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  1. Hi guys (and girls should my prejudices be wrong) I am currently writing my own campaign, and I like to create my own NPCs, hordes and the likes. I'd like to have a good tool for creating NPCs on my computer, that I could then paste into Word or whatever. Ideal solution would be something like those Excel Sheets that exists for character generation, but just for creating NPCs. If that does not exist, does anyone have a good template for writing up NPCs? The campaign is a three-scenario long storyline, that gradually escalates in epicness and sneakyness, ending up with the players having a very real chance of dying or earning eternal glory (or damnation). I am doing it in english, and hope to be able to release it for free (provided it doesn't infringe on anything). kind regards Nicolai
  2. Hi guys I'm looking for some examples of xenos/warp-driven whatever technology, that can act as the goal of a kill-team mission where the team has to land on a defunct forgeworld and claim the item for the deathwatch. Of course lots of other agents of both the imperium and chaos has similar ideas. What im looking for, is something that is portable enough that someone could carry it himself, while still having strategic value of some kind - the old STC is kinda done to death I guess, so Im turning to you What possible piece of technology could both the deathwatch, the mechanicus, a crazed radical inquisitor and several agents of chaos want to take over? kind regards Nicolai
  3. We have agreed to go the somewhat lame route of 1-2 players taking the Geneseed anomaly Deed from RoB which gives medicae - this creates all sorts of strange situations when my apothecary wants to heal them (he'll spot the anomaly at -20 medicae), and they won't let him do it. I think that is an inherent weakness of having one class that is really required, but at least that makes my character feel really awesome I know we could just change the rules, but the other guys are kind of sticklers for following the exact rules, and I guess a kill-team with no medic would be sort of screwed in the fluff too.
  4. I think im gonna do without the create toxins special ability - firing a needle sniper gun makes no sense as an apothecary imo, that job should be left to a dedicated long range killer like a tactical marine. I cant make myself do it and at heart its an RPG full of fluff which is what attracted me Firing a regular bolter with poisons feels VERY fluffy to me (or a chainsword obviously) - but poisons seems restricted to needle guns and injectors, so screw that I'll buy a plasmagun and a chainsword, and take that enhanced healing special ability instead - as most times we wind up with critical wounds. That makes me feel fluffy and somewhat valuable and the poisons wont come into play as I think they are both unfluffy and situational. kind regards
  5. Clarification: I know about the "geneseed anomaly"-deed, but I think that is kind of unfluffy to have 2 players with the geneseed anomaly for instance (to be certain of having that medicae roll), + one apothecary (me). At least that is very strange
  6. Hi guys Looking for some opinions (or maybe even rules clarifications if I missed something). My group of players takes turns being gamemasters. But as I am the only apothecary a problem has presented itself - who deals with healing wounds when I'm the gamemaster. We have considered several solutions: 1) tough luck - you didn't bring a medic. People will have to be ultracareful or lose heads, legs and arms very easily over time (since wounds cant be recovered between encounters. In short - don't get wounded. 2) Round-robin-apothecary: We create an apothecary who are "everyones", and when I'm not around (I might also not attend for that session as well as being the GM), someone leaves his normal character at home, and takes control of the "other" apothecary. Not too fond of that solution either, since it seems kind of unfluffy and annoying not to play your "own" char 3) the medicae-servitor. could we bring along "something" that allowed a servitor or similar (for instance using our tech marine?), that allowed a medicae-roll? I imagine a servitor could do regular first aid, but none of the "fancy" stuff such as collecting geneseed, mapping out poisons, saving people from warp-taint etc. Opinions please! As you might have figured out, I'm sort of biased towards option 3, since that would solve the problem of requiring one specific specialization without having to resort to feeling like you drew the shortest straw (playing a char that isnt "yours"). What say the interwebs?
  7. Hm - I actually cant figure out whether I can use toxins on weapons? like genophage for instance...
  8. I kind of regret my title of the thread now, since it wasn't my intention to ask how I could turn my apothecary into a combatmachine I was rather asking for advice as to how to get as much out of him as possible, combat-wise. I am well aware that he will never be as good as any of the more specialized chars - and he shouldn't be in my opinion. I totally agree, that if I wanted to turn an apothecary into a combat-machine, i'd be sort of silly. Better to take Geneseed Anomaly from RoB and get medicae for an assault marine or something like that, in that case. The advices about going for toxins were pretty cool, as it hits the exact combination im looking for: utility and fluff. I know the auto-shotguns seems to be the most destructive weaponry, but then again my inner fluffbunny cries at that idea. I'm going to field a regular plasmagun and maybe some special ammo for my bolter. Hopefully I can convince the gamemaster of allowing me to use toxins quite often since that is hella cool. Furthermore I am going to use most of my points taking what i'd call "roleplaying skills" - that is tech-use, interrogation and such things. That should hopefully mean that I will be of great use in situations where we aren't just rolling dice and subtracting numbers. Furthermore I made him a dark angel and bought paranoia, hoping to roleplay him as someone who sees ghosts and warp-taints everywhere. Very fluffy I feel. In summary I choose the apothecary for two reasons: he is insanely cool from a fluff-point of view. I always field a command squad with one in tabletop, even though it is generally agreed that assault terminators are better. And second, because well - our deathwatch team has a tendency to get chopped up by nasties Please do continue the discussion however, and thank you for all the concrete suggestions of which skills to buy! that really helped.
  9. I had a look at the stormbolter as my main weapon (I start out with renown respected with 3200 extra XP to make up for the sequence of scenarios I have run for the players). Am I wrong in thinking that it is way superior to any shooty weapon below 100 metres? I might make it my main weapon as a piece of signature wargear and then use my req for special rounds or similar.
  10. Thanks guys, useful answers already It's not that I mind being the weakest combat guy, im usually quite inventive anyway, so i'll think of something to do while the others carry the day I havent considered what chapter to roll really - I guess i'll go and see if I can get +bs and +int or something... Suggestions are welcome? Buying the proper helmet as signature is a good idea - i'll consider that! thanks already.
  11. Hi guys Having GM'ed our deathwatch campaign for the first 3 games, I am about to shift seats to being a player for a while. That means I have to roll a character, and since the squad needs someone with the Medicae skill, it looks like im stuck with the apothecary (or that kinda strange deed from Ritles of Battle) - correct me if im wrong? What my question really is though, is how do I make an apothecary decent at combat? What talents and characteristics should I focus on? I know he will never rival an assault marine or devastator - the point is just to make it possible to do some damage while still providing that all important medic support that our usual style of play requires (lots of combat). Im going to enjoy roleplaying him, but I want to make sure im not just a pretty face with Medicae+10 kind regards Nicolai
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