they haven't figured out how to effectively play as heroes, or else you are interpreting rules very wrong. For first blood if the heroes all move and attack the goblins the first turn, they should kill most of them. Since only one goblin is reinforced every turn, and him at the END of the OL turn, the heroes can easily kill the new one every turn, and the OL should never have a chance to escape with them. I am trying to think of what rules things you might have wrong to give the OL a chance in First blood. * The Heroes should be getting the first turn * Monsters can only attack once per activation, unless you have a card that gives them extra attack actions * Check when reinforcements come in Are you playing the campaign? It is how the quests are meant to be played. Taking a hero party with only basic gear through a lot of these quests will make them a lot harder. I feel like the hero party gains more than the OL within each act. only thing i had wrong was reinforcements. i spawned them in start of turn. that thought wouldn't effect to out come cause only 2 hero got 1 hit and with long range so 1 of them was to far and other one could only hit master and didn't kill it. after that goblins run behind ettins and then they where never seen again(line of sight) other i had right
  6. so far i have played is with 2 against me 3 against me and 4 as me against myself. I remember almost all rules(not quest rules though) and do everything as i would do in any game in same place (though playing alone whole game i forgot leoric's heroic ability completely and used some of others feats/abilities rarely) First Blood: 3 times (with 2,3,4 hero) won every single time as OL though with 4 players got bad luck with rolls and big dude had 1 hp left when goblins got away. 2 and 3 games where too easy .although i played reinforcement wrong every time (just noticed). it wouldn't have effect on any of my games cause rarely heroes got even one down of thous cause placed them far back to starting point hide them end of every turn. Fat Goblin 3 times (2x2 hero and 1x4 hero) 1 encounter: played storage thing wrong and lost to heroes 2 times against 2 heroes only played it right on last one and face rolled all crops (1 goblin took 1 damage and had one to back him up so not even close to fail) 2 encounter: 2 times i have dashed at right time to entrance with 0 damage taken so luck was with me most of the time and did good blocking with big monster and goblins Gastle Darion 1 time (4 hero) 1 encounter: heroes one only cause i almost have full deck drawn and spend during that and was bored to block last beacon with big monsters.3 hero killing and get killed and 1 guarding 3 villagers (2 of them almost dead and 1 with full health) most of fight. 2 encounter: 1 turn: Heroes had killed whole flesh moulder group with 2 good blast attacks. healer guy (spirit something) charged to room to give stoneskin to palamon but didnt have fatigue for that in first turn.on OL turn i hammered almost 15 damage to Sir Palamon with 1 zombie and 2 ettins with 4 cards used on attacks. 2 turn: all heroes hitted monsters with minor damage except grisbane the slow who used move+ full fatigue move + rest to get next to one of ettin. OL gives other good beating to palamon with ettins/zombies/ farrow would have died but i decided to say that leoric was close to 3 of thous monsters so he was near to dead bed already. 3 turn grisbane hits with all of his might and new axe 3 times and still barely even scratch ettin with good defense dies and when he got big hit used 2 shield card to easy the pain. others tried to do same but now luck to kill even one of 2 ettin's let alone farrow behind them next to 2 flesh moulders (master and minion) and heal card in overlords hand. OL turn i healed ettins with moulder master and heal card. Then hitted with all ettins (both missed) and zombie did finising blow with farrow still left with waiting number ticket in his hand. Gardinal's Plight 1 time (2 hero) played roll thing wrong and 2 hero in 2nd part is realy hard with all zombies Masqurede Ball (first part) 1 time ( 4 hero) had luck as OL on quest positions. Managed to escort 3 as OL heroes 1. Heroes got all chest rolled blank on black die so the won first encounter so here are some things that could help heroes bit: 1.house rule goblins only be able to move ones during turn when they are doing something important cause they are too fast to do stealing/escorting/escaping? 2.more health for palamon or better die in 4 hero game ? 3.1 movement action only if carried something but can use dash for 2nd one (dont know if there is rule fix on site already) give your thoughts and bare in minds that this is what i have thinking cause it seems that most of the time game is too easy to me as OL and i dont want to play game where others dont have fun cause soon i only get play this alone and still win as ol : (
