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  1. To answer the original topic of this post and the question about points, page 3 of the Rules Reference says:
  2. That's what's disappointed me about X-Wing. It doesn't seem like strategies and execution have been as important as list-building. When things have shifted from swarms to point-fortresses, to control, etc., those fluctuations have been orchestrated by new releases or changes to tournament rules and card errata. In a simplified way, I think upgrades were too expensive for what they did in the early days, making it more advantageous to have more attacks, but now the efficiency you get from upgrades on one ship outshines the damage you can deal with 2 separate ships. It would be great if both options were viable in Runewars, but seeing X-Wing as an example, I'm not sure how likely it will be. One interesting thing to notice, though, is how points are coming together in this game. As I pointed out earlier, a 2x2 Oathswron Cavalry unit costs 34 compared to the 40 it would cost you to run two 2x1 units of Oathsworn Cavalry. That gives you 6 points of upgrades to add to your 2x2 formation for "free." What I mean is that you get the same number of models (and thus overall health) for cheaper, so you have 6 extra points that you could use to add upgrades to the 2x2 formation. That means that a multiple-small-unit (MSU) strategy is not necessarily give you the health advantage it does in other games, like X-Wing. It also implies -- at least in my mind -- that having a greater number of smaller units is slightly better than having larger units, which is why larger units are discounted to allow for more upgrades. Man, I can't wait to see how it works in reality!
  3. You can score points for unit costs as well as for objectives, so I think Reanimate Archers will still have utility in harrowing enemy units that are attempting to complete objectives. And with their ability to blight, they are decent support units by decreasing the offense of enemy units. But I think you bring up a valid point that Waiqar players need to keep in mind when constructing their armies. These are good thoughts. When building this army, I actually forgot all about the objective system. Still, I think it will be a valid risk to try to decimate an army before they can acquire too many objective tokens. Also, I was sort of handicapping myself, by limiting the availability of units based off of as few expansions as possible. If you open up to buying doubles of some units, you can start having more varied armies. For the Oathsworn Cavalry, I spent 45 points on one, hard-hitting unit. Two run two 1x2 units costs 40 points. I I cut Terrifying Heraldry out, then my 2x4 is 42 points. So the question becomes, is it better to have one, stronger force compared to two? What do you gain from having two, smaller units? You can block enemies and you get to throw more dice total, but those dice are less accurate. Also, I wonder how much you can get in the way of your own units by having more units instead of fewer, larger blocks of figures. But I really do think 4 units is going to be too few. For my part, I think I might split the Rune Golems up. That costs the same as the 2x1 with Wind Rune, so it still fits perfectly. It also means that if a Rune Golem gets outmaneuvered, I don't lose a huge part of my damage output because I can hopefully still attack with the other. Some of them do have you score objectives before the end of the game. Supply Raid and Break Their Defenses are the only ones that we know of so far that have you score objective tokens at the end of the game. Three of the others have you score objective tokens during the game. Bounty and Escort, for example, have you score the objective token when you defeat the enemy unit that is assigned an objective token, and Demoralize Their Forces has you score objective tokens when you charge into the side or back of an enemy unit. And then there's Confluence of Magic that is basically a death match since objective tokens do not give you any points.
  4. I'm not sure. I know the accuracy result bypasses the normal assignment of damage, but if you are down to the front row and take damage, does it go on the Rune Golem first, or does it go on the other infantry first? Is it possible to have all the Spearmen killed so that the Rune Golem is all that's left but it still uses the Spearmen dial? That seems awfully strange to me.
