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  1. Budgernaut

    Missing oportunity?

    It looks like there are 4 classes with 3 heroes each. The hero has a unique ability, but all heroes from a class appear to use the same set of 4 action cards. That means a 4-hero game will always have the same 4 classes in each game (until expansions arrive). I look forward to seeing if the hero abilities make each hero feel very different. I also wonder if there will only be 32 action cards or if there will be more variety than that (that's 4 basic actions and 4 advanced actions for each of the 4 classes).
  2. Budgernaut

    I bought it!

    My goodness! I'm in the character creation chapter and it feels like the typos are getting worse! I thought perhaps the game mechanics might be looked over more than the lore, and therefore have fewer typos. Guess I was wrong. Don't misunderstand me; I am harsh on this because I am such a fan. I want to see FFG do Terrinoth justice.
  3. Budgernaut

    Uthuk Y'llan Painting

    I agree. The Blood Witch turned out great. I also really like your skin tone for Ravos. I think I like the Spined Threshers, but the yellow blends in with the wood background.
  4. Budgernaut

    Runewars Vassal Tournament!

    I am interested in playing as the Uthuk Y'llan.
  5. I'm with Xelto - I'm looking forward to campaigns against the Uthuk Y'llan and Waiqar's undead forces. I amso would like to see some spiders. I'm not sure about Queen Ariad, though. I would be thrilled with her as the main villain for one adventure, but I haven't played Descent or Runebound. For those who have, it may seem too redundant.
  6. Funny, I have never even beaten the second scenario ... Are you saying the last two were too hard or too easy?
  7. Budgernaut

    New Uthuk hero: Th'uk Tar and Gorgemaw!

    Zetan mentioned the rule for unique units above, but I just noticed now that this card DOES NOT have the underline symbol that marks a unit as unique. So ... you can have as many of this unit in your army as you want? Or maybe that is a new symbol that means you can only have 2 of a given unit? I'm confused.
  8. I picked this book up today and devoured chapter 1. It was sooo good! Yes, there was a lot of stuff I knew from before, but I got a new perspective on a lot of those things. For example, I knew of the Kellos church/cult, and I knew had to do with fire, but I didn't know much more about it. Now I have a much clearer idea of what that cult is about. One thing I'm very disappointed of -- no mahkim in the history chapter! What happened?
  9. Budgernaut

    I bought it!

    I picked this book up today and read all the way through chapter 1. I'm a Runewars Miniatures Game player and have been playing in Terrinoth since 2011, after picking up Rune Age and the Runewars. So I have no intention of playing the game, but I really wanted to read more about the lore in this game -- and it did not disappoint! There are some really neat things that expand on the lore I've been piecing together over time. It was such a joy to read! One issue, though: so many typos!! It's such a shame that it was pushed out so fast or nobody proof-read it enough to get those typos out. Still, I wish every person who said Terrinoth was a bland setting would read chapter 1 of this book. It's good!
  10. I sure hope not! ... I'd rather they resurrect the old cooperative LCG design and revamp that if they're going for a co-op Star Wars card game.
  11. And just in case I'm being misunderstood, I'm not saying issues shouldn't be raised. My original post was meaning that I look forward to the time when things finally feel balanced so that nobody has anything to complain about. I'm not wishing the community would "suck it up and move on," I'm wishing the developers would "finally get the balance right."
  12. I really mean it, though, when I say it isn't a criticism against you. I am referring to the community as a whole. We all do it.
  13. A very enjoyable listen, as always. No criticism against you all, but I do look forward to the time when we can talk about Runewars without complaining about faction balance. Unfortunately, I don't think that will ever happen. If one faction isn't overpowered, we'll be complaining about whichever one is lagging behind (like we used to hear complaining about Waiqar).
  14. I think the deployment is called Vanguard Clash.
  15. Same game, but much better IP. I'm totally buying it!