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  1. Right, the characteristic damage was an oversight on my part, sorry about that. It is to be found on page 256, is never permanent unless specified, and "A character automatically recovers one point of characteristic damage each hour, regardless of his activity level. The GM may allow certain types of medical attention to remove characteristic damage at a faster rate".
  2. I would say that a disguise kit and / or forgery kit have the materials required to make anything but a basic disguise or forgery. After quite a long hiatus, I am once again reading through this book in detail, and have noticed a few things: The Scrap Code Generator (page 186) has no availability or weight. Neither does the Eclipse Pulsator (page 185). Another question on this device, whose text states: When triggered, the device emanates a pulse of engergy that negates any force fields, psychic protections, or other unnatural defences within 10 metres of the device for 1d5 rounds", would it be capable of punching a small hole in a gellar (spelling?) field (and how much fun would that be )? Also, I have not found much reference to "characteristic damage" and what separates the permanent damage from the non permanent type, or how it is healed. If I chance across more, I may end up double posting.
  3. Has anyone else noticed that the Survival skill is missing on the character sheet? But overall the little quirks are a lot less annoying than I thought they were at first, so it's really not much of a problem.
  4. Swot

    RPGNet Review

    That's a pretty solid review but it has some consistent mistakes when it regards Infamy. The book states that for apotheosis 75+ infamy is recommended for starting players, 90+ is more difficult and players are just as likely to fail as to succeed, and 100+ is a very difficult threshold to not only achieve but to maintain and only the strongest of characters will reach apotheosis. Also it fails to mention that before 20 corruption infamy points are very weak (one can't re-roll a test). Overall a really comprehensive review though!
  5. Hello, I'm sitting here with a GenCon version of the Black Crusade book and I had a few questions. First off, I was rather surprised that there were a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes in the book, but I was told that was pretty common for books bought at events before the official release. There are just two things that I really need to get cleared up before I am able to start running the game. In regard to the Intimidate skill. On the Black Crusade character sheet (online and in the back of the book) it says Intimidate is now based off of Willpower. It also says this on the table of skills (page 93 for anyone w/ the book). In the Skill description itself (pg 101) it says it's based off of the usual characteristic, Strength. The other is in regard to the Renegade's starting Talents. The book states the renegade gets "Weapon Training (Chain, Las, Primary, SP, SP)". As you can see SP is listed twice. Now normally this isn't a problem (a simple mistake) except that below, in the starting gear, the renegade can get a common craftsmanship Plasma Gun. So... is the renegade expected to buy the weapon training (plasma) talent or is one of the SPs supposed to say Plasma instead? This is not so important, but on the rules for "Running Horizontal Leaps" (41) there doesn't seam to be any bonus for the 4m the Heretic the heretic runs before jumping (there are bonuses for additional 4m though). This means unless the heretic has an 8m starting run there's no mechanical difference between making a running leap and a standing leap. Does this strike anyone else as odd? And finally, a point of curiosity. On the first page of the character sheet (online and in the book) it has a place to record Rank after Archetype. I have not been able to find a single reference to rank yet in the book itself. Thanks for taking the time to read and also thank you for any help in advance
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