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  1. Watch-Captain Albus said: Maybe you can use this. Only discovered it yesterday myself, so I do not know if it is any good. I use MS Visio for map drawing, or I draw my maps directly in Photoshop, on paper or on the battlemat I have. Personally i find darwing up my own maps more fun than the generator. but it's obviously only a matter of opinion
  2. Most ships in 40K don't have escape pods. however, the more modern made ones will. usually though, ships will just use the smaller cratfs in the hold.
  3. Well i'm sure that you can get a scout marine which wanted to stay as a scout and not complete the space marine process. there is an ultramarine scout sargent in the codex who stayed a scout. Also, the actual rulebook does say about scout power armour. Also i wouldn't know about space wolf scouts, i have a dislike towards them (obviously i'm a thousand Son at heart)
  4. that was epic indeed. my campain only had several awesome bits but nothing to do with the campain as such. One space marine 'Aphisius IV' (after the players 3 other Aphisius' in rogue trader) lived a Krak missile to his face at point blank range (20 meters) another rolled 100 for an agility test so i said that both his leg broke under the pressure of quickly turning and Aphisius VI also managed to suffer 5 wounds from eating a bear when he rolled 98. Not epic, just hallarious
  5. Thank you very much, now to tell the players that they are stronger than they used to think.
  6. i was looking at the Space Marine Character sheet and saw that one of their augments under the power armour picture says that they get +20 strength. is that added to the starting strength or is that already in the starting strength. thx
  7. i was looking at the Space Marine Character sheet and saw that one of their augments under the power armour picture says that they get +20 strength. is that added to the starting strength or is that already in the starting strength. thx
  8. Graph paper is the best option. If there is any software then i can't find any. Personally i use models and assume range, which is ok for the players i play with. but Graph paper is the best option.
  9. Well, i should have explained that my players are not familiar with the concept that Space Marines are the most lethal warriors in 40K. one is the kind that would throw a krak granade in a lake 'cause it's red' . i was hoping that these medals would make them (him especially) more space marine like.
  10. I have composed a medal reward system for the next campain i do, i wanted to know if they were good. Basically, they have a relivence to the mission being played. For example, a Recon Mission would have a reward called Ghost Medal. Every medal has a check list for the player to obtain it. Keeping with the Ghost medal example, the player would have to 1- Not be seen 2- kill someone without being seen 3- Pick pocket an enemy The reward for this would be something like 1- A sniper Rifle 2- 100xp 3- 2 Renown I'd like to know what you think Thanks
  11. You'd lose the toughness bonus and strength bonus for being in power armour. Space marine Scouts aren't actually fully formed space marines and so the stats to start with should be reduced by 5pts. Also, the general bonus for lifting and carrying is completly gone. however, i believe that scouts should have a bonus for things such as concealment and shadowing enemies. I think that all scouts should have a sniper rifle and a camo cloak as issued wargear. i don't know if they have an entry in the rulebook for the camo cloak but they might.
  12. I once used a tau XV-88 Broadside and the Rail cannon killed one outright...... twas before the RoB came out though.
  13. Personally, i believe that the vehicles that the Space marines use do not matter, but in a game you must take into account the size of a space marine and choose if they can fit. Whilst Rhino and Land Raider are specially made for space marines, vehicles such as a Tau devilfish or a ork trukk cannot take space marines. However, this is entierly the game-master's decision
  14. I always found it hard to start a session from scratch, but now i have the knack of it. What i do is take a mission (Recon, Assassination etc) draw up a map with mountains or Hives or lakes, think up of what the Deathwatch command wants the kill-team to do and come up with 1 to 3 primary objectives, 1 to 4 secondary objective and then 4 to 8 tertiary. For example, the mission is search and destroy, and it will happen in a manifactorium complex (a huge industrial sector). the primary objectives may be 1- Plant a melta bomb in the main reactor 2- Get out before the bomb goes off I find this basic but effective as primary objectives, as the Game Master can Choose to make the enemies in the Manifactorium aware of the kill-team, or oblivious to the fact that they are attempting to sabotage the reactor. Secondary objectives are harder to think of, but continuing with my example, could be 1- Do not be seen 2- Don't kill anyone These objectives have an impact on the way that the players will try to complete the mission, and if you give a high exp gain of maybe 50xp for secondary objectives, the Kill-team will attempt to try to do them. For Tertiary objective, i generally use things that will have little or no effect on the game, such as 1- Finish mission within 3 hours 2- Knock out the Head servitor and steal it's Pass key 3- obtain the blueprints of the complex 4- don't use any EMP granades If this is in addition to giving the Kill-team a set of EMP granades so that they have the option of using them, the objectives are somtimes tempting, altough no more than 10xp should be given for eact tertiaryobjective. I hope that this is helpful for you and will have given you a base for your role-playing in Deathwatch
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