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  1. hey, if you need them, I've created a set of rules for the Mantis Warriors, both Pre- and Post- Badab War options. feel free to use them if you would like to. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OQVYVp5IhmXw9Rx4nvDn5HZ6jWBw43EH9PiPbnug_gE/edit
  2. How does this sound for a "Battle-haze" talent? (and how much should it cost?) Special Talent: Battle-Haze The Battle-Brother, as a Full Action, may for the rest of any combat, gain the Unnatural Agility (x2) trait, and increase his Unnatural Strength by one level (giving him Unnatural Strength (x3)). However, the marine’s vision “tunnels,” letting him focus solely on battle and the next enemy. He gains 1d10 Insanity, and (for the combat) treats all Perception based Skills as Untrained and all trained Fellowship based skills as Untrained Basic skills, regardless of any training he had previously.
  3. I have been in the process of making my own rules for the Mantis Warriors, giving specific differences for before and after the Badab War. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OQVYVp5IhmXw9Rx4nvDn5HZ6jWBw43EH9PiPbnug_gE/edit
  4. So, would their solo mode ability be better like this? I'll make the "battle-haze" into a talent Mantis Warriors Solo Ability: Ambush Type: Passive Effect: Whenever the Battle-Brother attacks an enemy who is Surprised or Unaware, they do an additional +2 damage or +2 Penetration. Improvement: At Rank 4, the Battle-Brother gains an additional +2 Initiative in any combat when enemies are unaware of is presence at the beginning of combat. At Rank 6, the Battle-Brother gains both the Damage and Penetration bonus.
  5. what about having a follower, from First Founding, carry the extra weapon for him when he's not using it?
  6. I have tried to show this gene-seed flaw through their solo mode ability. this will let them, as a free action permanently lose -5 Fellowship, and gain 3d10 insanity in order to permanently gain +5 Strength and Agility. what I really need is a Primarch's curse effect that will use the insanity gained by this to show the "tunneled vision" is their any other advise or criticism about the rules on the google doc?
  7. I have always liked the Mantis Warriors, a stealthy yet aggressive force, with an emphasis on ranged combat and a large complement of Snipers. I originally tried to create a set of rules for them with the Custom Chapters in Rites of Battle, but never felt like I could do justice to their style of combat. I’m now attempting to create my own set of rules for them, but I need some feedback. This set of rules that I made assumes that the game will take place in the official era that Deathwatch was made for, ~817.M41 specifically before the Badab War, rather than when tabletop Warhammer 40k takes place, late 900s.M41 after the Mantis Warriors have finished their penitent crusade for their part in the Badab war. However, I have included optional rules for if someone wanted to play a game that took place after the Mantis Warriors were forgiven and once again allowed to join the Deathwatch. What I really need help on now, is advice on what I should do about their Primarch’s Curse. Right now I’ve been using the Curse of their progenitor-chapter, the White Scars, but I’m not sure if I want to keep it that way. I’m also not sure if I have the prices right on the advances table. Can anyone help me out? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OQVYVp5IhmXw9Rx4nvDn5HZ6jWBw43EH9PiPbnug_gE/edit
  8. I think that if a scout replaced his power armor with Deathwatch scout armor and auto-sense goggles, from rites of battle, that it would be a fair trade off. this then gives them the advantages that they need without their regular power armor.
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