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  1. Behind Strong Walls

    You can not play Cram on an ally ;-)
  2. Behind Strong Walls

    So .. here is my follow up conversation with Caleb:
  3. Behind Strong Walls

    That's the problem .. Flame of Arnor has the additional costs which makes the "to" important. And so your Istari character has to be exhausted. I think, i will link Caleb this thread, so he can read it.. and decide.
  4. Behind Strong Walls

    For me, the ruling for BSW is a little bit odd. Action-Events are always "readable" like "Pay X resources to do the action". Why FoA is relevant because it has additional costs. It could be worded like ... So it were equal to BSW. Otherwise .. if BSW were an action on a card in play (character or attachment) it would be worded like ... So it were equal to FoA .. .. for reference: and ... with Ever Vigilant i can spend 1 resource to ready an not exhausted ally ^^
  5. Behind Strong Walls

    Hi Folks, I did not want to open a new thread ... after a the question if you can play Behind Strong Walls on a defending Gondor-character which is not exhausted my first thought was no. But others say yes .. so i asked Caleb: That answer feels good for me, but for about 2 years i asked a similiar question refering to Elwing's Flight, so i asked him again about the differences: Ok .. i'm fine with this ruling and guessed it before asking. But one hour later i received a new email from Caleb: So .. in the end .. you can play Behind Strong Walls on a defending Gondor-character which is not exhausted... :-(
  6. Topmost Chamber

    Mmm .. for me, placing progress should be like this .. Calculate that you have quested successfully. 1a. Forced, then Responses to questing successfully. Place progress tokens on the Active Location and the current Quest (should be placed at once, not token per token) Active Location leaves play, if appropriate. Advance the quest if fullfilled. 5a. When revealed abilities on the next quest card. 5b. Flip the next quest card. 5c. When revealed abilities on the other side of the next quest card. Passive effect of the Active Location (if exploring happens). Forced for clearing the Quest and/or the Active Location (if exploring happens). Responses to clearing the Quest and/or the Active Location (if exploring happens). I think advancing a quest stage is the most weightend effect, then everything happens in Order of passive -> forced -> response
  7. Bolg and Quick Ears

    Mmm .. i'm not with Caleb .. if you cancel a complete card, then this card was never in the game. @Seastan: I think about your list of points what happened by revealing a card and where to cancel effects a time ago, where Quick Ears and Wingfoot interacts a common way .. so i you can't use Wingfoot of a canceled enemy via Quick Ears, how can Bolg interact with that enemy and add an effect?
  8. Yes, it's more a location than an item. So for me the german version has to be renamed as said into "Ausrüstung der Dunedain". In the end, it's a very untypical card .. it "moves" like the signals but is not one, it grands you ranged but is no weapon. If it was a weapon, than it is the only weapon which can be "moved" between heroes and would interact with cards like "Foe-Hammer". I think the developers try to get a signalstyle-card like Dunedain Signal which provides Ranged instead of Sentinel. If i could redesign this card i would remove the Signal-move-ability and make this card a weapon like the Ranger Bow, which you have to exhaust in order to get Ranged for the end of the phase. Costs 1 and is not restricted.
  9. Thanks for the explaination. I know that In german it's called "Versteck der Dunedain", which is the location where the items are hidden. And this is not the right translation for an item.
  10. This card should have been renamed in "Dunedain Equiment" or "Dunedain Bow", so it makes sense that it is an item and perhaps a weapon It physically makes no sense that a cache is an item.
  11. In this kit the scenario which has to be played is missing... what about the Labyrinths of Lunacy?
  12. GenCon 50: Attack on Dol Guldur

    Where is the announcement for this event? Last year we got one at the end of july...
  13. For me .. it will still 2 attacks. The one the enemy initially made and the second the shadow card forces him. A third one because he now is engaged with the next player on the next players turn seems to be "canceled" by the current FAQ:
  14. if you are right, then we played it wrong. we played a 2-player-game and the example enemy only attacks twice, not a third time.