  5. Most upgrades just add an effect to your unit, similar to upgrades in Armada or X-Wing, if you've played those. But some upgrades require a figure to be put into the unit. This upgrade has a silhouette of a Rune Golem in the upper right corner. That means that to equip this upgrade, you need to have a Rune Golem in your formation. You can only equip this upgrade if you meet 3 conditions: 1) You are an infantry unit (as evidenced by the helmet in the lower left) 2) You are a Daqan unit (as evidenced by the Daqan shield-and-crown symbol in the lower left) 3) You are able to equip a siege upgrade (the symbol looks like the giant cross-bow on wheels, and only base infantry can equip these kinds of upgrades so far) At a 3x3 formation, the Spearmen can equip a siege upgrade, so one of the 9 trays gets replaced by a Siege Golem model. This model has its own defense and health, shown in the upper left. If an enemy unit gets an accuracy result, they can choose to target the Rune Golem instead of defeating your back row of soldiers (so it's usually a good idea to put these upgrade models in the front row). Presumably, you lose the effect of the upgrade if the model is defeated. As @Kubernes mentioned, you don't use the Rune Golem's dial. The Rune Golem model is just a physical representation of an upgrade that the Spearmen has, so the unit acts like a Spearmen in all respects, but it gains the Brutal [stable] ability from this upgrade card. Imagine if, in X-Wing, you could shoot the Autothrusters off of something. Having some upgrades with models basically allows you to do that in Runewars.
  6. Yes! I absolutely agree. How can you say no to a Mandalorian playing Dejarik? That's pretty sweet.
  7. Spearmen (3x3) 59 Frontline Rune Golem 7 Shield Wall 5 Lance Corporal 6 Heraldic Surcoats 5 Oathsworn Cavalry (2x2) 34 Tempered Steel 3 Terrifying Heraldry 5 Moment of Inspiration 5 Rune Golem (2x1) 28 Wind Rune 6 Kari Wraithstalker 32 Wraith Step 1 Reaping Blade 4 TOTAL: 200 I built my first 200-point army this week. I was sticking to upgrades we knew the cost for and trying to keep a relatively small army. This one uses 1x core, 1x Oathsworn Cavalry expansion, 1x Rune Golems expansion, 1x Spearmen expansion, 1x Daqan Infantry Command expansion, and 1x Reanimate Archers expansion. Total: $225 msrp. And yet, it doesn't seem like a great army. I mean, it's like a core army, but bigger. Part of this is because I was trying not to buy the same expansion twice and we don't know all the upgrades in each expansion. For example, Frontline Rune Golem + Tempered Steel sounds like a terrifying combo, but with only one copy of that and one copy of Shield Wall, I felt Shield Wall needed to go on the Spearmen since they were the biggest formation and could get the most use out of it. Plus, I wasn't building this list to do anything, just wanting to see what a 200-point army might look like. SPEARMEN As I said above, I didn't put Tempered Steel on here, though it would be awesome. Frontline Rune Golem increases your threat by the amount of stable energy on the battlefield. Lance Corporal lets you make a modifier white. For example, you could make a melee attack at initiative 3 instead of 7 and still get a bonus damage. If you chose Tempered Steel over Shield Wall, you could get another bonus damage from that. In the lower turns, there would be 1 stable energy which would make your threat 4. That means that you are automatically dealing 8 damage, regardless of your roll! But 50% of the time you could have 5 threat from Frontline Rune Golem, making your damage 10! And if you happened to get two damage results on your dice (and why wouldn't you, with 2 rerolls in this formation), you could deal a whopping 20 damage during your first attack! (Excluding the charge attack.) Granted, after that strike, you'd have to refresh both Lance Corporal and Tempered Steel. Besides, I didn't equip Tempered Steel, so let's talk about Shield Wall. Shield Wall is still interesting. With Lance Corporal, you still have an option to make a huge strike at initiative 3 with a bonus damage from your action modifier and could still do up to 20 damage if you got lucky and rolled double-hits on red and a single hit on blue. Attacking that early gives you the chance to thin out trays from the enemy unit you are engaged with, making it more likely you can trigger Shield Wall. Shield Wall won't work if you both have the same number of trays, and a few units seem to be able to do the 3x3 formation (Spearmen, Oathsworn Cavalry, and Reanimates). If you're not in a mirror-match (Daqan vs. Daqan), you pretty much only have to worry about Reanimates having more trays than you, but they cold have 12, so wiping them out quickly is important. Heraldic Surcoats can help out with defense by preventing some of the worse morale effects early on. You could even use Lance Corporal to further buff your