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  1. Yeah, I think it would really help to trim her deck size while picking a few tactics from her non-primary colors.
  2. Hello everyone. I have been trying to figure out if Stick to the Plan works with Lola Hayes. Stick to the Plan triggers before you draw. Lola does not pick a role until after she draws. 1) Does this mean Stick to the Plan is incompatible with Lola, ie fails to activate? 2) Cards attached to Stick to the Plan count as in Play? 3) Playing a card causes Stick to the Plan to be exhausted, but it is not an triggered ability. I am thinking 1) it fails, 2) the cards count as in play, and 3) you don't need a guardian role to play cards attached to Stick to the Plan, but with Lola you would never have any cards attached to it anyway. Anyone have any thoughts? I was hoping to use that card to trim her large deck down a bit.
  3. The implantation process was quite long, but the GM did not seem against it. My techpriest is already one of the "more heretical Magos Biologis", which was why I do not want to waste any possible resources. Hmm, maybe we could use them to unlock additional traits available through the genetor. Worse case scenario we could make sweet meats, or maybe lure out some chaos marines with a trade proposition. The equipment conversion is pretty easy since we use equipment from all the game books. Black Crusade has both human and legion stats for most of the gear, including recoil glove craftsmanship options to reduce penalties to using Legion weapons. No need to house rule the weapon rules. Also many forms of power armor lack the Sustainable Power Source on these suits of armor which could be of use. Legion armor also has armor modifications that include linking a weapon to them for unlimited armor (weapon types beyond what Lathe World Intergrated weapons grant).
  4. Not a Rogue Trader, but Dark Heresy Story. A party of Acolytes that were entirely too low of a rank fought their way through a number of chaos cultist encounters to finally get to the altar we were trying to destroy. After besting their leader and fighting a Demon, the psyker went to finish up the last cultist, generated a Perils of the Warp effect, and sent the last cultist and the party flying with a "The Surly Bonds of Earth" result. The 27 meter fall finished off the cultist and the rest of the party. Even my tech priest with a Crimson guard Jet pack died since he had passed out from fatigue earlier. The psyker succeed at the expense of 3 fate points.
  5. First off we are playing a radical game full of Oblationists with mixed Dark Hershey, Rogue Trader, and Only war characters. We recently took out quite a few Chaos Marines in ship and more personal combat. We have enough untainted progenoids (a very small percent of what we collected), weapons, and armor for a dozen marines. My Tech priests current plan with Forbidden Knowledge Astartes, Trade: Forge Master, and Medicae is to convert our Ships complement of Storm Troops into Quasi Space marines over time (using very young people on the ship to undergo the process). I thought I would restyle the armor as Black Shields to possibly reduce the amount of questions asked. Maybe with the final result of increases the troop competence level by 10, to keep it simple. Anyone else have any ideas of what we could Chaos Marine Power Armor and Progenoids? We already got permission from the DM to convert the Legion armor to human sized power armor (with enough time and Tech-Use), but there are no takers. I might have some fun with the unlimited armor power packs.
  6. I am a fan of the radical adept even though they are not combat heavy. Take "Thy Name I Keep" background from the radical handbook on page 37 to get the Boon of Leech Life Force from the Dark Pact of Survival. All damage you deal to wounds heals you or grants additional temporary wounds. Take the Malefic Scholar alternative career path also found in the radical handbook on page 50 to pick up sorcery. Pick up the sorcery power "Living Weapon" for +20 WS, +20 S, +10 T, +10 Ag. Stack on Hammerhand or Molten Man as other suggested above. There are also the transgenic grafting on page 203 of the radical book that lets you pick up traits and talents from alien species. Go for claws to get natural weapons. Living Weapon is a nice substitute for not having access to cheap WS characteristic increases. Also the class is very good with out of combat actions, and sorcery will allow for unrestricted access to psy powers.
