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  1. Previous lines also lacked a BS Test to fire but there was still a talent for Flame class weapons to prevent enemies getting a bonus to their Agility tests.
  2. andrewm9 said: One can always acquire the Mark of Tzeentch as a reward and become a psyker. No need to be a psyker to start. It doesn't even need to be rolled from Gifts as you can get Mark of Tzeentch automatically with enough Tzeentch-aligned advances.
  3. Glowcat

    DH 2e?

    One way to go about delayed progression (if one wants it) that makes a bit more sense than Ranks/Levels is tying limits to a related Characteristic Upgrade as a prerequisite. e.g. Mighty Shot is unavailable without at least the Intermediate Ballistic Skill upgrade. This prevents grabbing certain powerful Talents immediately while still promoting specialization as a firearms characters would be raising Ballistic Skill anyway.
  4. Glowcat

    DH 2e?

    Cymbel said: Does anyone feel like this paves the way for a new edition of Dark Heresy? That's what I have had my hopes on. Black Crusade is just better system-wise than previous installments in the WH40K line.
  5. Pistols don't count as Point Blank when used at melee range. Unlike other weapons however, they can still fire.
  6. Glowcat


    Drhoz said: One has to wonder how they get around - golf carts? SegWays? There's another recent thread on one of these RT sub-forums discussing this very thing. Plenty of options such as Trams, Futurama/Jetsons Tubes, Rickshaw Servitors, etc. Orks would travel with whatever vehicle fits in the corridor.
  7. N0-1_H3r3 said: Thanks. I'm really proud of it, considering it was my first professional piece... That was you? *gets on his knees* Praise the Orkissiah!
  8. Deinos said: Dark Heresy has rules for Heretek Savants. Seems easier to take the Inquisition out of Dark Heresy (since DH looks like it was intended to be a generic 40k roleplay and that they added the inquisition stuff at the last minute, ie. how DH core has not a single scrap of crunch reflecting the PCs serving the inquisition) than the Chaos out of Black Crusade. Step 1) Do all advances as Allied, Ignore Alignment. Step 2) Change Infamy to Influence and its tens digit into Fate Step 3) Profit Meanwhile if you worked from DH you'd be dealing with different approaches to balance (Starting Skills, Base Characteristics, etc.), Thrones instead of an acquisition roll, different Skill groups, and the closed Career/Rank system. No, it is far better to go with Black Crusade than with Dark Heresy.
  9. It's something I'm also wondering about, as my first character will (at least begin) completely uninterested in Chaos or its major powers and keeps near the rest of the party because they can protect him from the Adeptus Mechanicus's agents. I suppose a non-Chaos Heretek can fit in as well as a Chaos Heretek as their primary purpose is to take care of technological problems in either case. The only difference between him and the party is that they'll probably want to stick a daemon in whatever he makes.
  10. Cifer said: How do you start a campaign or a single adventure of Black Crusade? Like no other game of the series, BC lends itself towards a sandbox approach. Further, the setting favours pro-active PCs - they're not the ones thwarting the plan of evil, they're doing the planning themselves Erm, if you've been running Rogue Trader differently then you've come as close to possible in a RPG to "doing it wrong." Hopefully that statement was just hyperbole. On the sandbox scale it is slightly more open than late game Dark Heresy, both of which are far above Deathwatch in comparison. If you need a way to get players together and the action started before a sandbox approach, consider a temporary master figure who unites the party originally but is intolerable as a leader. Make him or her aggravating enough and the party's first Compact would be to betray said master.
  11. LETE said: Chaos apotheosis sounds like the Taoist endstate (I may be wrong on this one): Becoming immortal & alchemically super-powerful. It's completely wrong. It is essential for any follower of The Way to come to peace with oblivion itself, and the very essence of Taoism is strongly opposed to the concepts of Chaos as making oneself empty neuters the emotional drives that serve to empower the Ruinous Powers. While the folk religion which adopted parts and the name of Taoist philosophy did seek alchemical means to immortality, the philosophy itself (like Buddhism) made a point against self-destructive obsession. When one understands The Way power, such as that of the Chaos Gods or the Emperor, is realized to be inconsequential for happiness. The closest Alignment a Taoist would come to would be that of Tzeentch, but even the Lord of Change is ironically too bound in his ways compared to the philosophy's ideal. Back On-Topic: I see good-minded people who attempt to use Chaos in the same way that I'd see a cook who barbecues over an open flame while drenched in fuel. While a possible means to an end, there are much better ways of doing the same thing. As such it is only the truly desperate and/or foolish who find themselves using Chaos to enact a noble cause. While Chaos/Immaterium remain tainted by negative emotions you're, at best, playing with fire. However, these character are infinitely more fulfilling than Chaotic Stupid characters made so vile that the player cannot sympathize with them at all.
  12. Bladehate said: Naked marines. Not armored. Naked. I hope you realize that "naked" for a genetically modified monster isn't the same thing as a normal human... Every Space Marine has technology built into his very body.
  13. Why only half action aim? Full Action aim. Wait for the Marine to stop in melee combat, begin shooting at point blank with +30 to hit. Only -20 to BS while the first guardsman lives. Marine loses the Run effect when it's his turn again. BS 35 + 20 (FA) + 30 (PB) = 85.
  14. Deinos said: Lasguns can be deadly to astartes... fired by hordes. That's entirely the intent behind lasguns, a mass produced, reliable, weapon mainly for killing other humans. It even states that bolters are mainly around for use versus orks, because lasguns just don't cut it against them, and orks aren't normally as tough as astartes. Ork boyz are exactly as tough as Astartes. Unnatural (2x) in both Deathwatch and Into the Storm. ---- I have to strongly disagree with the notion that a naked Astartes are somehow imbalanced and should suffer further penalty when under lasgun fire. Using FFG RPG game rules an Astartes would have 8-10 TB on average, which leaves room for the 1d10 + 3E damage from a normal lasgun shot to cause harm even before Righteous Fury is considered. A platoon of guardsmen firing on Semi-automatic would get enough shots to almost certainly take down the Space Marine. Overcharge Packs make it even easier. When placed in a suit of power armor.... well even normal humans are pretty much invulnerable to lasgun fire while wearing standard Power Armor and with a good Toughness score. The only problem I have with Space Marine power balance is how Black Carapace somehow makes them effectively smaller targets when as I understand it, Carapace only improves their connection with power armor. How that makes it even more natural to move around in there than a hulking creature in the nude escapes me. With the +10 to hit it'd be easier to balance the Space Marine tanking factor with the smaller and more difficult to hit humans. Otherwise, the GM must houserule that some cover doesn't work for ©SM compared to others. If the Space Marine's size becomes a penalty then a certain balance in combat is achieved where humans should hide behind things whereas the CSM could charge ahead undaunted.
  15. Considering that not all Adeptus Mechanicus accepted the Emperor as Avatar of the Machine God when he arrived on Mars, it's very easy for Chaos Hereteks to see him as a false Omnissiah. Even easier than the ex-Imperials who consider Mr. Emperor a false god.
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