defense by giving you an initiative-3 defense bonus while attacking! These guys seem to be able to play offense and defense pretty well. Oathsworn Cavalry These guys are totally going for the alpha strike. Unfortunately, they only have the 2x2 formation instead of 3x3 for the added threat, but 2 red and 1 blue dice is still respectable offense. And they are adding a hit with Tempered Steel and a white die with Moment of Inspiration. These guys also pile on the panic with Impact 1 (adding a panic token when they collide with an enemy during a charge) and Terrifying Heraldry (which adds a panic token to each enemy unit they are touching at the start of the end phase). I'm not sure what to do after that initial charge, though. I suppose you attack at initiative 3 with a defense bonus until the target is dead. Rune Golem What's scarier than a Rune Golem? Two Rune Golems! At 2x1, they are attacking with 3-4 threat, but no rerolls. One of the most difficult things about Rune Golems is that they can't turn during a march. They have to go straight, reform, and then go straight again. Wind Rune gives them some added flexibility to maneuvering. With a skill action at initiative 3, Wind Rune could allow you to block an enemy that did not anticipate you moving and marched forward without a charge modifier. Kari Wraithstalker Kari's great because she is basically always treated as a 2x2 unit (she gets +1 threat from Brutal 1 and can reroll as if she had an extra row with Precise 1). Wraithstep allows Kari to to move around behind an enemy to flank it as a skill action. Problem is, if you're moving behind an enemy unit, you aren't attacking. Is it worth taking a turn to do that? With a skill action initiative of 2, I think so. It allows you to do two things that I can think of. 1) If engaged with an enemy unit, another enemy may decide to charge Kari and pin her between the two units. By moving to the other side of the engaged unit at initiatve 2, the other enemy could whiff their charge and get a panic token. 2) You can move Kari out of the way before one of your own units charges into the face that she originally occupied. It's not an ability to use all the time, but at 1 point, I think it's worth it. Kari also gets access to Reaping Blade, which is just amazing. It turns every blank die face into Mortal Strike. Basically, Kari can't miss. I don't remember, though, if white dice have blanks, and if they don't, this upgrade is kind of wasted on her. Still, there aren't many units that can equip this type of upgrade yet, so I figured I throw it on her. Thanks for reading!
  8. My jealousy meter just hit maximum.
  9. Ditto! Good luck on finishing your doctoral degree. You're a better man than I am. I'm trying to finish my doctoral dissertation this year and should be spending way less time on the forums than I am.
  10. At about 21:21, for those who want to hear it for yourselves.
  11. At least it's not a reinforce token.
  12. I think she becomes more useful if you're flying HWKs and B-wings and stuff like that. There is enough red on those dials to make use of her without needing a Koiogran turn. Then again, you probably don't want that much red on your dial just to be able to ignore it for one turn.
  13. This happens a lot with FFG. They often have ships available at GenCon, for example, weeks before you can buy them in the store. I think it's absolutely worth waiting. First off, there aren't that many people that are going to be ahead of you in experience and knowledge about the game, and within a couple weeks of having them game in April, you'll surely catch up with them. Also, my philosophy is that if I'm playing at a game store, I'm going to buy my product from that store. I'm not going to put money in someone's pocket when I could put that money toward my FLGS. If you're playing at home, though, this could be worth it for you. Finally, I don't like rewarding this attitude of taking something for free and trying to turn a profit from it. FFG put these early copies out to generate excitement and try to get people to play who may not otherwise have bought a copy. When these people turn around and sell copies, it has two effects: 1) FFG doesn't reach those people they were hoping to entice with a free copy because those people never open the game and play it, and 2) people who are interested in the game now put money into a non-retailer's pocket, which doesn't support the company because it's not going through the FLGS-Distributor-Company channel.
  14. Reminds me of when they gave everyone at Worlds a free copy of Star Wars LCG.
  15. Very true. I was not assuming you would be playing at a game store but with like-minded friends at home. If you thought the game should have stopped at wave 2 and you went to a store, you would have to play against all the new stuff you don't like and wouldn't be able to play with your own restrictions.