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  1. Yeah. FFG needed to do the announcement, as explained in an interview by the head of FFG in a Team Covenant interview. Making the L5R announcement was completely out of character for FFG, who only announce and hype products when they are basically finished or entering a public beta phase (SW:RPG). They needed to do it as it was a huge part of the negotiations, AEG needed to let the community know what was happening as soon as the sale was finalised, instead of unfairly leaving everyone in the dark as to what was going on. So, as for the usual FFG routine, there is nothing more to announce or talk about until Gencon 2017.
  2. I bought 2 Core sets. That way I don't just have to combine 2 factions in order to play a game, I can instantly go for mono-faction decks! It's just the way I prefer to deck build, just really focus on the strengths of a single faction and go crazy.
  3. Yeah. Either way, the chapter packs will always have a full playset of cards. Netrunner cycle 5 will have 6 copies of certain cards to give full playsets of those and of course LotR/Warhammer only provide one of each of certain cards since you only need one hero/commander to have a full playset.
  4. I *might* be wrong on Netrunner, as I haven't played it in a while, but I don't think I am. I'm pretty sure unique "characters" there get proper names, while non-uniques don't. Even thought they're not actually called characters in that game. A selection of Unique Netrunner cards, as shown by the diamond beside the name (which indicates one on the field at any one time) or the 'limit 1 per deck' text. Of course IDs are one per player as well.
  5. CoC Asylum packs were never retired/cycled out though, they were always perfectly legal. They just stopped making new cycles in favour of big boxes and kept the still legal Asylum packs in print. Cycled out expansions WILL NOT be reprinted. Cycling is designed to lower the point of entry and make it easier for stores to keep stock since there isn't an ever growing list of expansions to order in. So once cycled out, Jackson howard is not being reprinted. Keeping him in print completely deatroys the point of being cycled out.
  6. A cycle lasts 6 months. That is 120x3 cards released in 60 card packs (20x3). So you get 20 new cards a month. Core Set and Deluxe Boxes are always legal. In Netrunner's case, that means 343 x3 cards are always legal for tournament play. The release schedule works out like this: Core Set month or 2 off 6 months for cycle 1 Big box the month after month break cycle 2 big box 2 So as you can imagine, on average the card game will get 350x3 (2 cycles + 2 big boxes) cards added to the cardpool over the span of a 12 month period. When the card pool reaches around 1500 cards (In Netrunner's case, that process will take 6 years total, up to 2018) the first 2 cycles (240 cards) will be removed from retail and will cease to be tournament legal. However, the 2 big boxes released at the end of those cycles will remain perfectly legal. So 4 cycles into the game we will have: 123 x3 cards from the core set (using Netrunner as an example) 480 x3 cards from 24 small box expansions (costing £12 each) 220 x 3 cards from 4 Deluxe box expansions(costing £25 each) Once cycling begins, 6 cycles will be active at any one time. So once cycle 8 starts, 1 and 2 are removed from sale and cycles 9 and 10 are released. Once 11 begins, 3-4 will be removed from sale, etc.
  7. Going by Doomtown Reloaded experience. Characters gained Experienced 1 cards to show that they were still alive in the game's universe. Characters have died before their cards were released. Thus L5R could take a similar route. Instead of having the awkwardness of AGoT where 5 cycles into the game you get a new Ned Stark card or another Joffrey or Khal Drogo with different mechanics. Hell, there was this one poison attachment card in AGoT with the flavour text "My son is dead! -Cersei". Which kind of spoiled Joffrey's death before Season 4 aired for a few people. In L5R, they could always have a location attachment (is that a thing in L5R) where the card art is a character's decapitated head on a battlement.
  8. I'll post what I have in similar threads: Core Set 240 cards (a guesstimate) -Every Card appears only a single time (thus necessitating 3 Cores for a full play set) -30 cards per faction, 7 factions in the box and 30 neutral cards -However, that may not allow 2 players to play a game together with a single box, something FFG like doing with their core sets. I am not too familiar with L5R 2 40 card deck construction, so someone with more experience would have an idea how many neutral/faction cards tend to be in both decks. So I can't speculate too much on how the core set would be formed. Cycle 1 - 120 x 3 cards boosting options for each of the 7 factions and neutral cards. Big Box - Introduce 40 x 3 cards for the Spider Clan and the other 15 cards in the set are split between neutral and the other clans. You could have each cycle ramp up a current storyline, culminating in the appearance of Spider. Cylce 2 - 120 cards for 8 factions and neutral Big Box 2 - 25 cards for one faction, 25 cards for another and 5 neutral cards. Have the cycle lead up to 2 clans confronting each other over a particular issue. Cycle 3 - 120 cards for 8 factions and neutral Big Box 3 - 25 cards for one faction, 25 cards for another and 5 neutral cards. It's the big boxes that could be the most crucial aspect of the game after 18 months on the market. If you host a demo of the game, imagine if you could simply tell a new player: "Hey, did you enjoy playing as Crab or Lion in that demo?" "Lion Clan looked great!" "Cool, I would suggest buying the Lion Vs Unicorn big box expansion if you wanted your own deck. You get 75 cards for Lion and a few neutrals which will build you an okay deck. There's also the core set, which is currently out of stock. I would also recommend these 2 packs from the first cycle to really give your Lion Clan deck some cool things to do. We meet once a week at..." -I've had that conversation for Doomtown and Netrunner with various people, who have then joined the local player base. Sure, they lacked Core Set cards at first, but they are pretty much able to jump in with both games. OFF TOPIC STAR WARS LCG RANT: That's because Star Wars was so dependant on Objective Sets. Which meant that no matter the release, Rebels were almost always shoving Han into decks and Sith players always had Vader and Palpatine in their decks. That was 30 cards you were always seeing in tournaments and things like the Hoth Cycle really failed to diversify decks. Hell, Scum and Villainy decks rarely worked as a result of their 'capture a card' gimmick.s No idea about the state of the game now, but Star Wars' player base died in Scotland around the time Edge of Darkness came out due to the lack of diversity/lack of releases*. I think the game is still popular enough in the States thanks to the Star Wars license, but it simply could not hold a candle to far better games like MtG, Netrunner and last year's reboot of Doomtown. Or hell, the simple fact that X-Wing miniatures was a far more popular use of the Star Wars license that was a far easier sell to UK Star Wars audiences. *There was also an odd gap 6 month gap between EoD and other cycle announcements, things like that which helped kill it. SWLCG and Netrunner were released very close together, yet Netrunner is an entire cycle (6 months) ahead of Star Wars and both games are about to get their fourth DX box.
