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    Hot Fixing the elves

    I've been playing "Oath and Anvil" for a while now and have figured out plenty of ways to win with the elves, but each of them always feels like just a little more work than the winning strategies of the other factions. Sadly, I've come to the conclusion that the expansion did not give this faction the balance fix that was required. So…. I've been thinking about ways to fix the elves through easy game play changes, in particular giving them a slight leg up through two simple changes: 1. Elves always go first: We've noticed in all of our Rune Age games (core set and expansion) that the first player has a definite advantage over the other players. It's small, but it's there. A very easy way to give the elves a slight power boost is to say that elves always go first. If you're looking for some sort of story rationale for this, you could say that their mastery of influence gave them advanced warning of impending hostilities so they were first out of the gate. 2. Starting gold bonus: The elves replace one of their starting 1-gold cards with a 2-gold card. Again, this is a minor tweak but when combined with always going first the power boost will really add up over the course of the game. So what do you think? Would this help the elves in their search for balance or is this messing with the game too much?
  2. Hi, I'm new to the game (but am an experienced gamer) and have a specific question. The keyword Deadly... there's lot of debate among my friends as to how this is exactly supposed to work. I would really appreciate it if someone here could post a link to a good description of exactly how deadly works with some examples from play. Thanks!
  3. SOLID GOLD ! ! ! Caleb and Matt really deliver with these new cards. Much has already been said about the mechanics of these new cards so I'm going to focus on the flavor. In the books Galadriel was the great enabler who was constantly working behind the scenes to fight Sauron but didn't actually get her own hands dirty. This is perfectly described by the mechanics (and art!) of these new cards. I think it's absolutely perfect and even though we haven't seen all of the elf cards yet, the functionality of the new elf deck is pretty obvious and it's a perfect flavor/mechanics matchup. I have no doubt that the new elf decks will feel very "elfy", especially to anyone who has read the books and knows the lore behind the elves. After "Black Riders" gave us flavorful hobbit decks I was very optimistic about what would come next but this is even better than I had hoped for. Thank you Caleb and Matt, please keep up the good work! Now please get these AP's out to us as soon as possible......
  4. I agree with Pharmboys2013 to a point... one of the great joys of a coop game is playing however you want to play it. The problem comes when I go to the game store to play a pick up game with whoever is there on game night. The last two times I've been paired up with people playing huge card draw decks or pass-the-Loragorn decks. I wasn't going to be a jerk so I didn't complain, but I have to admit that it really ruined the experience for me. The game was just un-fun playing that way. I've always been a big proponent of "play however you want to play" house rules, but standard rule sets do need to exist if there is to be any sort of organized play program, and those rules need to be solid. Furthermore, I worry that the designers are building in gimmick encounter deck mechanics to get around the broken combos (like the card draw hate of Dunland) rather than just dealing with the problem by adjusting the rules. I think the designers need to sit down and try playing through a few scenarios with a partner who is playing one of these broken decks and get a feel for just how much it ruins the play experience.
  5. Style75

    Captain of Gondor

    I have to agree with Ana, I would love to see a new take on the location heavy quest, but done properly this time around (not just random wandering gathering up victory points). Back to the original topic..... I love this card but I'm not too fond of the art as it is way too similar to the armor used in the movies. I think FFG does it best when they present their own take on Tolkien's world and not mimicking Peter Jackson. Seriously, check out the comparison's below. FFG should be careful of Jackson's lawyers might take notice!
  6. I fully expect this to get overruled in a future FAQ once it's proven how broken this can be. And it'll only get worse as more cards enter the game to allow these kind of shenanigans. A single card should not allow a fundamental pillar of the game (threat) to be a non-issue. I have to hope that the designers just didn't realize how the card would be exploited (like Beravor and Zigil Miner) and revise the rules. How does everyone else feel about this combo? Have you played in really close game only to have threat become a non-issue using these tricks. I've seen this a few times now and I didn't find it very fun. It really felt like we were gaming the system and totally ruined my sense of immersion and narrative. In fact, I think it felt like cheating. Yuck. I'm also hoping they bring in a hand limit. I've played a few multiplayer games lately where the other player drew their entire deck. It totally ruined the game for me. I know that the new AP cycle has hand size hate, but that's just a Dunland gimmick and they can't do that every cycle going forward. With so much card draw and so many ways to recycle events, a hand limit is necessary to create tension. Having your entire deck in your hand is fun at first until you realize just how trivial (and uninteresting) the game becomes at that point. I really respect Caleb and Matthew and think they are doing wonderful things for this game, but there are some serious problems that need to be fixed properly (via errata and a new FAQ) and not through compensation using the encounter deck.
  7. The Steward's Fear is my favorite quest of the cycle. This was a flavor grandslam as you really feel like you're exploring the city trying to unravel the conspiracy. It has really good replay value and doesn't require a gimmicky deck build to complete. Just be aware that it can be a very long quest which turns a lot of people off. You'll have lots of turns where it's just questing and no combat and then all of a sudden there's a big explosion of violence. I like that style of play ( I think it backs up the flavor of the quest) but it's not for everyone. The trick with outlands cards is to not be afraid to sprinkle some of them in a regular deck. Throw in a few of those swordsmen and the knights of the swan and you get cost effective ally support. Outlands does not have to be an all or nothing option. ALSO.... playing a full on outlands deck lets you try out the most difficult scenarios to get a feel for how it will play through. This will give you the knowledge necessary to build a new deck that can beat those quests. I really believe that a full on Outlands deck was intended to be an optional way to play easy mode with all of the hard cards left in the game.
  8. Style75

