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  1. Someone made a movie for the Lord of the Rings a number of years ago. It involved three separate films. I watched each one, and I believe that I did like the movies at the time, however I am not completely satisfied with it now, and I never did end up reading the novel. The point that I am making, is that just because someone has made a film version of the Dunwich Horror, or a film version of the Lord of the Rings, does that mean that it can never be attempted again. I would go for a different Lord of the Rings tomorrow, because I feel that it was misleading and perhaps Dunwich was too, that is an old movie for sure. What I think that should happen is that something like Star Wars can be put aside. It should be abandoned. Now this is a new direction keeping in mind that whatever was done has had less done to it the harder they try, and it will be a shame to lose it all.
  2. I forgot to say to get ready for Arkham Horror...gold. The gold edition. That is what we want to see sell. Arkham Horror Bronze, Silver, and Gold. For one player.
  3. Arkham Horror and Elder Sign are one player games, and also multiple player. I agree, they should keep producing the 1 player games, but it isn't a bad idea to learn a couple multiple player games as well simply because they are good games, and you might need to be ready to play someone if you can find a good player. Promote the genre that you like by buying the games, in addition it looks like they are doing reasonably well, but it is not enough of course, yet look at it this way. FF dished out Arkham Horror as well as other dishes, and people ran to Arkham, so now they made the miniatures which is another game upgrade. That works better than trying to sell a $250.00 game at the very beginning. That was a good move.
  4. Maybe Lord Dunsany has some answers on this topic about the different mythos beings origins and relationships. I have not read all of the Lovecraft stories however it is evident that the Old Ones are willing to support a secretive cult that will never die until the Old Ones are resurrected. You have in some of the stories the two worlds reality where the supernatural is able to be superimposed upon the setting where than some mythos characters do appear until the narrator escapes. Yog Sothoth was adhered to in the Dunwich Horror however Wilbur needed to confirm some discrepancy existing in copies of books, so it was as if they were trying to learn how to invoke something, he and his growing menace that is. Nyarlathotep was a man and he was able to interact with people, so it is a real jumble of characters all with threatening powers. The Old Ones were going to teach man new ways to kill and be free. The cult must fuel a dark destiny in the cult member. The mad Arab recorded what is a reference, but the book exists in separate worlds and was copied. It is as if the setting is held together but evil does appear to take form for a duration. The mythos would be dispelled if there was not any more speculation, but it remains a mythos until the evil entities prevail, as it is apparently their will to return.
  5. I might try Lord Dunsany because not only did H.P. Lovecraft read his books, but it inspired is writing, and most importantly, Dunsany was himself influenced by the Bible. Now I find that a curious thing so it might be worth checking out. I heard that the monsters were derived this way. It could be the source of the idea that lead to the creation of the mythos. I didn't mind the other H.P.; Harry Potter that is. I didn't finish the series but books 1-3 were just fine at the time. I myself do read the Bible but it isn't because it is a good story, not that it isn't. Well what about "Lord of the Rings" by Tolkien. Surely he was a good author. The author that gets a lot of attention is R. Martin for his "Game of Thrones" series and I myself have gotten some inspiration from the dungeons and dragons D20 game systems such as Ravenloft, Werewolf, Conan, etc. I have also been stuck with Michelle! Yeah, with Buffy somehow. I was a Scooby Doo person when I was a kid, but I think that Michelle should be in an H.P. Lovecraft movie, although it is hard to find women in his stories, but I'm sure that it is possible to interchange a character such as the narrator.
  6. Which decks do I need to get that are based more on his stories rather than new Cthulhu Mythos stories, and which ones work well together out of them, or is this not possible to have? Trying to decide which ones to buy but I am new to the game.
  7. JJHB83 said: Whats is the best Lovecraft story of all time and why ? I like a number of different stories so far, and I even like one that I didn't think as well of previously. I believe overall that I am not able to enjoy any of his stories until I feel that I have confidence in it, and than finally I can enjoy it (including listening to the audio recordings). I have tried to listen to an audio of a certain story and the words go in one ear and out the other ear without any comprehension what so ever because I would find myself falling asleep. Yet if I have a grasp of a certain story after I have carefully read it a number of times, than I can start to enjoy because I finally have confidence. That is when the story may bring a spiritual awakening and that the experience that I would like to achieve, therefore the best story is the one that has been kind, for I am kind. Basically it isn't good enough to read a few of them because the author writes quite a number of them in a similar way which has a person guessing or piecing together, so that they are a combined story. There is no single best story but it is more like earth, air, fire, and water, so there might be a best single one for earth, and a best single one for water, etc.
  8. It is written early on in the story that the plot is founded upon just two things. One of those things are the notes of the late Professor Angell, and the other thing is the coincidence that occurs when the narrator discovers a newspaper article. As far as I know, he reads the diary of the rescued second mate, that he was finally able to gather from his attempted meeting. Can we all agree on this interpretation, because I was confused when I read the story last year? The Cthulhu that is depicted in the advertising is less alien like in appearance than the story version, but it is certainly cool, besides our human vision was not able to adapt to the appearance of what it was seeing.
  9. The other one is the one that they have not made yet. I'm afraid that it would take Wilbur to explain that.
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