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  1. The Joe Diamond figurine is out of stock every time I look! All of the other characters appear to be available however. What's the deal? Am I just checking in at the wrong times, or is there a severe shortage of this particular character?
  2. Thanks, Julia. That's not a bad idea. I assumed that FFG had a more prominent presence on their forums.
  3. I just got into this game and am loving it. I've been playing the Call of Cthulhu card game since way back in the Eldritch block, so it's surprisingly that I only just expanded into Elder Sign. Anyway, I'm wondering if the promo cards found in "Lies of Solace" and "Bones of the Yopasi" are still available or if it was a limited time type of deal?
  4. I'm personally all for this! I've started to feel burnt-out having to keep up with the game on a monthly basis. I always wait until the end of a cycle, then just buy all of the packs at once. I've long felt that fewer, larger releases would be more appealing. I imagine that entry will be less intimidating for newbies now as well. I hope that all of their LCGs follow suite. If so, I will probably dive into their re-imagining of Netrunner if so. The burden wouldn't be as hard to carry if multiple LCGs were released as such.
  5. www.etsy.com/listing/86178834/huge-cuddly-giant-squid-plush How awesome is that?! That thing is friggin' huge, and can apparently be bought in customizable colors!
  6. Sold! That was much quicker than I had anticipated.
  7. Payment sent! What a great idea to split up a second set like that! It always bothered me only having two copies of the Secrets of Arkham cards.
  8. Just a heads up. I threw the item up on eBay. It seems that the general consensus was that these things are worth somewhere between $80-$100. I listed it toward the lower end. The link is: cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll
  9. Sigonsteele, I was going to send you a private message, but that doesn't seem to be possible on these forums. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to throwing them up on eBay. I've never sold anything through them before though, only purchased. I can't imagine it's too daunting of a process however. I'm not sure what other options there would be. I know you want to be guaranteed an honest transaction just as much as I would.
  10. Forum necromancy! Sorry I didn't see your replies guys. I had lost track of the thread between the original posting (August 2011) and your replies (January 2012). I do still have the deck if there is interest. It's sealed in the original shrink wrap and everything.
  11. Looks like you ended up getting a decent amount out of your deck. Not as much as I would have expected, though. Maybe the transition over to the LCG format has devalued older CCG promos to some extent? I have a sealed Yithian deck myself. Mine is in English however. I wonder if there is any interest out there...
  12. It's out! The Whisperer in Darkness film has been released and is actually within my palms right now!
  13. What would I want in return? That's a very good question, lol. The story decks were pretty common, so I doubt it's worth too much. : Another option you would have is to buy one of the Eldritch Edition Starter Decks on eBay. You can usually snag them for $5-$10 nowadays, and they include the story deck, domain cards, and a bunch of characters, events, etc.
  14. I have an extra story deck from the Eldritch block. I also have a partial story deck from the original Arkham block, if you're interested. Eldritch: Abysses of Night Beyond the Doors of Sleep Digging Deep Dark Heart of Cairo Parable of the Faceless One Shadows of Nephren-Ka The Squalid Hamlet The Unquiet Earth Throne of the Black Pharaoh Voice of the Thunder Arkham: The Crooked Manse The Well The Terror Out of Dunwich The Innsmouth Threat The Secret of the North Woods The Thing at the Gate The Forgotten Sepulchre
  15. I'm just kind of curious. I've had mine sitting around for a while now. It's never been opened, still sealed up from factory. I realize it's not any good now that white-boarders are the new rule, but then again, the deck was never legal to begin with.
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