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  1. My FLGS did not receive any such notification. Maybe because his order was modest or real. Maybe they are going for the fair distribution of product. I am not worried to get all I want (which is a modest 2 boxes)
  2. Oh well here goes. - My opponent during last SoR pre release was a full 100% convinced that the following happens: - when I (me) force, through a card, you (him) to resolve a die you (he) can add modifiers. (that would be something huh folks) I said heck no but it wasn't a tournament and I let it pass by and did not play the card...I rerolled all my dice to get 10 damage and frag him. (he got what he deserved) P.S. every sentence that does not have - in front of it is either fluf, false or simply untrue
  3. already have given away my coms and uncs I have 2+ off. But Now I am being destroyed by the very same people I have given it to. This is a bad thing as they should not bite the hand that feeds
  4. What?! Wanting stuff is not happiness at all. In fact it is suffering. Like a junky hurting for more...greed if you will or mental dependency. I do not always agree with your somber replies but this is 100% on the button.
  5. when defeated all upgrades are discarded. So when does grievous grab that saber. from the set aside pile? but all crazy on a stick (haha stupid dutchy) they both trigger. as will be seen in the next RRG (I haven't seen it but with this much conversation on it it must be clarified)
  6. Thematically seen GG knocks the feller on his arse grabbing the saber like candy from a baby and Finn recuperating just seconds after. the picture is just before GG smacks him in the kisser. However the words before and instead are used. before happens before instead. (grammatically seen) Timeline ---------> Before Defeat But instead
  7. I find fun, escape and meeting people fun....So Yes
  8. Hi guys, as non native speaker I am having trouble with anticipate. To me it is an all-inn triggered by your opponent. great when you have a load of blanks. So when it is played against me I can resolve any and all of my dice in the order I want? thanks!
  9. I bought the leia sleeves from FFG. when used it's like a wet T-shirt act as star wars can be seen through that as well. What FFG wants is that you can use promo cards which are printed in house by them. and when obscuring the view somewhat you can't see the color differences. It's probably OK in this case
  10. A store in Tilburg the Netherlands still has starters if you feel the need to compete and if you are going wouldn't mind to meet up there.
  11. Chirut could have been that. force guy turned rogue
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