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  1. clarkgixxer said: I have a copy that I purchased used last year. I believe it has been released and may be an upcoming re-release? You may be able to find it used online. My wife and I enjoy playing it quite a bit! Good luck! Yeah, there is a re-release planned but it is taking a very long time to come out. The date/month/quarter keeps slipping. I suspect there is an enemy agent up to no good. Probably working undercover at FFG itself. I did try pretty hard to get the first edition and was looking everywhere I could online. I also tried to find the game used. However, it was being sold at ridiculous prices, probably due to its apparent out of print status. That's why I was happy to read about its reprint last September. I didn't think I would have long to wait but I was wrong. It's annoying because it looks like it is a great game (and I love the theme and artwork to it) and I keep reading about how fun it is to play, but I can't play it. It's been nearly a year now since I first spotted it.
  2. Thanks for the update. It is sadly, a vague one. Release date could be anywhen between now and the end of April...possibly. It is only an estimate after all. It could even slip to the second quarter for instance. I think what I will do is leave it until the end of January, just to see if it appears by then. If not then I will just go ahead and order the other game I have been wanting (Space Hulk: Death Angel). I've been putting it off for months, all for the sake of Cold War, thinking it will just be one more week and then it will be out. Waiting for this game kind of feels like it is turning into a cold war all of its own.
  3. I am quite surprised in Cold War's case though as it is supposedly just a reprint (with certain cosmetic changes). The only other things I can think of is that they were possibly reviewing the rules and gameplay, or that it is a lower profile game compared to other FFG titles. Hopefully I don't sound too rude in saying that!
  4. I too have been waiting to buy this game. I've been checking frequently to see if there is any news on it, or better yet, its actual release. I've actually been trying for the best part of a year to get my hands on this game since the first edition went out of print. I thought I had missed the boat until I saw news last September that the game would be re-released. I didn't think I would have too long to wait as I read that release would be the 4th quarter of 2011. I have even held off buying another game by FFG until Cold War gets released, so I can buy everything together (and I keep thinking it won't be much longer now). Knowing my luck, by the time Cold War is available, the other game I am after will go out of print!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums and also games by FFG. I do however have present or past experience with table-top games such as Battletech, Car Wars and many created by Games Workshop. I've also played (or still play) card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Battletech: the CCG and...erm, Top Trumps as a kid . I'm planning on buying a few FFG card games at the same time, with one being Space Hulk: Death Angel (I found out about this first on the internet, by sheer chance), while the other is Cold War: CIA vs. KGB. However, it has been listed as out of stock for quite a while. Availability in any online shops seems non-existent. Being in the UK means my chances of finding it in a game store are remote. If anybody is selling it, the price is unrealistically high. I've tried e-mailing Fantasy Flight Games several times asking about the availability of this game and whether it will ever be back in stock. I also e-mailed about an unrelated issue. Unfortunately, I haven't received any replies despite trying over the course of two months. I tried the Online/Mail Orders & Shipping department on the first two occasions and then tried the Customer Service department afterwards. I haven't had any change in luck and I don't know what the problem might be. Therefore, I thought in the meantime, I could try posting on the forums and asking the community. Either about the availability of Cold War or why I am having no success with contacting FFG staff directly . Regarding Cold War and whether it will ever be available to buy again, preferably from FFG directly, I hope the game hasn't gone out of print indefinitely. I've invariably seen positive reviews about it and many recommending it. I wouldn't like to think I missed the boat on this one! Regards.
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