  7. Amaimon, what you posted are the actual rules. I just had the impression that the creators described Sorcery alone or Sorcery picked up with an existing Psi Rating, but never thought about what happens if you pick up a Psi Rating after you already had Sorcery. It seems strange to me if you have a slew of Sorcery Powers, many of them major powers, and you end up with a Psi rating talent you loss access to all of them. A Psi-rating of 3 does not allow any Discipline or Major Powers. That being said, you most likely would never take a Psi Rating 1 Talent with Sorcery unless you planned on getting more if going with Rules as Written. I am not trying to make an argument for things to work differently than what is written in the rules, it just seems that Psi after Sorcery would work different. Where it gets more confusing in my mind is with Nascent Psyker and Ascension material. Nascent Psyker cannot be taken with a Psi-rating, but Socrerers only have an effective Psi-rating, not a real one. Likewise the Inquisitor Psyker's Gift increases your Psi-Rating by +1, can this be used to increase your effective Sorcery Psi-Rating since it requires a Psi-Rating? I think with the rules as written, one of the two would have to work. If you Psi-rating is not real, then Nascent would work with in conjunction with Sorcery; and if Psi-rating is real, then you should be able to advance it with the Inquisitor Psyker Gift.
  8. Sorcery as outlined in the Radical's Handbook is straight forward if you just have Sorcery or if you gain Sorcery after already having a Psi-rating (just adds +1 to your rating). Are there rules anywhere about what happens if you have Sorcery First and pick up a psi rating later? For Instance, say you have an Adept with the Sorcery and Master Sorcery talents. Combined the talents grant you a Psi-rating of 4. If you add the talent Psi-Rating 1, is your new psi-rating a 3? Basic rules state Psi-rating of 1 grants you 1 and each sorcery talent now adds 1 to that rating. It seems to me a strange oversight to have no mention of what happens if you get sorcery first. Especially considering the alternative career rank that gets Master Sorcery is specially for Adepts which have the ability to get a Psi-rating late in advancement. This gets even screwier when you factor in Ascension. In Ascension you could select the general transition package of "The Mind's Eye Opens" which increases your Psi-rating by one. This is only possible if Sorcery's "Effective Psi-rating" counts as an actual rating. Likewise the Inquisitor can select "The Psyker's Gift" to Psi-rating. Of course balance could be an issue of concern, but it does not look all that bad to me. A Psyker can get a Psi-rating of 6+1 with Sorcery by Rank 8 (Assuming they do not have the option to Elite Advance Master Sorcery from some source). An Adept could get to a Psi-Rating of 3+2 with Master Sorcery or 4+3 for Psi Talents if you allowed Psi after sorcery to advance sorcery. The Adept sorcery can cherry pick powers, but is at +2 difficulty. The Psyker could end up with Discipline Mastery (-5 Threshold), Power wells (More Effective -Threshold), and the Talent that decreases threshold by 2 for a given discipline (Net Minus 10-12ish) In ascension, the Psyker keeps going with Primarius, but the adept tops out at most with another +2. Primarius can use less dice to prevent a warp effect, the sorcery can get a Warp Staff from Demon Hunter to also avoid warp effects. The only place that sorcery really has an advantage is with some of the chaos disciplines that only have 1 to 3 powers, a poor choice for a psyker. Has anyone Explored this in one of their games, seen house rules, or know of actually rules that deal differently with Psi Rating Talents gained after Sorcery?
  9. coolzyg said: Look to Black Crusade, there are very detailed and cool rules how to make deamonic cc and range weapon These rules work well. 1) Number of Powers is equal to Daemon Willpower bonus - ritual binding success 2) On role to resist possession, the Daamon gets Willpower bonus -5% per ritual binding success So for the best results use the Daemon creation rules in Daemon hunter. Daemon's of Tzeench get unnatural willpower x2 to x4. So in the ideal situation is a Daemon with Willpower of 50 with a x3 multiplier. Then bind the daemon with 12 successes. You will end up with 3 powers and the demon will get a -60% to its willpower roll. It worked quite well for my Sage in my current game with an auto 01 on all Forbidden Knowledge Daemonology rolls. Also the Grimoire of True names in daemon hunter will also let you learn the True Name of a daemon for a limited time. Learn name, write on weapon to add to your ritual roll modifer.