  7. Tromdial said: Ah! Two things I considered as I got ready for work: 1). No need, thus far that I can think of, for an additional box of Descent 2e. Just when you insert an additional two to four heroes (not just an extra one, explained below), create an additional open group of monsters on the map to accommodate the additional heroes using the backs of the new monster cards. If reinforcements are allowed, you receive additional reinforcements. For example, if you are playing Encounter 1 of A Fat Goblin, reinforcements are a Goblin Archer from exit, and 1 from open group at the entrance. Additionally, the Overlord spawns 1 more Goblin Archer from exit, if able, and 1 additional figurine from the other open group at entrance. The overlord also draws additional cards at beginning for each hero as usual. Also, the overlord must place an additional treasure for every two new heroes that start on the map on squares of his choosing, so long as each square belongs to a different tile and is not exit nor entrance tiles. I'm sure someone will come up with a better suggestion, but for now this is the one that I offer as well the good note that you will not likely need to buy Descent 2e twice if you can get past being short defeat icons to place on the board, having not enough condition cards, and readily able to tally with pen and paper or separate game components beyond Descent 2e for health and fatigue. 2) If you very well must buy an additional copy, then you can have a party of five players. Substitute a white figurine for a new red one from the new box of Descent 2e when playing with a fifth party member. Also, open groups inserted as said above may instead be new figures from second box that are monsters from the current quest. Thusly, with a party of eight in First Blood, place 4 Ettins and 10 Goblin Archers on board. 4 ettins, 10 goblins and 8 heroes in same map. most be pretty crowded in there. i think you should then make it like mirror image from quest but ettins room and escape spot are connected even if they aren't by tiles
  8. For big monsters you can scale easy you just need to say that both are red but for small units its harder cause there are more then 1 white monster on top of red one. don't know how well it scales if you got 4 red version in 5 hero game
  9. KristoffStark said: jjcole said: Lupin89 said: MasterBeastman said: Yes, monsters can use both actions to move. If quest does not prevent it (Demo quest would been to easy for OL to win if goblins get 2x5 move per turn) Does it actually say the goblins can't run in First Blood? I must have missed that. No, it doesn't. They can, and when I run it, they do. And the heroes still win, because the water gets in the way. then my demo preview OL didn't know rules even if he was so called specialist (didn't use double move and stun was whole turn long) he said that some faq already was made where stun has been said to take whole turn from you instead of one action
  10. MasterBeastman said: Yes, monsters can use both actions to move. If quest does not prevent it (Demo quest would been to easy for OL to win if goblins get 2x5 move per turn)
  11. status changed to: shipping now anyone ordered game from maelstrom games haven't got any info from them at all. Anyone got some info from them?
  12. this is my way of thinking how it should work (not played that quest) my example: A x-G-x-x B x-S-S-x C x-S-S-x D x-x-G-x 1-2-3-4 x= empty place =4xS are Splig G=goblins if you got least 2 goblins opposite side of Splig you should be able to use rule so you never take hit from blast effects from any targeted spot of Splig. As for the your other question you already got answer and i agree with them that your not allowed to use ''Not Me'' if Splig isn't the main target ''Not Me'' looks like body replacement technique. ''With this technique, one replaces their own body with a block of wood or some other object(goblin next to you), the moment an attack lands'' Splig the fat goblin ninja
  13. they should have write while you have this card or token on bold so its easier to understand correctly and same for some other things that might not be so simple as they thought it would be.
  14. Btw can you have more then one stun effect(multiple stun tokens/cards on same model) or does the last done stun effect stand only?
  15. 1 action for removing card sound fine cause it whould be to powerful if it consumes all 2 actions and if you want have gaming group after game where you chain stun others to death that they cant do anything you might not have group at all soon(most likely what is going to happen in our game if i don't find all the fails of wording and possible misunderstandable wording before geting the game).
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