  9. No. It was verbal during the inflight of worlds 2014 'state of the lcg team covenant video' when they initially announced AGoT 2.0 and rotation. The ffg website article uses stills from the presentation they used. Cant remember where in the video they discuss netrunner though. Keeping big boxes evergreen means limiting their releases to ensure the cardpool remains sustainable. 1500 was their target, thus rotation means losing 240 cards every few cycles so it never goes above that. You cant add 110 cards every year to the pile as it defeats the purpose of rotating out the 240 cards.
  10. When they announced cycles to begin with. They don't want a Netrunner card pool greater than 1,500 x3 They had charts showing the size of the card pool with each cycle and how rotation would affect it. Adding 110 cards every year would defeat the entire purpose of rotation since the static card pool would still just be getting larger and larger. So by 2018, they could easily add 330 cards to the static card pool before cycling happens. That would do nothing to stop the problem that forced FFG to make AGoT 2.0.
  11. I doubt FFG would do this. They do not have any other programs like that after all. The LCG model is designed to remove card rarity. Everyone is on an even playing field theoretically (number of core sets non-withstanding). So having cards only available through koku distribution would defeat the purpose of the reboot for newcomers if they have players with hundreds of points to buy rare cards that are effectively exclusive to old players. FFG will have alternate art cards for game night kits and tournaments, with some kind of ultimate prize at worlds (usually to design a card). I doubt they would allow these promos to be released in any other way.
  12. I think in most cases, the deluxe boxes will be 2 clans already being supported, so just a boost. They'd be getting cards throughout the cycle, if other LCGs are any judge. The other case is deluxes that introduce new factions, and I think there's precedent either way. Scum and Smugglers got a few cards in the core box, even though the bulk of them came in their shared introductory deluxe box. On the other hand, as far as I know, Tyranids in Conquest were completely absent before their deluxe dropped, but someone who knows that game better can probably say if there was a tease card or flavor or whatever that I missed. Tyranids, Necron, Martell, Greyjoy, Silver Twilight and the 3 neutral Runners are examples of factions introduced to existing LCGs by the method of big box expansions. Greyjoy and Martell did get cards in the first cycle and their house card was included in the core set, but you really could not use those cards until their deluxe boxes were properly released. That is way too few cards. A cycle tends to be around 120 different cards. And deluxe expansions areound 165 different cards. The card pool is going to be much, much smaller than you are used to. 55 actually. 165 is the total number of cards in the box. So by keeping all 4 big boxes evergreen, Netrunner has a guaranteed card pool of 220 x 3 cards that will never rotate along side the Core set's 123(?) x 3 cards. It's also worth noting that not every card is allowed x3 in a deck, for example certain unique cards/IDs. 343 x 3 cards total that will never rotate. FFG have already stated that Data & Destiny is Netrunner's final Big Box Expansion, since 6 cycles add 720 x 3 giving a grand total of 1063 cards total thus when they add another 2 cycles to that, that brings the card pool to 1303 cards
  13. But please don´t do to much what some of the Marvel movies did. Things like the latest fantasic 4 movie The recent Fantastic 4 movie was FOX, not Marvel. Fantastic 4 was given lots of Marvel branding in trailers so FOX could fool the general audience into thinking that it was somehow tied to the MCU.
  14. A simple way to solve this Spider Clan issue that a lot of people have is very simple and very FFG. L5R Core set launches with: Lion Crab Crane Dragon Phoenix scorpion Mantis Neutral stuff 1st Cycle has cards for those 7 factions and neutrals Eventual Big Box that includes Spider. Similar to AGoT added Greyjoy and Martell, how CoC added Silver Twilight, how Netrunner added 3 new factions and how Warhammer Conquest added Tyranids and will add Necron. That way new players are introduced to the clans, but flavour text refers to the looming threat of the Spider Clan, who have been 'quiet' for some time now. Then have the Big Box they are introduced in be an invasion or something.
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