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  1. Maybe there is room to re-think how cards are distributed entirely. What if ship packs only came with generic pilots and 1 each of whatever new upgrades are intended to be used with the ship and then each wave has a "hotshots and aces" pack that comes out which has all the ace pilots and bases and whatever generic upgrades make sense in whatever quantity makes sense. This would clean up the clutter of buying 2 or 3 copies of a ship and ending up with 2 or 3 copies of unique pilots and provide people with a cleaner way to obtain upgrades. it also gives FFG an avenue for each wave to add in some special content that might not make sense in any other way. The wave 7 pack that has aces for the XI shuttle, LAAT/i, and HMP could include a new ace for the bwing or a new scum ace or something. If it was tied in that closely to the wave itself, stocking might be more bearable because there's an assumption of selling one per ship pack. It's not a perfect idea to be sure but i definitely sympathize with both the OP's desire for a cleaner way to get upgrades and desire for relevant content in each wave (especially for rebels)
  2. for some stuff that may work but unless I am willing to part with the dial as well (which isnt a duplicate component) the person on the other side of the trade would have to have also bought the expansion to have the ship and base. Or i guess somehow lost the card but nothing else. Seems limited in potential opportunities.
  3. Hi all, despite having played (very very casually) since the beginning of 1.0, i have never figured out what to do with all the duplicate unique pilot cards that stack up when you buy 2 or 3 of the same expansion pack while also having picked up the conversion kits. trying to organize my collection during 'rona downtime (it got a bit messy switching from 1.0 to 2.0) and struggling with making it all fit nicely. For example, my wife really likes flying FO ships, so we have 2 special forces ties. I have 2 ywing expansions cause i love that new model. What do i do with that second and third copy of backdraft, phasma, or Evaan? doesnt feel right to just toss them but unlike the dials and generics, there's not really a point to selling them to anyone since they would have had to buy either the conversion kit or the expansion in order to get the dials and/or model. Same with the bases. Half the time, that duplicate unique is on the back side of a generic so you cant get rid of it as easily as tossing a card. Even with my relatively modest collection though i am running out of space to store all this stuff (3 plano trays, a backpack and a sack lol) and when i look at upcoming waves, all i see is how many duplicate cards i am going to end up with because i want to see a bunch of eta 2's, tri fighters, and tie brutes on the table. A man only needs so many Anakin Skywalker cards though. (One, actually). Makes me wonder if they need to come up with a way to only include generics in the packs and distribute the unique aces some other way. Anyway, would love to hear some thoughts on how you all deal with this.
  4. It looks exactly like BB8 color scheme so i think you might be correct that it is in fact his favorite color scheme. Expectation of subverted expectations subverted
  5. apologies. It was the pdfs that I was thinking about, not the app I'm sure they'll update the pdf soon.
  6. Not sure if you want the literal cards but I thought all the quick build "cards" were available in the xwing mobile app for free? The first wave definitely was. Have they not kept that up to date or something?
  7. Yeah much bigger scale than xwing but OP said side game so i think something like this exact concept where you build a pod racer and plug it into the controller to race in an actual game would CRUSH in sales. Could even build in cool stuff like swapping in parts mid race in order to repair damage or change the config if the track changes or temperature changes.
  8. I am very happy to see this being added! I am "demoing" the game for friends this weekend and now things just got real.
  9. not worried about being "judged." What i meant was i've seen people say not to worry about lack of quick build cards cause you can always "net list" but its been my experience that for pick up games for my wife (who's the only person i know who plays xwing less than me) they are too gimmicky and complicated and often min/max using several expansions i don't have or don't have in quantities to play (can proxy the cards but proxying the ships themselves feels very "whats the point of this?") so having official quick build cards is very appealing to me.
  10. Same. And i do understand the net deck = quick build argument but every time i see someone share a list it always feel like they are steeped in whatever the meta is (or finding the most OP combination of cards possible for those ships). I don't want all that. I dont need a squad that can play at worlds. I just need something easy to understand and fun for my wife and I to pick up and play a game with. Gimmicks are fine but its gotta be something that a less experienced player can execute on.
  11. Cryix

    quick build cards

    That's kind of funny. Thought i saw Luke on there but yeah, no core set cards. I wonder what the deal is with that.
  12. Cryix

    quick build cards

    That is awesome info, thank you. I guess we'll have to see if they will keep these files updated as they release additional expansions. Feels like a yes since they clearly added more than just what's in the core set. At least now i have a large enough sample size to kind of guesstimate how much threat to assign a gunboat or reaper for escallation. There has to be some correlation here between ship points and EPT etc and the threat value.
  13. Cryix

    quick build cards

    I'm somewhat of a lapsed 1.0 player but i was very excited about the concept of the quick build cards in 2.0. I don't often get to make it to store events and one of the reasons my wife and i don't play much is that it takes as long to pick out a squad and all the cards as it does to play the match. Plus, every time i buy a new ship it gets more difficult to keep up with what all the choices are, even when i've gone way overboard and put everything in binders to make going through them easier. Enter quick build cards. Seemed like a good way to jump into a game (especially with the app to help prepare the items we needed) but in practice, i only have a handful of choices after buying a core set, y-wing, and imp/rebel conversion. I suppose it was too much to hope to get at least 1 card per expansion in the conversion kit but I don't even think i can technically play a full escalation game on the imperial side with what i have (not only lacking quick builds but i might be the only guy who owns less than 5 tie fighters because my other half loves the 'sexy' side of the empire - advanced, defenders, gunboats, etc). I understand they need to make money but am i going to be stuck buying one each of every expansion just to get the cards? The app info seemed to imply that info would be in there as well but not sure if it got dropped or if it's coming at a later time or what. Do we have any ideas on where they are at with that and what their plans are for future quick build cards? has anyone cracked the code of the threat formula they are using?
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