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  1. But DUST is NOT ww2 but weird wolrd war. While AFAIK Parente has not tackled holocaust, it seems that it has been eliminated from Axis Germany in the DUST storyline, at most by '43 when Hitler and his lackeys were cornered by Blutkreuz/Heer faction. It is perfectly plausible that Japanese in DUST are not committing war crimes in any way which may be worst than Allied or SSU are doing. Apart from the serum and some forays in animal handling, of course And after all ww2 derivatives or themed things are not that unlikely. Yamato was used to name a space battleship, for example. Kobayashi's works on ww2 are great. While sensibility towards Japanese actions in ww2 may be logical, DUST is a science fiction what if.
  2. They look very neat. Even, whith a head swapping and a little putty to fix the stripped clothing, able to represent Armor 1 infantry. From what I've read they do not look like careless zombies but "zombified" shock infantry. So I don't see them as all out thoughtless beasties but specially resilient assault specialists.
  3. Chibi planes? The Prinzluther looks like a fine design. There is even a place for the tank riders!
  4. I think I remember for an illustration that Vril were tall, at least as humans. IIRC it was some kind of container with the Vril individual inside. I don't recall if it was Mannfred or Sigrid staring at it from the outside…
  5. Well while the SSU has been released we've seen British and French hitting the trenches. So one can guess we'll get to see Japanese in coming times as Allied marines are being released right now. But as a complete faction, the only ones who have not appeared are Vril. A scout/expeditionary force, kind of an invasion spearhead at most, would be great for background. Exploring for resources, recovering artifacts and information, all the while fighting the natives. A great start for a future side development bringing human factions to space as mercenaries or so…
  6. Dogged

    X-Wing Avatars

    Another vote for that!
  7. Well, since a little while ago, I've joined in. For now (and trusting Amazon, hoping for a quick shipping), I own a starter set and one of each of the released expansions, except for the dice. I plan on having another starter, and maybe a second Y Wing, soon enough, and then the second wave for XMas. And looking for xtra ships, counters et al in the form of cardboard DIY (if I can) or the likes… So it makes for: 2 X Wings 1 Y Wing 3 TIE fighters 1 TIE Advanced fighter And a lot of preprogrammed fun!
  8. Strengths: Axis: Sigrid. Oh, and Angela, although she looks a bit skinny. Allies: Rosie (the girl with the bazooka, was Rosie her name?). SSU: absolutely Koshka. Weaknesses: Axis: smelly if zombies and gorillas around. Creepy too. Allies: can stumble because of long coats. Cook service affected if Chef gets hurt. SSU: there aren't any around by now (just preorders). Also, all of them will suffer of shoulder bruising because of lack of butt stock on their firearms.
  9. You can't be serious. I mean, how can it stand up after falling if it has no arms?
  10. The surface you'd need to adequately play bombers would be so big that bigger models should not be looking out of place. Their bases should give no problem to be of a likely size to a DT grid square (to say so). Then again, the kind of aircraft which would make god additions to DT lend themselves to easy incorporation to the game without much meddling with size and scale. I mean, it is all gonna be about (almost) hover capable, small aircraft, because bigger ones don't need to be represented as more than a card and tokens for in and out and target squares (too fast for anything else, even if hit and downed they would fall far out of the playing surface). And a 1/48 HS129 like plane is not that much big, just more or less like a heavy walker. VK powered machines need not much fuel IIRC so no huge fuel tanks or fuselage space for them. So big aircraft could be trimmed down in size, shortening its tail; also with VTOL capabilities given by jet engines or variable position rotors would make for less wing surface need. Small flying machines make for weird looks as can be seen from the SSU chopper, and it is big enough as it is but even its defenders (I like the thing too) have to admit it looks stubby. Unless for a one man machine, smaller machines would look weird. But again, I'd like to see such a thing looking good... P.S.: can't but agree with Hexal Kul; things like space marine rhinos are just ridicule to look at.
  11. An (slightly) oversized KV 47 with the Fury of Ivan guns instead of arms would be really good looking...
  12. Now I really really do not want to ruin any party, but 1/72 will look awfully diminutive unless you consider it as a one (prone) man metal coffin attached to rotor and tail. Seriously, you should go, at least, with 1/56, and preferably 1/48 (which is the right thing). Unless you do an awesome work of conversion which in terms of kits for bashing and raw worktime would go more expensive than direct use (and slight conversion) of a 1/48 kit... But I would love to find myself wrong in this.
  13. Not willing to ruin the party, but maybe we should get back to home brew aircraft and leave this discussion for another, proprietary thread...
  14. You won't need a tail rotor in an Osprey like plane. Or in a double rotor machine for that matter. That's why there isn't any in the SSU helicopter. Another thing you can try is to get an A10 kit or a commercial twin jet engine plane and chop off its engines, then glue them to the wing tips. So you have an Osprey jet. Darn it. I could try that. Got to give it a try...
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