    The Nin-in-Eilph

    "I Stand Amid Perils" is going to combo so nicely with not only the upcoming sylvan cards but the existing noldor/silvan synergies. I'm calling it now.... Elrond + Vilya + I stand amid perils + Map of Earnil + lots of 3 or 4 cost sylvan allies will be a key power combo. Throw in some stargazer to seal the deal. You can then save your Galadrim's Greetings for other players. Add Elrond's council and then you're getting into secrecy territory if you also have Mirlonde with Bifur. With secrecy you could add resourceful and needful to know. You'll need "Protector of Lorien" to dump the cards going back to your hand or you'll get pounded by the dunlendings (not an issue with quests outside the current cycle) and "Will of the West" will be critical to avoid milling yourself out of the game. The only problem I see with this deck is that it'll take a few turns to get all the pieces in place and many quests hit you hard right out of the gates so you'll need a partner who can pull all the heat away from you and keep it way until you can keep a few allies on the table. Still, this is definitely doable. Look out Dain, the Silvan/Noldor deck is going to be a powerhouse to rival the dwarves! I just hope Gondor gets thrown a few bones this cycle to make a gondor deck to match the power of these other factions. "Follow Me" is going to be hugely powerful for certain quests. Really powerful. Combine this with three Tomes of Atanator (I know it's unique, just play them one after the other) and you can lock down the first player token for pretty much the duration of a quest. This is really important for many quests where the first player is always get picked on by the encounter deck. You could have the leadership deck configured for whatever the problem is and it would free up the other deck designs to ignore the hate on the first player. Wingfoot is really great in every way, and I especially like that they are boosting traits although I wish was for characters and not just heroes. I don't think that would break the card in any way. I fully expect to one day get Aragorn as an ally and it would be nice to be able to play this on him. The quest itself sounds really fun. I enjoy semi-random quests and fighting some creatures will be a refreshing change from the steady diet of humanoids we've been seeing for the last two cycles. Superficially it appears to look like the deadmarshes without gollum, but I think that's a good think and I'm sure it'll have its own spin on how it plays out. I'm really looking forward to seeing the locations from this set. Overall, this AP cycle is shaping up to be the best yet. I'm very excited!
  9. ha ha ha ha! my bad.... I misread the subject line. I thought it said "card TO draw". Big difference
  10. I'm surprised nobody has said Gondorian Shield. Free for Beregond and basically turns on his god mode with that one card. Next I'd say any form of cancellation. Those cards are critical from round 1 to the endgame.
  11. Style75

    Getting started

    The print on demand sets are encounter cards only, no player cards at all. Furthermore, they are all expert level scenarios designed for an extreme challenge. At this stage in your collection, your money is much better spent on packs that will increase your player card pool. The POD packs are really fun, but you can safely save them for later once you've got the player cards to make them survivable. The nice thing about the POD packs is that you don't have to worry about them being sold out.
  12. Style75

