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  1. I will confess that I recently had a fun thought for how to triumphantly (or as close as Yog-Sothothery allows for triumph) deal with Y'ha-nthlei in a Dagon and/or Cthulhu cycle. Namely, find a way to de-enslave the Deep Ones' shoggoths. Preferably after ensuring an escape route, since there's no guarantee the shoggoths will be in a state to distinguish between mammal and fish. Yes, the one known-to-be-dangerous Deep One city gets karmically wrecked by a localized shoggoth apocalypse... (I have a headcanon that Y'ha-nthlei is alone in wanting to corrupt and conquer humans. The other Deep One cities are far less interested in conquest adventurism. They have half-human/half-Deep One hybrids of their own, but those are just to keep an eye on human activity, and are designed to never fully shift to either genetic side.)
  2. I'll admit that with the novella tease of Silas Marsh, the obvious target is Innsmouth/Yha-Nth'lei. (And having heard about Stross's Laundry books, I do hope we get to hear that Yha-Nth'lei is alone among Deep One cities in its desire for conquest. I'm not holding my breath, though.) Nonetheless, while Cthulhu (and, by proxy, Yog-Sothoth once again) is probably going to be popular, I wonder what other Great Old Ones could make for primary antagonists. I'm just not recalling who the major ones are, beyond Cthulhu and what we currently have, are. And I'm not even sure who the current expansion cycle antagonists are, beyond Yog-Sothoth for Dunwich and Hastur for Carcosa. I'm guessing Nyarlathotep for Forgotten Age and Azathoth for Circle Undone, but that's it. While there are two Great Old Ones I've developed interest in--Abhoth and Y'Golonac--that's mostly because their Arkham Horror 2e mechanics were interesting to me, and for all I know, Urmodhoth is supposed to be a scion of Abhoth. So, for those with more Mythos knowledge than me, who (besides Cthulhu) should be next?
  3. Admittedly, I changed course to aim for investigators that have particular appeal to me. New target is Carcosa, on account of Sefina, Yorick, and Akachi. Particularly Sefina--something about the rogue/mystic conjunction sings to me. Now I have to figure out who makes a good complement for Sefina. Roland and Phan are the obvious suspects, but Yorick also looks good, although that leaves one without Seeker-role cards for snaring clues...
  4. I've actually figured out which deluxe cycle to target next--Forgotten Age. Highest concentration of cards that I feel like I'd especially enjoy playing. Next would be, in some order, Dunwich Legacy and Circle Undone, and finally, Path to Carcosa. (Now to figure out a good complement for Ursula using only NotZ and TFA. Preferably using only one copy of NotZ.)
  5. I just acquired the core set a couple of days ago, although I haven't had much time to dabble with it. I did try the first scenario with the recommended Roland Banks setup, but that didn't go swimmingly for me. (Probably because the Auto-Fail token rather liked me for investigation, and shroud 4 with intellect 3 and no intellect commitables is no fun...) As a result, I remembered a variant of solo Arkham Horror 2e where the player controls four investigators at a time. Cue me wondering if I should control two investigators at once. That said, assuming I like the experience enough, I'm trying to work out which scenario cycle I should pursue afterwards. I'm honestly not sure whether I should pursue a desired investigator first (and even then, there's competition between Onyele and Downs), or particular cards first (Guardian Enchanted Blade looks tasty, that much is certain).
  6. I think I thumped R'Lyeh on my about sixth try (random investigators; Mary, Lambeau, Simmons, Sharpe, last of whom was driven insane during phase two). Of course, when I sent Simmons to assail R'Lyeh...well, he got rather lucky with his die rolls, and I'd managed to have a good time margin to get all three amulet nodes. Now, if the next update is going to have more Great Old Ones and worse...Given that the main milieu is a museum, where, exactly, is Chaugnar Faugn?! Although I suppose Rhan-Tegoth is also ideal bait under such a conceit. Although, from what I've heard about "The Horror from the Hills"...perhaps the last phase of a Chaugnar campaign would be not sealing it, but actually hunting it down and destroying it...
  7. Minor nitpick, but I'd like for the Other Worlds Card function to acknowledge Jim Culver's Strange Luck if he's selected as your investigator (i.e. all Other Worlds are considered to be green-aligned for him).
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