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  1. Great advice people, I'd liek to thank each of you and commend a mature community. Well between myself and my gaming group we all chucked in some money and bought the coreset, 1x extra dice, gm's vault, adventurers toolkit, creature vault, the gathering storm and the omens of war. I cannot wait to get the delivery in a few days Great suggestion with the reckless dice it certainly helped me on this weeks commutes and I played my first session at my FLGS which had a public copy which we sat down with and play tested a bar fight with a chase down an ally-way much like therion suggested. We fell in love with the system and we placed our order with said FLGS. The store manager suggested that the players should but a guide or toolkit, but we shall see what we need after our first few sessions. I have a question about dice. The manager of the store thought that some expansions contain extra dice could anyone confirm this? Thanks again for the great reply's and have a nice weekend James
  2. Hi there FFG forums, my name is James and I have just created my FFG forum account today. My love and passion for RPG's and board games has been in my blood since I was knee high and my dad read me The Hobbit when he put me to bed. I have recently persuaded a group of my friends to branch out from their video games and try some pen and paper fun. I purchased the core box of Warhammer Fantasy RP and have read all four books cover to cover more than twice and I am eagerly awaiting my first session as a GM this Saturday. Two of my friends and my self included regularly listen to podcasts on our commutes each day and I have searched far and wide for a good 3rd edition WFRP pod cast, I have onyl really found two in the form of : A fistful of Misanthropes and Dice of doom. I am wondering if anyone has found any hidden gems out there and willing to share. Also any hints and tips to my first session would be very much appreciated, as several people have already hinted at me printing reference sheets and such to help me. Finally any recommendations as to where I should expand next with my purchases, which campaign would you recommend after the starter? Which expansions should I focus on in regards to mechanics? (e.g mounted combat, extra careers) Thank you very much, and If any one has any links to good information or anything of the like I would be extremely thankful. James
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