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  1. Update: I deleted all my data sets (backing up the ones I personally made) and cleared the cache and it still crashes on startup. I've uninstalled and reinstalled as well and the problem still persists. I'm gonna wait for the next release to see if it works for me.
  2. Did you download any third-party data sets and install them? If so, remove the data set and see if it loads. Clearing the cache might also help. I haven't installed any third-party data sets, but I'll try the cache and investigate some of my own data sets. Thank you, I'll keep you posted!
  3. My copy of the Character Generator itself refuses to open. I click on it and it loads up the pre-load thing, then crashes with an error message saying it's trying to find the source of the problem. It doesn't crash that way with the Data Editor or the GM Tools, just the Character Generator. I have Windows 10 and have tried running as administrator to no avail.
  4. Question: When adding a custom species, how do I make their selection of starting bonus skills "either/or", rather than having both? Such as "Bonus Skill: All Miraluka begin the game with one rank in Discipline or Perception due to their connection with the Force." How do I make that an option in the Character Generator on a custom species? Edit: Figured it out. Awesome system, OggDude!
  5. I had an idea for a house-rule, inspired by certain bennies and benefits in other RPG systems, but I wanted to know if it sounds too unstable, broken, or easy to abuse? Basically: Earn a skill at Rank 1 if gaining a Triumph on a skill check they don't have any ranks in. They'd have to spend a Light Side Token /and/ get a Triumph in order to do so, so they'd be losing a bit in the moment to potentially gain a benefit in the long term. I'm also contemplating ways for the players to gain Talents in a similar way, but that might be a bridge too far. Comments, feedback, etc.?
  6. I actually learned more from this thread than my initial dumb noob question. 0 then up, not WT and then down. Thanks for the heads-up, guys!
  7. Stupid noob question: When is a Rival or Nemesis removed from combat? Does he stay in the fight until he's gotten 141 or more even if he's missing limbs or whatever, or what? I don't know when to take enemies out.
  8. I know, I'm sorry dude. You just kinda caught me off guard there and I got mad for some reason. Carry on, ignore me!
  9. I'm afraid trashing it just might be the way to go. I've been trying to stay positive, but the lack of conversion opportunities was the real deal-breaker for me. FFG, please listen to us. This hurts everything. We wanted a rules update, not a new game. Geeze, I finally know how the World's Most Popular players felt.
  10. Twenty dollars to laugh at a horrid mess of game design before going back to Only War. Or we could just do this instead of, y'know, bug-testing. Flat denial makes everything better, especially game design!
  11. Thank you, Surgeon, for that helpful reminder. I was honestly beginning to despair. "Oh, these guys are being too mean!" "Oh, this game's gonna be unplayable!" "Oh, why did I spend that money!?" You put it all back into perspective for me. Thanks.
  12. Seems to me, from some of the posts around, that we're already there. The fires are started, it's just a matter of time before we see if they can be controlled. *sigh*
  13. So, to be clear, there's no stacking at all? You can't combine two of these options? I know you said you can't stack 3, but some of the mods might be a little paltry depending on what the player wants. I really like what you've got, it's a good list and it can make for custom failings and such as well. It might be fun to make some new things for the list.
  14. Thus far I have all but two characters turned in, with one still in the planning process and the other having a fleshed out concept. I need to get a character trailer from the players themselves, but otherwise we're very nearly good to go. The game itself starts this Friday, so I'm pretty stoked about that. Exploitation really isn't everybody's cup of tea, it tends to be a little nastier than most people like, but if you enjoy it then chances are this will appeal. What I have for players is... A Slaaneshii human with his eye on the Sisters of Battle over the extermination of his home due to a slight deviation from Imperial protocol. A former Thousand Sun, turned to a spinoff chapter when they arrived far too late for the burning of Prospero. A Tzeentchian tech-priest who saved Jared Athaliah's life and attached a daemon weapon to his left arm. An Unaligned mercenary contractor and warlord who's only recently dipping into Chaos. A Night Lord who's tasked himself with the defense of a little girl, both of whom share similarly troubled pasts. And some manner of Khorne marine. Their trailers haven't exactly been fleshed out yet, but we'll work on that.
