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  1. Awesome post!! Everyone must fear becoming the toad....or they are a fool! Ha Ha...I think they should come up with a Toad Master - swamp expansion or a Toad Master alternate ending!! If they had one you would have won, since you had truly become the King of the Toads!!
  2. I finally beat Confict at the Carock!!!! It took forever but i finally found a deck combination that worked for me! Heros: Gimli - Key is to get Armor on him so you can get him wounded and pissed off. The more wounds the more damage he does. Denethor - Lets you peek at the top card of the encounter deck and you get to decide wether or not to face it. Glorfindel - Helps to keep characters healed - Last he isn't a Hero, but if you are able to pull him early, you can use Radagast to help with resource tokens to call in the add of the Eagles!!!! I am soooo I excited that I finally beat the 4 nasty Trolls on the stupid Carock!!!
  3. I agree. Currently I pull characters from all of the expansions old and new that I have for any edition that I play. I am Begging Fantasy Flight to re-release all of the characters from the older expansions to a fresh take on all of the characters and to have all of the characters in the same Fantasy Flight format! This would be Awesome!!!!
  4. Ooooooh a Toad King or Swamp expansion would be awesome!!! If they could some how connect why or how characters can be turned into Toads that would be cool. Talisman is truly the Best Board Game ever made!!!
  5. Well.... soon I will start painting my Talisman minatures and hopefully it won't take me forever. Until they are all completed, I will continue to use D & D and Mage Knight painted minatures. It will give me something Fun to do inside during the up coming Winter.
  6. The Hag...The Hag...Ohhh the dreaded Hag. Please friends...don't leave me all alone with her nagging ways!!
  7. rfh0

    Solo play

    I agree. I play LoTR LCG solo at least once a week and I haven't been able to beat every adventure or quest with the same deck. I would love to get his deck list to compare with what I am doing. since it seems like you have to have specific decks for some of the quest. oh well, as you said, this is a question for the LoTR LCG forum and not here.
  8. Arkham horror is a great game, but it takes a long time to setup. It is nice to dive into the world of H.P. Lovecraft in a matter of a few minutes, when you start playing Elder Sign. This is another excellent job of Fantasy Flight to get soooo much coool stuff cramed into such a small box...impressive!!!
  9. I just got the game and love it!!! It is very cooool. I am still learning, but I try to knock out the easy adventure cards first or cards that have the elder sign that aren't too difficult, until I have enough clue, spell and items to help me with the harder adventure cards.
  10. This helps out a lot since I couldn't figure out where all of the monsters needed to go. I just got this game and i love it!!! Quick and easy to play!!!
  11. My deck has the following heros: Aragorn, Glorfindel and Denethor have beaten all of the quest except the carrocks and escape from Dol Guldur, which I almost beat last nigt.
  12. we should combine star wars and lord of the rings and it could be good against evil!! Luke could fight along side of gandolf and darth vador could ride a nazgil dragon mount, when he attacks endor.......the ewoks will need to call on the add of Rohan to fly in there horse shipped spaceship to save them!!
  13. I only play solo and this quest was nearly impossible until I set my deck up to remove and heal as needed. No I beat it every time. The key is to Heal the wounded eagle as soon as you can and as often as you can. Also, the more the the special plant ( objects you find in the encounter deck the better!! )
  14. I am able to defeat all of the difficulty levels 4 and below playing solo, but I still having beaten Dol Guldor or CATC. I am hoping that they will come out with some cards that will help me defeat both with the deck that I like to play. I plan on trying different deck options until I defeat both!!
  15. I agree! This quest is way to easy! I would like to have seen them add some interesting new monster types, but the art work is so awesome on all of the cards I am not complaining! In the future I hope more of the quest are around 5 or 6 difficulty, since I can beat all of the 4's, but still having trouble beating both of the 7's.
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