    Getting started

    I highly recommend that before you rush out and start buying, you read the new player's buying guide put together by "Tales from the Cards". It gives a detailed breakdown of all the products and of what use they'd be to new players based on how you plan to play the game. After that, browse the other new player guides that he has on his site, they're all very useful and have a ton of tips to make the game a lot more fun. Welcome to the community!
  13. I love the flavor text when the cards are new. It puts the card into thematic perspective and reminds me of the relevant bits of story. I find that this helps me remember the card over the long term, makes it easier to recall its name and what it does. This is especially true of encounter cards. After I've played with a card a few times, I rarely read the flavor text unless its a favorite card.
  14. This is kind of like not picking up the scroll in "Peril in Pelargir". I don't think the designers intended the game to be played this way as it makes the quest a whole lot easier. I'd be curious to hear from them as to if this is true.
  15. It'll be very interesting to see how the general fan base responds to easier quests this time around. If you were around here when HoN released, there was a firestorm of complaint over how hard the quests were. I wonder if the designers took that to heart and dialed it down a little (or a lot!)? I can see the designers shaking their heads in disbelief if the majority of people complain about easy quests
  16. The good thing about the pace of release is that each pack is getting a lot of play and therefore FFG is getting a lot of feedback about what's working and what isn't. I think that has resulted in a much better game which is evidence by how much better the newer quests and player cards are compared to those of the core set and mirkwood cycle. I really appreciate the fact that FFG listens to all the comments and has adapted the game accordingly. They could have cranked out junk for this game but they didn't and as a result the game has just gotten better and better.
  17. Style75

    The Recent Exploits Thread

    Matt or Caleb said in an email that "once per game" effects are on a per player basis so the combo mentioned above is legal. It seems a little OP and I wouldn't be surprised if his gets errataed somewhere down the road.
  18. Really? O.O The cardboard of the rings podcast did a really good interview with him after he was hired by FFG (See episode 46). He talks about the process of designing the sets including the playtesting. It's fascinating stuff and definitely worth listening to. IIRC, the first set he had a hand in was Black Riders which was then follow by VoI and the Ringmaker cycle so we are only just now seeing his handywork (along with Caleb of course). My gut feeling tells me that the game is getting a lot of TLC from Caleb and Matt and the upcoming AP cycle and saga sets will be the best yet.
  19. These cards look really good and it's obvious they were carefully designed to work well with the existing Rohan cards. It's nice to see the designers trying to make some of the older seldom played cards more useful (ex. "A Light in the Dark"). I do wish, however, that they included something for Theoden to make him more useful. I think this was a missed opportunity to make the King of Rohan a little more kingly. I think it's very telling that the latest second breakfast deck doesn't even use Theoden and it's supposed to be the premier Rohan deck. Note that the Westfold Horse Breeder will fetch Asfaloth, a powerful effect in a Glorfindel deck making it a definite auto-include for that deck.
  20. I don't think Silver Lamp is OP. First of all it costs 2 so you'll have to choose between this or an ally in the first round. It requires that the hero not do anything which is a serious penalty in the early rounds, especially if you're not putting out an ally. Also it only affects enemies engaged with you. In a multiplayer game, this does nothing to help the tactics player who is probably getting most of the enemies anyways. Basically I see Silver Lamp as a tool that helps control the late game. The early game will still be as dangerous as ever. It's a fantastic card, but not all OP. Dain still wears the crown of OP cards.
  21. Just curious about this. The game looks really fun, but what would cause it to give me another monthly bill? Is there going to be some sort of regular expansion cycle?
  22. Style75

    VoI = shipping!!!

    If I remember correctly, the Steward's Fear came out in late May, early June with Druadan Forest fairly quickly afterwards. I'm guessing we'll see the same thing this time around.
  23. Style75

    VoI = shipping!!!

    FFG, prepare to take my money! Hopefully we'll see the preview article by the end of the week. I think the really big LotR previews usually go out Friday afternoon so I'd expect to see one very soon. My biggest hope is that Theoden gets his equivalent of Vilya so he becomes the powerhouse he should be. If it exists, that's the card I'd like to see spoiled in the preview! Because this box set is so late, I wonder if they'll delay the release of the new AP's or should we expect them on the original schedule?
  24. Style75

    A new priview is up!

    At this point I don't think we'll see Gwaihir until the final saga box. He's the one that lead the Eagle's attack outside the gates of Mordor and then rescued the hobbits on Mt. Doom. It makes total sense for him to appear at that point in the saga. Unfortunately putting him anywhere else wouldn't make sense.
  25. It would be really nice if someone from FFG could post a message or send out a tweet or anything really giving us a heads up as to when we should expect VoI to hit the stores. I'm trying to budget my monthly gaming money and if this thing isn't going to be on the shelves for another 2 months I'll spend this month's money on something else ( like the new diskwars game!)