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  1. That's cause they let boats with toxic sludge into port there!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. We played through the first event room (caldron) before we stopped. So we didn’t have to face anything but zombies (killed first Barghest prior to activation). I always like the grab (immoblize) and attack combo on zombies so that's why I sorta missed it here. Not that the coop adventures need to be any harder mind you!
  3. First if the answer to this question is buried somewhere in the forum I apologize. I looked but couldn't find it anywhere. In the Co-Op games (Forgotten Souls, Nature's Ire, Dark Elements) on the monster activation card: do you interpret the attack as a general attack? So the monsters never do their special abilities? We were fighting a master Zombie from Forgotten Souls and just used the normal attack and never used the zombie’s Grab. Is this correct?
  4. I too have found the "run to objective" strategy to be meh as the IP. But that's like saying why are they <doing what they need to win> so quickly. We must remember that the objective is not to destroy <said object> and defeat all bad guys. It makes more sense anyways, Luke and Han didn't kill every storm trooper in the Death Star, they jumped down the trash shoot. As the IP we just need to play smarter. I lost aftermath and the subsequent life debt side mission due to stupid playing (and taking the AT-ST as an open group which never got played). Instead of focusing all firepower on one hero till they were wounded then moving to the next I played into their hand and spread out the damage. Also I'm sure there are objective based missions for the IP later on. So which ever team has the objective focus primarily on that. To the other team/player do everything in your power to stop them reaching the objective!
  5. If a Hero has no strain but some damage; if he rolls a surge can he spend it to regain a strain (which he has none) thus healing one damage? Or do you only heal damage that way when resting?
  6. 1-See my post above.the game is set after ANH and Dark Jedi is set after RotJ.2-Dark Jedi isn't canon anymore since the Disney takeover. It is filed under the 'Legends' banner. So you're sayin Disney's plan is less "darkness" more Jar-Jar?
  7. Why not do the Jedi Berserker Luke from the novels (Dark Jedi series I think?)?
  8. Yeah...the price tag is a bit hefty though. Makes you wonder how much money is paying for Star Wars copyrights. So now it's, "Hey FF, Lucas Arts, and Disney please take my money!"
  9. Looks cool for fans of Descent and Star wars alike!
  10. Maybe they're carrying coconuts?!? How do you think they're gripping them?
  11. Just played 1st time last night. Mixed reviews from players (three of us - all Warhammer Quest Vets.) We wanted to play this version as it seemed like a nice break from OL vs players style and we like the descent hero class skill system. All three of us agree that this is definitely a "demo version" of the game to be played once at Gen-Con. This is by no means a co-op version of the full game, but rather a one off adventure that seems to have limited re-playability. I say this as a warning for those of you who are on the fence about dropping the $50+ to get it over seas. Take a look at the back of the rule book (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/descent-second-ed/news/co-op-descent/forgotten-souls/uGDJ04_CO-OP_Rules.pdf) the last couple pages are the encounters. Each one is scripted with limited variability from the peril cards, you'd essentially run the same dungeon (with rooms in different order) over and over. This module only uses 4 monsters (barghests, zombies, flesh moulders, and shadow dragons) with the same set up in each of the encounters. As there are only 8 encounter (or dungeon room cards), 3 main encounter cards, and a starting card games became very repetitive. Monster activation cards are neat as it give some variability as to how the monsters act, but it would have been better to have monster cards with different monsters and perhaps add in some lieutenants as well- with all the treasure we had, the finial room was breezy! To conclude: What forgotten souls is: A way to introduce Descent to new players with no worry about OL. A nice one off adventure to be played co-op once. What Forgotten Souls is not: An entirely new way to play Descent co-op. Forgotten Souls does not give players the ability to play quests in quest book co-op.
  12. I am running it at The Guardtower in September. The exact date and time are yet to be determined. I assume it will be on a weekend. Management is ordering 2 kits. I will post a sign up sheet in the store, and I will post on the BGG organized play sub-forum for Descent, and on The Guardtower facebook page. If you know of any other players in the area, please spread the word. That's crazy! I used to live in Columbus (when attending OSU-go bucks!) and have been the to guard tower, unfortunately I've since moved to Denver, CO. Have fun
  13. Is there a way to search for local game stores that are running a Descent OP event? I've seen a couple of stores around my area hosting X-wing games but no Descent games.
  14. Why not put it out on print on demand? or put things in a table (where you roll 2 red dice or grey and black shield dice)? One could easily make tables for: perils, exploration, and monster activation. Then you could even have more monsters available. Anyone working on home brew Encounters or converting vault quest to co-op?
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