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  1. I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with the wiki site. There are a lot of inconsistencies that I can't seem to fix. For example, there is an expansion called, "Daqan Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion," but the wiki has it titled, "Daqan Infantry Unit Upgrade Expansion." So when I add the Latari Infantry Command with the proper name, they won't match. Also, I really don't see the need for a separate page for figures of each unit. Those images should just go on the corresponding page for that unit. Sorry for venting. EDIT: And just so it's clear, I'm probably the one who made those pages and screwed up the nomenclature in the first place. Additionally, I've cropped Maegan's unit card and am ready to add a page, but it occurred to me that we don't know if there will be two unit cards or not. If there is a cavalry and infantry unit card, then we might need two different pages for each hero. Since we don't know yet, maybe I should just hold off for now.
  2. I understand the sentiment, but everything revealed so far for elves puts them on the same playing field as the other two factions. I don't think we'll see any new Daqan or Waiqar stuff until the Latari and Uthuk are fully released with the army box, 3 unit expansions, a second hero, and the Infantry Command expansion. Once all 4 factions have all of these, I suspect we'll start seeing "waves" that equally represent each faction. I think we're going to see creative use of Lord Hawthorne and Ankaur Maro that will make them just as devastating as Maegan Cyndw... (whatever her name) in their own ways.
  3. My understanding is that because engaged units are not locked together, the corners aren't actually touching in that situation. Can somoene else verify?
  4. I think Kari should have "closed in" after defeating the rear Reanimates tray, and the Rune Golem should have closed in after removing the front-right tray.
  5. I was looking at the unit cards and dials. They both have the cavalry symbol on their dials and unit cards.
  6. I didn't see a name for that thing. And I agree about the Storm Sorceress. I know getting extra units is important to get the formation sizes you want, but the hero and command expansions look so enticing as a first expansion for each faction. Yeah, totally seems elves are going to get well-established before the Uthuk Y'llan come out. So, 3rd quarter for elves and 4th quarter for Uthuk? Two more weeks before what? Before we get our cores and split them?
  7. I'm not convinced that "damage pool" applies before dice. Where is that, exactly? I read this in the Latari Elves Army Expansion announcement: "Lethal keyword, which adds additional hits to the damage pool during attacks by that unit. Conversely, the new Protected keyword removes hits to the damage pool before damage is assigned." That doesn't seem to clear up whether it is before or after brutal. To the contrary, the symbols on dice are "hits," not damage. Hits can be spent to deal damage equal to the threat of the attacker. So if there is a damage pool, it is empty until after the hits are spent. To me, that means she blocks damage and not hits. Which then makes me think that contrary to @Tvayumat's comment about "suffering damage" having not damage pool, I think she actually could counter Kari's surge damage. Unfortunately, "damage pool" is never defined in the rules.
  8. True, we agree that she doesn't choose targets for her surge ability, but we still want to know if she damages the target of the attack or not. If the phrase "at range 1-X" does not include the unit you are measuring from, then Uncontrolled Geomancer needs to be reworded to "You and each unit at range 1-[unstable]..." If you can't physically be at range-1 of yourself, then you can't be included in range 1-[unstable]. That would be like saying, "Each enemy at range 1-2 (including 3) ..." It doesn't make sense. I expect to see an entry in the FAQ saying, "A component is always at range 1 of itself." If her surge ability does allow her to deal damage to the target, it does a lot to increase her average damage. However, the timing looks like it would still be the same as Kari -- during step 6. This means that if she was facing a Rune Golem and rolled 2 surges and 2 hits, she deals no wounds because the surge+ ability will cause the Rune Golem to suffer 2 damage before the hits are spent to cause damage.
  9. Given the template for other games, it should say, "Each other enemy" rather than "Each enemy" if it is meant to exclude her. In X-Wing, you are considered at range-1 of yourself. Also, Uncontrolled Geomancer uses the same template: "Each unit at range 1-[unstable energy] (including you) ..." The question is whether "including you" is the rules text that makes the unit with Uncontrolled Geomancer hurt itself or if "including you" is clarifying that the phrase "Each unit at range 1-[unstable energy]" typically includes yourself.
  10. Yeah, Storm Sorceress seems to say, "Skill: Roll 1 blue die. For each [surge], declare one enemy at range 1-3. Each declared enemy suffers [unstable energy] damage."
  11. Good point. No rerolls, either, unless there are upgrades she can take to grant rerolls. She seems as powerful and unpredictable as a storm. EDIT: Actually, the Lethal ability means she could deal an extra 3 damage, so up to 10 damage possible.
  12. It's the same with the other 2 hero expansions. They are all cavalry bases when used as a single unit, but the infantry figure is in the box to be used with the infantry upgrade card.
  13. Maegan seems very powerful. She's 1-point cheaper than Ardus, but seems much more damaging. But maybe that's just the nature of Ardus' abilities since it requires allies to be near him. Still, 4 dice seems crazy, as does her surge+ ability. She will truly be a force to be reckoned with. I'm also really excited about her army-building ability. It seems it's doing exactly what we were hoping -- encouraging different army constructions depending on the hero. This game is fantastic!
  14. I'm so hyped, I can hardly articulate a sentence.
  15. I'll be watching this tonight while I paint!