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  1. Okay, I asked Army Painter, apparently they can't officially comment due to their Disney contract. They said most of the colors are new and unique to this line. So they will not be publishing an equivalent list to their existing colors like they did with the Runewars paint lines. (That is on their website as a download). I tried to get a clarification as "most" is not all. They implied that the non-unique paints would be White, Metallics and the shades.
  2. It's my understanding the Star Wars paints are produced by Army painter? Is that correct? If so, is there an equivalent guide to match the existing AP colors?
  3. I was in Peoria, Illinois last weekend and visited a local game store, Just for Fun Games.They had a new copy of Banners of War on the shelf. Just throwing that out there for anyone looking for a copy who wants to go get it.
  4. I just want the remaining 12 conversion kit heroes rereleased so they can be used in the app. :-)
  5. Unlikely since each of the heroes in 3rd edition require their own tokens too so it wouldn't be just a character sheet. There would be more tokens in the conversion kit than in the base game box.
  6. More Hero and Monster packs (or just a hero pack) to get the missing 12 Heroes from the conversion kit. A Familiar and Summon pack so we get actual plastic minis instead of tokens. Another small box expansion (arctic theme maybe) with more hybrid classes.
  7. I'd like to see a Hero pack with the final 12 Heroes.
  8. More Heroes. Runebound 2nd edition came with 12. Isle of Dread and Midnight had 8 each. Frozen Wastes, Sands of Al-Kalim, Mists of Zanga and Dungeonquest had 6 each. There were 4 Promo heroes. Total of 56 heroes. I understand playtesting and balancing is important, but give us more options, please.
  9. Also the new minis included in Drakkon looks like the characters from the Descent 2nd edition box art. Those could eventually be new Descent Heroes.
  10. It looks like Red Scorpion is in one of the new Runebound expansions. If they have resculpted her that bodes well for a possible future Hero & Monster Collection.
  11. The ones that are in the conversion kit but not yet supported in Return to Legend are listed here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/219919-the-missing-heroes-and-monsters-from-road-to-legend/
  12. Conversion Kit = Item Fantasy Flight won't support and pretends doesn't exist. FF reissues most heroes and all monsters in later products and does not issue errata or a summary of changes for existing 1e Descent customers who bought the conversion kit. For customers using the conversion kit with their physical game, the Return to Legend app doesn't support it (apparently deliberately). I seriously doubt we will see an updated conversion kit with new stats to match the hero & monster collections stats? (A conversion kit for the conversion kit). I just hope they eventually release the other 12 heroes.
  13. Ah. Ok. Because I think I've read somewhere (in here) that there are 6-8 heroes from D1 still "missing". There are actually 12 missing heroes as follows: Aurim Bogran The Shadow Brother Glyr Eliam Hugo The Glorious Kirga Landrec The Wise Laughin Buldar Mad Carthos Red Scorpion Tobin Farslayer Varikas The Dead I wish they would clarify if there will be more Hero & Monster packs so these 12 can be released.
  14. If you play without the RtL app, or have Descent 1 edition then it's worth getting. If you plan to buy the Hero & Monsters packs you only gain the 12 heroes not in those packs.
  15. He is the double-axe wielding barbarian. He can used a two-handed weapon one handed and make 3 attacks. He is actually quite good. Disappointed he isn't out yet
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