  15. Hello friends. In just two weeks (Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011) I will be running my first session of IRL Black Crusade. My first post about the game is here. Ever since the original post I have been planning obsessively with backstory, character notes, trailers for the characters, and more. I figured I'd post the two trailer notes for the "mission command" character and the one who's going to be looking over them to report back. I'll also post the general backstory and so on. Athaliah’s Last Stand In the grim darkness of the 42nd Millenium, there is only war. Big, bloody, horrible war. Tales of rage and revenge, sagas of furious warriors coming to a brutal end, promises of brief and fleeting rewards for those who achieve only the greatest of tasks. Yet despite the effort it took to gain them, despite how brief the pleasure they earn may be, and despite the fact that even a moment away from their prize could see it taken away forever, these rewards are pleasing indeed, and can last a lifetime in the minds of those that earn them. In the Apocalyptus Sector, 4000 lightyears north of the Eye of Terror, one man, a former Commissar turned Chaos Warlord, has come out of retirement for one last hurrah. Jared Athaliah is his name, and he promises a war like no other, a war where the rewards will be sweet and long-lasting. He promises glory, strength, and power to anyone who would join him. He’s sent a petition to the Master of the Black Legion, Abbadon the Despoiler. For his last act of war before, what he hopes, is a heroic death, he shall wage a war so bloody and violent, and claim such great glory for Chaos, the Black Legion will have no choice but to concede to his warband’s dominance and allow them all to become a part of the Black Legion. Seeing this petition, he found himself pleased. Still there remained some loyal to the cause of Chaos. And so, Abbadon sent a Chaos Sorcerer by the name of Aziraphael to aid the Commissar. Though Athaliah would lead, Aziraphael would oversee and report back to Abbadon. Athaliah’s legion has chosen it’s name and is gathering members. Time will tell if The Hunters of the Apocalypse will rule the day and join the Black Legion, or be yet another outfit swept under the carpet by the might of the False Emperor. Jared Athaliah, Age 240 The Kommissar, Champion of Khorne, General Badass Corrupted by the powers he once opposed, Dirmanus, an immense Bloodletter, grabs the loyalist Athaliah and jams him into a wound on his throat. Betrayed by his dark master, Shot of Athaliah in Chaos regalia taking off Dirmanus’ head. He went on a path of war, Athaliah leads an army of heretics across a battlefield, cutting away instants before they strike the Guard. They thought he was unstoppable. They thought wrong. Shot of Ulric, a Space Marine Librarian of the Imperial Fists, ripping off Athaliah’s arm. Flash-cut to Ulric beating Athaliah savagely, then fade to black. And when they thought it was over...HE CAME BACK. Shot of a war council organizing a battle plan. One removes his hood, revealing Athaliah, partially mechanical after his "death." Jared Athaliah is... Shot of Athaliah and the rest of the party standing on a hill as a battle rages around them. A Hunter of the Apocalypse. Rated X by an All-Imperial Jury Aziraphael Servant of the Black Crusade, Herald of Abbadon, Mutant Sorcerer Loyal to Horus, Shot of the Luna Wolves bowing to Horus at a great ceremony. His spirit broken, Shot of the Sons of Horus fleeing the palace on Terra, with one stopping briefly to look at the shattered, smoking throne room high above. He swore to avenge his fallen father. Shot of Aziraphael donning his Black Legion helm and looking up, eyes glinting red. Serving the Black Legion under Abaddon the Despoiler, he fights for vengeance. Shot of him tearing a tank in half with psychic energy, throwing the halves into a group of Cadians. Now, seeking an alliance, only through him can the Black Legion join forces with... Shot of him standing on a war-torn hill, just behind Abaddon the Despoiler with other Black Legionnaires. The Hunters of the Apocalypse. Rated X by an All-Imperial Jury. I also have some movie trailers planned for before the first session begins. I'll post those as soon as I post the notes for the first session. I'm really excited about this endeavour, and just wanted to keep a log of it somewhere besides my computer. New notes next week! I'll try to answer anything that comes in the mean time.
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