  10. bphill561


    I don't actually have the Black Crusade book (GM does), but in Black Crusade full auto is a -20% penalty and it is a +20% in the other systems. Given that it is less likely to hit a target on full auto now, I assume that is why they reduced the action time to a half-action. If I am not mistaken though, accurate weapons have not been changed. So now they are even more powerful than before. Why not aim, get a bonus to hit, and have the potential to increase damage compared to full auto with a lower chance to hit. A high skill can make Full auto more useful, but Accurate weapons still seem the way to go. Again I don't have the book so I may be off.
  11. There is alot of failure starting out, but there are bonuses you can pick up as you advance. It is pretty easy to raise your main stats by 10 points and pick up skills at +10-20 as you go along. Starting level combats are pretty funny though, you go rounds between actually contacting you target. No worries, it will get better. Also you can be flexible in the begining with skill checks. Sometimes there are mulitple skills that might work well for a check and give you players an option on what to roll so they have a better chance. As mentioned before, you can hand out bonuses on specific rolls you need to get the party moving along. Along those same lines a psyker should really invest in the luck and knack minor powers. They are great and easy to activate. Fgdsfg is spot on with his book recommendations. I would add Daemon hunter because it contains quite of bit of useful equipment and it contains Cell Directives. A cell directive is a package of advances the party can buy around a central theme, it is almost like an extra single level career. So the whole party forms a theme and pays 100xp to pick up the directive, opening up a number of new skills and such. Very useful if the party does not have access to skills that are necessary for your campaign arch. Blood of Martyrs is also useful, especially if you have someone playing a cleric. Elite advances can be goodl, but I am always a little hesitant to hand out too many. Weapons that appear later in a career are often better and more expensive. For that reason I normally rather the players wait to the appropiate level to pick up that talent (same to be said for a psyker and psi rating). Likewise I don't like characters picking up abilities that are normally exclusive to a certain career if someone else in the group is playing that career. But if you have player that likes basic weapons instead of pistols or wants to pick up some social skills because no one else has any, Elite advances are great. Also you set the price, so you are in control. Something that helps the party you can give cheaply, while someone trying to poach all the good abilties from everyone else's career you can deny or make it cost prohibitive.
  12. bphill561


    Bassemandrh said: Isn't Talented also more limiting than the system used in BC? In BC you can get +30 in any skill you posses. Talented is a talent that can be taken a finite amount times, thereby limiting the amount of skills you can gain the bonus with. Yeah, even looking through all the careers, there is not a talented talent listed for every skill. The talent itself says it is available for any skill, but without an elite advancement or future alternative careers, there is not an example of every talented talent being available.
  13. I think the entry applies to all weapons except for the bracing part that is heavy weapon specific. Just originally I saw the suspensor's weapon attachment from rogue trader and had the impression that auto-stabilization only worked with heavy weapons. I just wanted to make sure that it does apply to all weapons before I try to use it in game (and that I am just not reading it now in the way I want it to work).
  14. bphill561


    I agree, the talented talent is very strange. It would be far easier to incorporate a +30 skill level or treat it like the ascension Mastered skills specialities which grant one extra sucess on a passed role with the skill.
  15. The Auto-stabilised trait states: "The creature always counts as braced when firing heavy weapons and may fire on semi- or full-automatic as a half action. A creature with this trait suffers no penalties for moving and firing on semi- or full-automatic." So can you fire a basic or pistol weapon at semi- or full- as a half action or does this only apply to heavy weapons? At first I thought it was only heavy weapons, but there is only one subject. The creature can do X and Y. Also Rogue trader has the exact same wording, and only the suppensor weapon attachment (heavy weapons only) states the full auto is only on the attached weapon. Any thoughts? It would be sweet to fire two weapons on full-auto using a MUI weapon mount (can fire as free or a half-action).
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