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  1. Maybe I am the boss. Or my job as a DBA does not require me to click keys for 8 hour straight, and I also have 4 monitors. Keep trying.
  2. Imperial Squadrons are out of stock already lol
  3. They are shipping to customers who managed to order before the stock was depleted. FFG keeps stock to sell from thier website. Whether or not game stores (and amazon or whatever) will be getting any to sell is the question.
  4. I am new as well, so any hope is good!
  5. What are the chances of us getting something like this?
  6. X-wing can be dangerous http://direman.com/direman/comic.php?comicID=1066
  7. Are these the ones? http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/222511
  8. Thanks for the advice and debate, it has really helped.
  9. Yea I was thinking about getting the below: Old Core Imperial and Rebel Aces expansions Maybe Y wing and whatever one Darth comes in.
  10. Hi, We are just starting out and we only have the below minis. What would be the best number of points to choose based on the list below to make it fair for both sides? Thank you!! NEW Core Set Tie Interceptor Exp X-Wing Exp the Original
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