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  1. Maese Mateo said: A Hulked ship it's not the same as a Space Hulk: It looks like they use the same phrase in multiple places to mean different things. Page 222 of Rogue Trader literally has, 'Space Hulk' as one of the crit possibilities. The link you provided is interesting though. It would seem that the original question was not sufficient to really know what was being asked.
  2. CrazzyJimmy said: Are there rules, or has someone ever had to deal with this? There is the salvage system in Battlefield Koronus that allows for getting bits off of a space hulk. I know that there are stories here and there about refurbishing old wrecks. I'm not sure that there are rules per se about it but it would probably depend on just how much damage was done to the ship. Just enough to hulk it might make it take a fairly short time compared to making a whole new ship, a lot and maybe about the same amount, and a ton might make it better to just use the thing as scrap and melt it down. On page 220 of Rogue Trader there is a blurb about destroying ships.. it says that ships are rarely completely destroyed and that even badly damaged hulks can be dragged back to port for salvage and refit. In the past histories on page 198 of rogue trader there is one in there about being a space hulk before. If I was running a game I'd likely find something fitting for the damage and usually have it take significantly less time to fix up a space hulk than making a brand new ship. I think that many, many ships being used out there have been hulked and refit several times.
  3. This is one of the ship upgrades in Into the Storm (page 163). So, what is the point of it and why does it do what it does? It says that that the crew doesn't really like these guys much so making a place for them to be away from the crew.. lowers morale?? After that, you get a small amount of bonus achievement points. I mean really low. So low that, as far as I can tell, will never actually help. Now, perhaps our group is doing achievement points incorrectly but basically sets of 100 help when everything is totaled up and any remainder is lost. Having components that give less than 100 mostly help when they add up to full sets of 100. So, even with a best quality version of this upgrade it is unlikely to help as it wont stack to 100 with pretty much anything.. We have components that give 100, 50, 25.. 50 + 25 + 20 = 95, which is then lost. If another 25 component was installed then 20 points are over, the cherubim aerie, and are wasted. What am I missing? Reducing the morale seems to go against what the component is designed to do and the achievement points seem to be useless, even at best quality.
  4. Nerdynick said: On the subject of targeting people, what happens if someone looks into a mirror that the eye is reflected in? Or does the mirror just instantly break and rebel at the breach of reality? The stare doesn't do anything to objects. It doesn't really leap out anywhere, people look into it for a moment and that moment is enough to kill. The reflection is likely a gm call though. If the person is within 15 meters but behind a wall or something with a mirror going around the corner.. well.. a gm could rule either way and not be going against any raw that I can see.
  5. In my group we have only had torpedoes used against us but that was pretty scary.. even with a decent crew rating you arent likely to shoot many down. We roll for a 45 and have only managed to shoot down one so far. Being hit by even one torpedo is pretty rough. No void shield and the damage each does is pretty scary. We were hit by 3 in a single salvo once. Poor rolls and we would've only been damaged, high rolls we would've been hulked/blown up. Luckily he rolled a bit below average and was only using plasma warheads so we only took severe damage. If they had been melta or vortex we would've been dead. If it had been a virus warhead we probably would've had an empty ship. The boarding torpedoes would've done pretty much nothing though, yay tenebro-maze! So, while I can certainly see the strength 2 torpedo launcher not doing much than a single hit most of the time, that single hit is pretty impressive. The higher strength ones are just a rain of death and destruction. Once you know that they are there you should be able to select them with criticals just like any other component that is not specifcally called out as being non-targetable.
  6. I can see what you are going for but it seems like a lot of groups would be down to having a PC tell a random crew member fire the guns. Looking at my own group we dont have an astropath or a senechal and the voidmaster is at the helm. So, until rank 3 when the rogue trader was able to pick up scrutiny we'd be sol.. except that our rogue trader has a pretty low perception such that the random crew member is about as good (best quality crew improvements + having a boson on board + normal starting crew = crew rating 40). Sure, we'd be ok after rank 6 when the navigator takes over the position but until then? I like the general idea behind it, I'm just thinking it'll change a lot more than it might seem at first glance. It is too bad there isn't play room with the numbers enough to say something like half ballistic skill, cheap talent to make it full, then a +10 for each level of scrutiny trained (+10 for base, +20 for scrutiny +10, etc.. +10 for talented in scrutiny as well) or something like that. That is making it pretty complicated though. Thulis said: Believe it or not, I actually play using the exact rules that you mention and it seems to work a lot better. Also frees up arch-militant types to get their hands dirty by repelling boarding parties/conduct hit-and-runs or generally just command the troops. Another reason for this change not working well in my group (which I realize may not represent a larger faction). Our arch militant is good at firing guns but very, very bad at commanding the troops. Which means that their roll in space combat would go from shooting the ships guns (which she enjoys and is good at) to... what? There is nothing left. I suppose that they could go watch tv or something during space battles.
