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  1. Hi first of all I want to say iam new to the forum and my eng may not be the best hope you can understand me. We are 1-3 that have brought the game and feel the game is not balanced at all for more players than 2 and solo is so **** hard. I under stand it can really hard to balance the game for diffrent number off players that play the game but something more have be done than have just one + encounter per player, just one encounter card for for a player is not enough when you get 3 more heroes. So we made some changes that made the game alot more fun for 2+ players. First off all we removed all resourses card that is way to good for what they cost (not for solo) they are: all songs, steward of gondor. We also changed the rule on "sneak attack" to only work on none unik card wich is silly on gandarf if you ask me. Also when you are 3-4 we added a +1 threat on all location card in staging area to make it a bit harder and last thing +1 threat on creeps in staging area for 4 player. So what do you think off the balance on the game if you think they same as we do plz try our changes for more fun to the game, and also plz add what your changes would be.
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