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    I will confess that I recently had a fun thought for how to triumphantly (or as close as Yog-Sothothery allows for triumph) deal with Y'ha-nthlei in a Dagon and/or Cthulhu cycle. Namely, find a way to de-enslave the Deep Ones' shoggoths. Preferably after ensuring an escape route, since there's no guarantee the shoggoths will be in a state to distinguish between mammal and fish.
    Yes, the one known-to-be-dangerous Deep One city gets karmically wrecked by a localized shoggoth apocalypse...
    (I have a headcanon that Y'ha-nthlei is alone in wanting to corrupt and conquer humans. The other Deep One cities are far less interested in conquest adventurism. They have half-human/half-Deep One hybrids of their own, but those are just to keep an eye on human activity, and are designed to never fully shift to either genetic side.)
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