  7. Ki_Ryn said: I'm a little confused about this passage from p.220: Is there an example somewhere of how this works, especially with regards to void shields and armor? How do you handle different types of macrobatteries in the same salvo (potentially with differing crit rating, to hit chances, etc.)? Does a degree of success on the (single) attack roll grant another hit for EACH battery in the salvo? It looks like combining batteries will mean shield and armor are applied just once overall instead of once per battery, so there isn't much reason not to combine when firing on a single target. Is that right? Well, void shields normally only apply once per enemy ship, so it wouldn't matter whether you fire the guns as a salvo or not. Each gun is rolled separately, with whatever bonuses and penalties apply to it, and all shots must go against the same ship if they are fired in a salvo. I'd recommend that you subtract off void shield hits in order of the guns fired. So, fire one gun, count up hits, and then reduce the void shield total appropriately. If there are hits left over then keep them counted for that gun and move on to the next. This only really matters when your macrobatteries have different damage values though. For each gun fired keep track of whether it crit or not, or until you get to your first crit (as you cant have more than one in a salvo). When firing as a salvo armor only counts against the total damage. So, you take your total hits scored above, roll damage for each appropriate to the battery that hit, add it up, subtract off armor, and apply any result as hull damage. I think that is everything. It isnt all that much different than firing them separately really. The big differences are that armor only counts once and you can only crit a maximum of one time. Everything else is basically the same. Usually it is best to fire them as a salvo though, you are correct. The only time when you wouldn't do this is when you want more crits rather than straight up damage. Such as if you want to take a ship whole so you just keep critting it with minimal damage until it has no weapons, stearing, sensors, etc etc.. That should certainly help with an intimidate check to make them give up!
  8. Ki_Ryn said: Just ran our first session of Rogue Trader and suffered two PC casualties because the PS Navigator used his (Adept level) Lidless Stare in a melee. The book has the following:
  9. Asajev said: Hi guys I am up to no good again, and want to make a Former Chartis Transport as an RT ship but I was wondering what the best hull for the theme would be? Guidelines it should make trade objectives its top priority. Former Chartist Ship Background Is there a better transport than the universe-class mass conveyor from battlefleet koronus? With a little care you can load that sucker up with just about everything you could possibly want.
  10. fourtykiller said: So my group and I are gearing up for our first ever foray into Rogue Trader. I am concerned that nobody will be a navigator and am just wondering how to work travelling through the warp without one? Since when you have a navigator there are a bunch of tests to make and then different things that would happen if said tests are failed, I would hate to just skip or gloss over all of this since the party doesn't have a navigator. Anyone else run into this or have suggestions on how to do it? How about you run all of the normal checks but if the checks fail then the pc's have to do their own bits in order to overcome them. Keeping the crew calm, fighting off invaders, repairing the ship, appeasing the machine spirit, etc etc. That way you do a little bit of work and then the pc's have to do a bunch of roleplaying and work in order to set things right again. They can, of course, limit this by getting a higher crew rating (or a set of higher skill navigators), getting ship components to boost the checks, getting items for their navigators to boost the checks, or other options laid out in the books. It is possible to buff up the numbers enough that the npc navigators will be making basically all of the checks if they are worried about it. With a base crew rating of 40, best quality crew improvements (+5 crew rating), one of the pc's being the ships boson (+5 crew rating), warpsbane hull (+10 nav warp tests, roll twice on travel encounters and choose result), almanac astrae divinitus (+10 nav warp), and a rogue trader yelling in your ear for the occasional +10 gets to having a very nice chance of a quick, smooth voyage. After that there are archeotechs and xeno techs to really boost it and there are other items and ship components to pick up anyway. Having said that, I've found that all you really need for a good warp trip is the warpsbane hull, a miloslav warp engine, and a super high awareness. If the pc's can find a way to get the gear above and at least one npc navigator to have an awareness of over 100 you can pretty much just hand wave away warp trips that arent specially scripted by you.
  11. Is this allowed or disallowed somewhere in the rules? I'm just looking for a way to get extra power, not stacking up multiple ways of boosting anything else.
  12. Check out the errata. That should fix up the action type issue. For the other bits though? Good luck! Once you have the errata though I'd suggest ignoring the bit in the FAQ in the end dealing with mutations. There are no rules for it and I have yet to see a good reason for it, so why bother? It just creates a headache and need for future houserules.
  13. memespawn said: this is important since mind-link, the psychic power, can be used to give bonuses in ship combat. Wait, I must have missed this somewhere. Where are the rules on these bonuses?
  14. The rules are pretty weird. Having said that though, I asked a question a little while back about how people use various skills and abilities to track through the void. The answers seemed to come down to that it wasnt possible without a special power or extraordinary ability. So, I have to ask, once the ships are outside of auspex range how are you tracking them? They could go in a fairly large amount of directions and we are talking about pretty large distances here. If you know exactly where they are going and they go in a straight line then sure, you can catch them if you are fast enough, but what about any other situation? I'm guessing that is at least part of the why behind doing what they did. The rules do feel really weird though when using them. Our group has used them a few times both for and against and it never really feels like it makes sense but it does seem like some sort of checks should be needed.
  15. Ki_Ryn said: Yep, the errata clears it up. Also makes it clear I need to find another career... I'm not a fan of the astropath myself. If it was possible to pick up something other than telepathy as default with a starting character that would be a bit better but the whole system seems geared towards, 'this is npc territory' to me. Still though, if you do go that route make sure you pick up the wyrdling mutation during character creation. It provides a nice jump start to the character and even allows you to pick up some powers outside of telepathy if you like, or get you that much closer to discipline mastery of telepathy. Being able to use a fettered power at psy-rating 2 is really nice out of the gate though.
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