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  1. I was just going over the corruption impact on how this will work. For the sake of convenience I want to let have the sheet tell people where they stand at any given time, but I can't use that to drive the stat/talent/skill costs. As far as current skill/talent/stat costs go a simple drop down will work, but we need a mechanism for tracking where you have been so we don't screw up the historical costs. If we add a corruption tier column (i.e. 0-9, 10-19, 20-29, etc) and a historical alignment chart for where you have been through the tiers, it should be possible to accurately provide current costs without trashing the historical costs. Hopefully that makes sense. Good point Doomaflatchi. That was what I meant, but I worded it poorly. I'll fix it. As far as how I did it, I just created a table comparing all their values, and then used IF statements to find which one fit the criteria or if none did set it to unaligned.
  2. I decided to start working on the Excel Character sheet for Black Crusade today. I am starting with the Advancements/Alignment page because think it will be the most troublesome. I want to make sure I understand how the alignments work so I don't make any mistakes in creating the this section. Hence turn to you all to confirm my understanding. Rules of Aligntment (As I understand them) 1. You become aligned with a god when you have 5 or more advances than with any other path. 2. If the chaos god alignment you have the highest points in is within 4 points of any other chaos god's point total you count as unaligned. 3. Only those talents and skills purchased with experience (i.e. not starting skills or talents) count towards alignment. 4. Skill advances (+10, +20, +30) also add a point of alignment for the respective god. 5. Multiple advances of a Talent with specialties also add a point of alignment for the respective god. 6. Unaligned is ignored when comparing which god you are aligned to. (Not sure about this one) How accurate is my understanding of the rules? Edit: Clarified Rule #2
  3. Glad to help out. I am thinking about putting something together in Excel for Black Crusade if time permits, but that may take a few weeks with everything I have going on these days (new baby on the way and a job change coming up). I'll try for early October, but I can't make any promises.
  4. Thanks for the double checks Vogue. I updated the description, weapons and alignment. I also made it so you can save it with acrobat reader. It still uses the same link as before. If anyone has any other concerns let me know.
  5. Character Sheet that can be saved using Acrobat Reader is now uploaded. You can use the same link as before. Sorry it took a bit longer than I expected (family stuff). I see what you mean about the description. I am working on that now. I should have a new version uploaded that fixes that in a half hour or so.
  6. For some reason it looks like you can't save the completed form using Acrobat Reader 9.4.5. Not sure why that is. I'll tinker with it tonight/over the weekend to fix the problem.
  7. I got bored tonight so I corrected the FFG Fillable PDF character sheet, and I added check boxes for all the skills. You'll need to download the original PDF for the form fields to display properly. That is under File > Download Original. If you find any issues with the PDF let me know, and I will correct them. Here is the Character sheet. Version 1.0 - 9/9/2011: Fixed skills and talent/trait doubling. Version 2.0 - 9/13/2011: Fixed weapon, description, and alignment doubling. Also made saveable in Acrobat Reader. Version 2.1 - 9/14/2011: Added Total and Spent XP as editable fields.
  8. Found and fixed an issue with the unfettered powers when using the Ascension Psychic Supremacy house rule. I updated the file so the same link as above will point to the corrected version.
  9. Hehe... Yeah it certainly feels that way sometimes. However, you can get to a point where you have less chance of rolling perils than the trooper has of jamming his gun. In the end, it seems like psyker powers really aren't all that bad to use once you get FbtW and/or PS (even when throwing lots of dice). Granted there is always that chance you will get eaten by the warp or turn into a daemonhost, but the chances of that happening are actually pretty small. I plan on expanding the probabilities to show chances of gaining insanity/corruption, hurting yourself/others, and death, but I haven't had time to go through the tables and set them up for that analysis yet. I'll probably have it done by the end of the week though.
  10. So I built a psyker recently, and I wanted to know what the chances of getting Psychic Phenomena and/or Perils of the Warp would be. I couldn't find anything online that answered all my questions so I decided to make one myself. I figured I would share it here because there will probably be a few people here that are interested in the information it presents. There are no macros or VB in the file, just plain old excel formulas. File Name: Psyker Probabilities.xls Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?9y6z1qes46dupf0 If you find any problems with it please let me know.
  11. Fair points all and thanks for the correction on the damage done. The threat being neutralized is the primary goal so that would be accomplished. Darth Smeg, while the mob would have a -10 to its rolls its toughness bonus would still be 5 (I think) which would make it immune to anything blood boil does beyond the fatigue. Not sure why the mob could not just shrug off the fatigue in the same way it shrugs off the damage (they are caused by the same thing after all). Oh well, I guess this just means there will be fewer exploding heads when you get to the higher tier enemies that have decent toughness stats.
  12. There is one problem with it ignoring toughness... If you get your toughness to 50 it is impossible for your blood vessels/heart/head to explode since it only ever does 5 damage. If there was a variable damage of some kind I could see toughness coming into play, but not the way the damage rule is written now. Also, toughness does not come into play when applying the fatigue except for the Willpower vs. Toughness Opposed Test. Example WP 80 Pskyer vs. Toughness 50 Mob Psyker rolls a 1 and the Mob rolls a 80 giving the psyker 7 degrees of success. This applies 6 degrees of fatigue causing the Mob to pass out, but the last degree of success that should do 5 damage is completely ignored because of the Mob's toughness. That just doesn't sound right to me.
  13. I apologize if this has been answered previously, but is the damage from Blood Boil affected by armor or toughness bonus? The power as written doesn't specifically state that it ignores armor/toughness bonus, but the nature of the damage would seem to indicate that it should. I ask because my GM is a strict RAW sort which would mean that armor/toughness basically make the damage negligible.
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