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  1. To echo the above sentiment: MoM just had a major boxed expansion. And unlike Elder Sign and AH, MoM's (as much as I love it) frequency of replayability suffers from needing 2 players and it not being collaborative. I'm thrilled to have the jet setting world travel that certain Elder Sign: Omens campaigns have combined with a board game experience. My SO was especially excited.
  2. I had two immediate responses when I saw these heroes (both echoed here in this thread) 1) After hoping for the longest time that more Hobbit cards would be released, we can not only play a viable hobbit deck, but actually spread things wide enough to have two semi hobbit decks play in tandem. 2) Wow, now secrecy becomes that much more of an option. I'm all for expanding the ways my group can play through early adventures. Very excited for this expansion.
  3. Elder Sign was a Gen Con debut 2 years ago and first Hobbit LCG deluxe expansion was last year at Gen Con, so I assume Venice will be much the same for this year.
  4. In related pulp materials I really like the Solomon Kane writings of Robert E Howard as well as the Dr. Fu Manchu series by Sax Rohmer.
  5. My favorite short tale of his is probably The Cats of Ulthar, From Beyond, or Music of Erich Zann. All of those stories have elements of Lovecraft's overall fictive worldview: dreamlands/ancient histories, the horrors that surround us in the everyday world, mad science, crazed written explanations, fainting/lost memory, and cats. As far as long form tales, I really like The Shadow Over Innsmouth as well as The Dunwich Horror, but a lot of that is influenced by Robert M Price's take on the stories as heard on HPPodcraft podcast.
  6. I own and love Mansions, Arkham Horror, CoC LCG, and Elder Sign (both board and iOS). Each game manages to recreate different aspects and types of stories without the Lovecraft canon: Arkham Horror really captures the cosmic/world ending dangers like those found in The Dunwhich Horror of The Call of Cthulhu. If I''m looking to try and wrap my arms around the ''bigness'' of HPL''s ideas, this does it the best for me. Mansions of Madness, is similar to a one shot or small multi session RPG scenario, it captures the adventure/explorer stories that are more focused such as The Lurking Fear, Rats in the Walls, or The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The insular nature of the story/presentation allows one to fully suss out the depths and detail of a scenario and Lovecraft certainly loved to put atmosphere and detail at the forefront of his pieces. I love this for when I need my RPG itch scratched. CoC LCG evokes well the intertextuality of Lovecraft''s work, whether it''s Randolph Carter appearing throughout HPL''s stories in both lead and support roles, the way that Nyarlathotep has varying degrees of influence and effect (and form) in many stories, or how the Necronomicon seems to shift and morph through the canon; garnering numerous name drops as well as the occasional direct appearance. The idea that all of these disparate factions and characters are not really so out of place side by side and that all are ultimately linked in some indirect way when you pull on enough loose threads has great appeal to me and really gets to the core of the Mythos. Elder Sign is really the odd one out, because it tries to have the cosmic scope of AH while attempting to maintain some of the adventure party feel of Mansions of Madness. Ultimately of course its just a direct interpretation of Horror in the Museum with a little bit of the Cabot Museum from Out of Aeons thrown in for good measure. I think it does a very good job at being fun and interesting and having lots of call outs to different games, art assets, and aspects of the Lovecraft universe, but instead of the metaphysical conceit of the LCG it''s very much a literal manifestation. Personally, I can''t choose ''the best'' unless I know what sort of mood I''''m in, however the Elder Sign iPad game gets the most play due to the short and portable nature of it with Arkham Horror following second due to its co-op design.
  7. Exactly. As it's a pathless country, the Northern Tracker is useless there, he has nothing to seek out or follow. I like it as a small extra wrinkle in the game.
  8. If he is negating 3, 4, or even 5 threat from an underground location, he's completely worth it. So a situational card.
  9. Bohemond said: What can we learn for that? Despite some initial concerns, we aren't seeing a huge amount of power creep Also, if you want to field top flight decks, you probably want two sets of core, but you probably don't need a third. My roommate and I just proxy in the extra cards rather than buy an extra core set.
  10. Best Overall Card for Questing/Escape Tests: Unexpected Courage is very strong by itself for obvious reasons, but I also like Dunedain Quest or Favor of the Lady to boost characters not usually seen questing. For Escape tests, this allows for much greater flexibility in overall strategy and hedges bets against losing main questers to treachery cards. Along with that I would also list Dain. For my builds his main purpose is all of the ancillary quest he brings through dwarves in play. Again he benefits questing, but is has far more impact for escape tests. Best Overall Card for Defense: Allies: Winged Guardian, Gondorian Spearman, or Erebor Hammersmith (cost 2 for 1 Def and 3 HP) Attachment: Burning Brand - in a game where threat is built on unpredictablility, any sure thing is positive Best Overall Card for Attack: Completely situational so I'll say Gandalf because 4 automatic damage to any enemy in play is too potent to ignore Best Overall Card for Shadows: Dunedain Watcher - a fairly solid character for the cost without her special, but the special puts her over the top. Best Overall Card for Hero Support(Could be Healing or Resources): The songs for multi sphere decks otherwise maybe citadel plate Best Overall Card for Resources: On its own Steward of Gondor, for dwarf decks its Narvi's belt.
  11. Oh, there's no way that a consistent rule could be applied over a tournament scene. I too can't imagine such a scene even existing, though games like Bridge and other partner card games do have international tournaments.
  12. My roommate and I do a fair amount of table talk by this thread's standards. I view the cooperative nature of the game as including strategizing how to best deal with a difficult quest. Generally we don't talk about what cards we have in our hands, but do indicate when shadow cards or treachery won't be an issue. I don't consider discussing who is going questing as table talk, that's just playing the game. If I had to sit silently during the game I would go crazy; the game can be so brutal that it would mean dozens of frustrated failures while hoping to get lucky draws.
  13. To piggy back on a previous poster's point: Glorfindel + Bifur + Dain allows for good initial questing and then you have the dwarves in the Lore sphere to boost that as they come out. And this also gets you the Map Maker/Steward of Gondor combination already mentioned.
  14. Hah! just noticed that. Not intentional I promise. Considered Gildor for Lore and Galadriel's Greeting with Spirit.
  15. For me the best card for each sphere is about cards that have the potential to drastically alter the course of a quest when they come into play. Best Lore Forest Snare. Shutting down nearly any enemy in the game, engaged with any player, is about as potent an effect as can exist. Best Leadership Sneak Attack. Quick and cheap access to any ally including Gandalf without losing access to the ally later is quite potent. Best Spirit Unexpected Courage. Increasing the amount of Hero actions every turn by a third is an amazing opportunity. With enough luck with draws, you could end up doubling Hero actions. Best Tactics Feint. For the same reason as Forest Snare, it isn't as long lasting, but its far more affordable. Thematic Probably the multi-functional uses of Gandlaf paired with his moving along at the end of the round. Represents well his role throughout the texts, whether it be removal of obstacles, elimination of specific foes, or mustering resources. Art For me its Bifur, but I just love that Hero.
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