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  1. I caved and bought the map. It's pretty gosh-darn nice.
  2. I'm new to Journeys in Middle-earth - bought the box and the Villains of Eriador pack in the last week. All I've done so far is install the app, punch out tiles, and taken stock of the minis. Out of curiosity, does the Midde-earth Gamemat serve any purpose in play? Or is it just a shiny bit of swag to cover your dining table with? I'm curious if it's worth a purchase, or if I should save my pennies and consider buying some of the various 3rd party token 'upgrades' or terrain packs I see on Etsy.
  3. Then you're ignoring or not paying attention to some of the posts that have already been made in this thread: I'm not making up arguments/solutions just for giggles. Sure, a 100% female force might be a bit of hyperbole - but who knows, maybe someone does want to do that? I'm not ridiculing their decision; I'm saying a modeling approach is the way to achieve that.
  4. Others have already said this: I think it'll be on the player/modeler to represent their own gender-diverse force, if that's what they want. There's already been some indication that female troopers will be present in the core box, and hopefully there'll be more women present in the waves of releases to come. Shell out more cash, model your own 50/50 Rebel force, and tell your friends and opponents about your force's makeup. Or, go Imperial and tell those interested that all of your stormtroopers are women; have them lead by Asajj Ventress; and present a 100% female force if that's what you want. Cut off plastic womens' heads and torsos from compatible game-lines and mod your own troopers, if that's what you want to express in your Legion game. Bolster your force with some droids that you declare to have "female programming" if that's what you want. Go nuts. I wouldn't expect FFG to do the work for you. They're probably a lot more focused on producing minis that faithfully represent the Star Wars universe; that provide options with different troop types; that represent the wide range of aliens and monsters in Star Wars.
  5. I think that would make a lot of sense for incorporating bounty hunters, smugglers, some alien races, and some otherwise neutral or not-involved factions (crime-lords, etc.) into a Rebel or Imperial force.
  6. I think it's more a bitter reaction to "SJW" perceptions and expressions than just blue-vs-red political in nature. Heck, in the OP's first post he expresses concern about being shouted-down for his SJW viewpoints, aligning himself with that belief-system. And in another post, you have a different poster that says they'll "attack" anyone with an opposing viewpoint - which might also be considered an SJW-tactic. Sure, there will probably always be those individuals who express exclusive and sexist beliefs. But I doubt that they represent anything more than a minority, and they're easy to ignore and it's unlikely that you'll ever change their opinion. I think a general negative reaction is due to some thinking they'll get attacked for having differing opinions; they'll have a belief-system pushed on them; that they'll be labeled in a broad category that includes the exclusive and sexist. And they'll react in kind to that form of attack. You see this kind of back-and-forth behavior across many forums. I'm not sexist, nor do I identify with SJW-expression. But I can identify and understand the lash-back.
  7. You could also message someone privately if you feel the need to "call them out".
  8. It did? Voiced by a male actor, certainly. But, when I think of C-3P0... masculinity is probably the last thing that comes to mind. He comes across as genderless as R2-D2 - some might consider him (in a sexist way) very feminine.
  9. So, how are you going to feel if FFG releases a slave-Leia as an accompaniment for Jabba the Hut in an expansion? Otherwise, I don't think that oversexualized miniatures will be much of a concern with Legion.
  10. I don't pretend to be in touch with SJW-ness, or the best approaches for gender equality (in gaming)... But I think that environment would be more a factor for inclusiveness - or barrier-removal - than gender representation in the figures. The attitudes and receptiveness of the male gamers in gaming stores, or at tournaments, where Legion is being played. The don't-be-a-****-factor playing more of a part than miniature gender representation in Legion by FFG. Frankly, if gender representation really is a factor in minis, then I would think it would be more productive to represent a variety of female heroes, rather than rank-and-file. Because there might be more identification for the female gamer with strong female heroes. I don't know. I think that regardless of gender - if you're a Star Wars fan - you'll probably buy a bunch of heroes of different genders, anyway.
  11. I'd like female rebel troopers just to have some variety in unit appearance. And if they're in the core set, excellent. (Equal opportunity... as blaster targets and for force choking by Vader. )
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