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  1. Orcs are very family-oriented, with the concept of "family" often extending toward the whole tribe. A common archetype in Terrinoth is the Spiritspeaker - an orc who draws magic from nature by communing with spirits, particularly those of deceased ancestors.
  2. My plan is to use green stuff to raise the back to a hunch-back form and add in the spines. Not sure how it will turn out, though. I like the idea of putting the tail mouth on the face. Very clever!
  3. That's awesome that your wife is painting Ardus! My wife has no interest, but I've promised my two daughters that they can each do one of the infantry from each army.
  4. I've had this card do work on my Spearmen before. Once engaged, they have to sacrifice attacks in order to shield up and raise their defense.
  5. Okay, thanks. That's how I thought it worked, but hadn't had a chance to check. I just wanted to make sure that first player was alternating rather than first player being static while initiative alternates like with some other games.
  6. Good point. I had synonymized tge two in my mind. It says first player always resolves their effects first, so if that doesn't change each turn, then the same player will resolve their effects first the whole game.
  7. Yep. And I think it's worth pointing out that unlike choosing cards at the beginning of the round, in this case the first player activates all of his abilities off a given trigger first, even if it would be more beneficial to wait until the opponent's abilities activated first. (RR 83.10)
  8. Yeah, I get that there are changes, but there are also a lot of similarities. You'll still see the same heroes with the same 4 spheres of influence. You'll still gather resources each turn to pay for cards. I imagine it will be as different from the physical version as BattleLore: Command was from BattleLore: Second Edition.
  9. I'm with @Willange I had LotR LCG, but all the upkeep and deck management got to be too much for me, so I sold it. I've been missing the game lately, so I'm actually interested in the digital version of this.
  10. @Parakitor The forest guardians are more human-like in form, compared to the scions that are more like trees. New art in the lore guide also depicts a forest guardian wielding a club, like a stereotypical giant. I guess that makes them jolly green giants.
  11. A unit that is engaged with an enemy can either A) rotate around its center or B) rotate around any of its individual tray. When doing so, it must end the reform in contact with the same contacted edge of the engaged unit. Keeping this in mind, there is no way for the Flesh Rippers in Scenario 2 to reform because they can't stay in contact with both edges of the Rune Golem. The Learn to Play guide has an added requirement that does not appear in the Rules Reference: "After the active unit changes its facing in this manner, it must be engaged and aligned with all of the units it was previously engaged with." Your final position for scenario 1 does not work because the Oathsworn Cavalry are not aligned. The only legal way for them to reform would be to reform so that their rear is in contact with the Berserkers, which is tactically unsound.
  12. I'm betting Yeron Riders will be cavalry. I think Forest Guardians will be the Latari "legend" unit. I agree that Chaos Lord and Barrow Wyrm are likely candidates for Uthuk and Waiqar. I'm not sure about Daqan. I suppose Rocs could be big enough. They are big enough in BattleLore, but I never considered those figures as being held to any sort of scale. As far as timing, I would expect them in 2019, with a steady supplh of new units in 2018. I expect Ironbound, Obscenes, Yeron Riders, and others. I also wouldn't mind a Blood Coven unit that showcases blood witches as a unit instead of figure upgrades and heroes. Speaking of heroes, I'd love for each faction to get another hero in 2018. (I'm still waiting for Malaana!)
  13. Nope. No paint yet. I'm still shaving flash and assemblling the figures. But I can't wait to get to the painting part!
  14. I don't think you are playing panic right. It forces the panicked unit to suffer damage when the panicked unit rolls morale results. So the panicked unit cannot cause retreats from morale results AND suffers damage for each morale rolled. It's not underpowered at all.
  15. @Elliphino First, the Citadel is another name for the capital city of Archaut. As I understand it, it is the main training ground and garrison for the Daqan warriors. Second, Master Crafted Weapons doesn't actually work well on archers, does it? It's only for melee attacks. Ranked Discipline is definitely at the top of my list with my collection. I have 2 copies, but wish I had 4. I think if I had access to bigger units, it wouldn't feel quite as necessary.