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  1. Thanks SPE825, and everyone else.I'll probably be in touch. SFC isn't too far, I'll probably check them out.
  2. There are several gaming stores around my town, but FFG support in general seems limited. I didn't pre-order any booster boxes, and now I'm realizing these places might not be carrying until greater client base is established. There's been no talk in my area about this game whatsoever. Now who'm I gonna get my booster boxes from? Unless Target happens to carry it in their tiny trading card section, I may be SOL. *Sadface*. Here's to hopefully being wrong!
  3. If you plan on trading or selling singles with dice online, the cardboard insert would be an awesome way to help protect them in the mail. I'm not much of an online seller, but that is definitely what I would do, if I were.
  4. "Before you play a Yellow card, you may exhaust this support to give it the Ambush keyword." Now I read this to apply all within one action, but it could also be read as one action = play infamous designating your next yellow card to have ambush. Then on your next action, play that yellow card and resolve the ambush. My feelings on it are if the play were to be divided into two actions, the card would say, "give the next yellow card you play Ambush." Thoughts?
  5. Thanks Chuckles for that statistical info. That is what I was looking for. Just wondering how many boxes I should think about buying to get two of the characters I'm looking for. Of course, I may do better to buy or trade for the cards outright, but I'm sure to buy at least one box and a few extra boosters just for the sheer fun or it. Also, everyone else, thanks for the additional stats, and the humor.
  6. I found where we can stream it here if you press the tiny play icon. http://www.thejeditrials.com A place to download a version that works with Android, or at least is not iTunes exclusive would still be nice. Nevertheless, I'm excited about listening. Thanks guys!
  7. In my limited experience, so far, you might actually WANT me to reroll your dice because in the few times I did it, I made the situation better for them, and worse for me. Having said that, I made sure it was acceptable before I touched their dice, and in future cases, I'll probably just let owners roll owners unless they insist otherwise.
  8. Totally dig it! Almost makes me wish I had never heard of SWD before, so I could come to your post and discover all the great resources available in one place. Nice job!
  9. So, what are the chances of getting two of the same legendary hero in the same booster box, or is this something that is even possible?
  10. You might want to check out this deck boxes discussion. I think some one brings up the dice size. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/231774-deck-boxs/?hl=deck+boxes#entry2458098
  11. Well, apparently I'm in the minority, but I'm a big fan of shiny cards. Nonetheless, I don't expect FFG to carry them anytime soon if at all.
  12. Probably pushing my 4 year old on the swings in the backyard ... sigh. It's a double-edged lightsaber.
  13. USA TN Mulligans Gaming https://www.facebook.com/events/1836018636610546/ Hey, this is really close to me. Do you still have openings?
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