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  1. Phiveball

    Great Death Angel Video Tutorial on Youtube!

    Didn't expect to see this thread still kicking around. Glad my vids provided some sort of help to newcommers.
  2. Phiveball

    Expansion recs

    There really isn't a recommended order in my opinion. The mission and marine packs are small additions to the existing game. The Tyranid expansion is more significant and adds some additional mechanics to the game. For that reason I enjoyed the added elements of the Tyranid expansion more than any of the other expansions. The Death Wing pack was nice too, though. Sadly, as with all POD expansions, the card quality is pretty poor, but that's how they are able to do these types of small add-ons and still make a profit. If it's an issue you can always use card sleeves.
  3. Phiveball

    Useless cards for solo play

    I'll add my two cents for what it's worth. Rune age is a game that was designed to be multiplayer. The core set gives you two scenarios that you can play solo, but for me at least, every game I play unfolds exactly like the three before it. There is just not enough variety to keep the game interesting. That's why you see so many people saying stuff like it's great, but I use custom scenarios or custom cards…etc. That's because the game, by itself, is not great. It needs to be fixed by the players, which is great if you like that kind of stuff. I personally have no interest in custom homebrew stuff. Whether the expansion will fix that problem remains to be seen. The game has potential, but I was really disappointed after playing it a few times. I'm not going to buy the expansion unless I hear that is gives the game the needed resources, but from the info I've read, it doesn't look to add any new solo content. If you want a great solo game give Death Angel: Space Hulk a try. Every game is different and the various POD expansions ensure it will stay that way for a long time.
  4. Phiveball


    Too bad. Gonna have to pass on this one, at least for the time being. I was quite excited for it too. Playing for score just doesn;t do it for me. Also, while some randomness is good and can add excitment, I'm not digging the amount that this games appears to have in it.
  5. Phiveball

    Solo play?

    @Budgernuat Don't know, man. I'm just going off of what I read ages ago when it was first announced. I have not been interested enough to go back an look at it. So if they changed it, that's fine. You can understand how there would be confusion, though. It's not like everyone reads every update on every game.
  6. Phiveball

    Solo play?

    I'm also waiting for a LCC that is soloable and in a theme I'm interested in. This would have hit the mark, but unfortunately it doesn't look to be a solo game. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars just don't do it for me. Oh well. I'll keep waiting.
  7. Phiveball

    Release Date

    I guess you guys never noticed the "Upcoming" tab at the top of the screen. It gives you all of the transparency you are looking for. It may not always be 100% accurate with the dates but it will at least tell you what stage of production any given game is, including reprints.
  8. Phiveball


    @Tromdial You are dead on with the set-up time being the one thing that has kept me from Arkham Horror. I love all things HP Lovecraft, and was really excited for Elder Sign, but was a little let down with it. Don't get me wrong, Elder Sign is fun, but I tend to use alternate rules suggested on this forum where the room cards are flipped upside down and arranged in a way that you travel from room to room, giving you that sense of exploration and not knowing what is beyond the next door. The brief description of how Infiltration is played really reminded me of that alternate way of playing Elder Sign without the "Cthulhu Yahtzee" component. Dungeon Quest has been on my list of games I intend to pick up at some point for a while now. Just have not gotten around to it. My main concern was it's longevity. The thing about Rune Age was each solo game played out almost identically, and from what i can tell, Dungeon Quest looks to have the potential for that same problem when played solo. I would love to hear if you don't think this is the case.
  9. Phiveball


    Yeah, we'll have to wait for more info on specific play mechanics but if there ever appeared to be a game that could be soloed this looks pretty promising. Even Rune Age shows 2+ players on the box but has 2 soloable scenarios in the manual. They get old pretty fast but there's nothing saying that that we won't get the same option here. I love card games, and this one seems to be right up my alley, but if it can't be soloed, I'm out. I'm a father of three young kids with a wife that doesn't like playing games, so solo games like Death Angel are my best source of gaming.
  10. Phiveball

    Finally we WON!

    Congrats!! Sounds like is was a long time coming.
  11. Phiveball

    Great Death Angel Video Tutorial on Youtube!

    Hey guys. It's my video you are discussing. I apeciate you watching and giving feedback. Unfortunately when you're playing alone you miss certain things, and had it not been recorded I would have gone on never realizing the mistakes I made. I hope the video doesn't cause more confusion with the missteps or difference in rule interpretation here and there. It's obviously by no means an official interpretation of the rules, just how I think the game is played, and it really helps when you have people point out the minute details that you might just gloss over by yourself (or/and for example). My goal was really just to provide a resource that I wish I had when i first started the game. I welcome the nit picks and observations and hopefully any discussion on the videos will result in more clarification of the rules for newcomers. The comments have certainly helped me. As for the questions. @ Monk: I think you do move the GS on the setup phase but it doesn't specifically state that anywhere. It doesn't say your not supposed to at that point either. I can't say for sure what is correct. @Tromdial: -Yes, you're right about the way the final card is played. I read it as "and" instead of "or". Thats harsh you're disqualifying my win. -For the promethium tank, I believe once GS move to the same position in the formation they merge, even if they spawn on different card. I could be wrong, but thats how I hae always played it. -As for the last room, I accidentally played two actions cards. i think I was just really confused at that point because I didn't have any GS on the board. that doesn't usually happen.
  12. Phiveball

    Completing and Adventure Card question

    To me they are the same question. The only way you can work on multiple tasks at once is with a spell card. Otherwise, no, you must re-roll any dice not used to complete the first task.
  13. Phiveball

    Completing and Adventure Card question

    Nope. Only one task can be completed at a time (unless your investigator's special ability it to allow more than one be completed). Even if you roll the perfect dice to complete the entire adventure in one roll you may only complete one tast at a time. This also applies to focusing. Even if one of the dice would help you complete another task, you cannot focus that die if you are completeing a different task on that roll. Spells, on the other hand, will allow you to save a die for a future task, but there issome uncertainty on when a spell can be used which will hopefully be clarified when the FAQ comes out.
  14. I gave it a try this evening and found that it really adds some much needed atmosphere to the game. Thanks for posting. I'm fiddling with the rules still to make it work for my style of play. I'm not sure I like ignoring monster appearances if there is no place to add them. I began playing by the rule that if a monster appears and there is not place on a flipped card to put them, they must go on the back of an adjacent card to where your player is standing, and must be defeated prior to revealing the front of that card. Stand-alone monster battles do not advance the clock. This way you have incentive to fight them because you don't know what they are hiding underneath the card. As for the terror effect; if I entered a room with a terror effect i rolled a die. if it landed on the terror side the effect took place. If not it didn't. This would happen each time you pass through a room, so if you don't complete the card and decide to move on, passing back through that room later would result in you rolling for the terror effect again. This caused some interesting decision making in moving to where I wanted to go. Overall, the game is essentually unchanged, but adding the mystery really helps.
  15. I must say that I am very intregued by this. Like Walk I usually don't pay much attention to player created alternate rules, but this does sound very promising, and I will give it a try. Maybe for the terror effect you have to roll a die on entering the room. If you roll a terror side the effect takes place for the remainder of your rolls.