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  1. SirDragonBane

    Spectre Cell command cards...

    Great innovation to come up with the list! And great paint job on the minis too--makes it ultra satisfying when you win and look good too, I bet.
  2. SirDragonBane

    Bring back Royal Guards & Sabs?

    Yes, this is true. The Sabs from my expansion pack are errata'ed.
  3. Awesome episode! The ones where you sit down with the experts and pick their brains are the best. Thanks and kudos, Kennydkbrown!
  4. SirDragonBane

    Ranking system??? Could it work????

    Yeah I'm liking it too. Our skirmish meta in Singapore is small (7 was our largest tourney turn out) and we have nor organised way of setting tourney schedules, much less keeping track of rankings. This would be great for growing the community till the point we get more than 18 a tourney. (One can always dream...lol)
  5. SirDragonBane

    Poor Han

    That's so evil is just gotta be... ...Darth Evil
  6. SirDragonBane

    Chewy slam

    I can't believe I didn't see that! Great catch, @IamtheBendu!
  7. SirDragonBane

    Favourite skirmish pieces

    Wow my first post on the IA boards. Lol. My faves are: Rebel - Obi-Wan (a beast when not dealt with early) Imperial - New Vader (a beast full-stop.) Scum - Greedo (Doesn't matter what happens he'll get a shot in.)
  8. SirDragonBane

    Battle Report: Worlds 2017

    Thanks for the awesome tourney report! One day I hope to make the trip up there for Worlds!