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  1. Here is what I got from the X-Wing live stream 36:12 bigwebb24: Ahh was hoping you guys would address the rumor that rpg division is shutting down. 36:42 BroadcasterTurboFFGLive: RPG is not shutting down. We will have more information about that in the future 37:30 BroadcasterTurboFFGLive: RPGs will continue. We have an announcement planned that will be shared soonish
  2. Deserve? Maybe, but not at the expense of an artistic vision. Artists who create things (writers, painters, and anyone else) actually do deserve the ability to use or NOT use anything they want and not be harassed about it.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/a11PJLQ.jpg Saw this on reddit. It is the table of contents.
  4. Where in Austin? I dont need an exact address just general location.
  5. Applied your fixes https://drive.google.com/file/d/18E1A2-akWI0DL09l1X3tsh3VjDiY5Z0Z/view?usp=sharing
  6. Here is the mediafire link. If it does not work I will try something else http://www.mediafire.com/file/uewyoblv8z8ir0k/JediRoninTree4.pdf/file OR https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O6BgfNwD9eq-a_yCEth32RZxJfeoiinV/view?usp=sharing Beta 4 uploaded.
  7. Okay will do. Do you know where Push Aside and Momentum are located?
  8. Added version 2. Any issues? I still need to add all the new talents.
  9. I need to add the talents but this is what I have for the moment. I also need to add it to the Jedi Career. I seem to be missing those data files after I reinstalled the app. JediRoninTree2.pdf
  10. Thank you for doing this. Is it possible to do a "show all" for the lists?
  11. I uploaded it to ViVYXZ and did a 21"x 32" on Waterproof Vinyl. I have used them before for Forgotten Realms maps and as before it is very nice. Thanks for making an awesome map http://chattypics.com/viewer.php?file=IMG_4873JPG_btwq1i1xrb.jpg http://chattypics.com/viewer.php?file=IMG_4874JPG_z7wfeczoed.jpg
  12. I just don't like the reddit formats threads (I prefer a message board) and how people can down vote things so easy, which encourages group think.
  13. Capitalism? What does that have to do with anything. Capitalism is the reason for FFG to exist in the first place isnt it?
  14. Guess what, that person does not have to do it, and they are free to seek better employment elsewhere. Also, if you can create an RPG company that can pay the salary, taxes, and benefits of a large staff of full time employees and make money at the same time, then do it. You might be the only one who has figured out how to make it work long term. You may be informed in some aspects of rpg creation but there is more to running a business in the real world than the actual typing in a word processor.
  15. What is more humane than getting paid to work on an rpg book from home?
  16. I guess it is a way to make sure they clear out the remaining inventory.
  17. Honestly it was not really clear what they meant and frankly was a good use of "PR speak". I am thinking March we should hear something either way...
  18. I think they said they would publish the products already announced...
  19. There are like 5-7 game stores in and around Austin. Maybe start calling them? Some do mail order.
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