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  1. Passing the tome does not count as claiming, as far as I can tell, so that wouldn't spawn Axle. I also can't see any rules that would spawn Axle from the discard pile after you've already discarded him.
  2. You have 1 post on this entire site, so you apparently created an account and logged in just to tell me I'm a whiner. Which is funny, since I wasn't whining. Whining would be, "I can't BELIEVE they are reusing dice from X-Wing. That's so lame! I want new dice. I'm not buying this game if they don't make custom dice." My original post is more of an observation. I stated my slight disappointment at seeing the same dice I have thrown for years. Those feelings are a fact and I wondered if other people felt similarly. My disappointment with the dice is not a reflection of my disappointment with the game. This is readily apparent if you check a few of my other posts in the Outer Rim forums. Yes, I am excited for the game. Yes, I am slightly disappointed by their decision to reuse dice. No, I don't see how this comes across as whining.
  3. I don't miss the gear deck much at all. The items we get in the exploration deck are good enough for me. In my opinion, the thing that makes the gear shine is the fact that you can take it with you throughout the campaign. Without a campaign, the gear doesn't seem so special. Also, as someone on BGG pointed out, the abilities of the legendary gear are basically included as the individual heroic abilities. If a campaign expansion is released, I would like to see gear reimplemented there.
  4. I agree about the Carrion Worms. They are a top priority for defeating. I still haven't faced Vallyndra.
  5. I don't know what the results would be, but I don't think there will be anything new for Runewars Miniatures Game. I think thd line is done. I just wish I could buy all the expansions I want before they are unavailable.
  6. I think they will add it when it is closer to release. Just keep checking their website.
  7. In case anybody else stumbles across this thread and wonders what tje answer is, here is the thread on BGG where it is discussed. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2161109/trample-vs-unwavering-aura
  8. I don't think that is a legal reform because you had 2 edges in contact with the enemy before the reform, but are in contact with only one of the enemy's edges after the reform. You must be in contact with the same edge(s) of the enemy unit after the reform as you were before the reform.
  9. Maybe you're specifically talking about a non-U.S. country, but in the U.S., the Latari starter box was released about half a year after the initial release, not a full year. After 1 year, all four factions were released. Unfortunately, it took much longer to give them equal diversity.
  10. I think HoT is the better game, but it's close, and each game has something the other is missing. Rest actions can be exhausted in HoT, but not in WQACG. I like that you can exhaust all your actions. It's less gimmicky than in WQACG when you have to exhaust an action but the only ready action is your inexhaustible refresh one, so you take no penalty. I also like that Rest actions are the refresh action for all archetypes. If I remember correctly, WQACG does not allow you to switch the party leader unless the party leader dies. In HoT, you can pass the torch after travelling to a new location. I like the strategy and extra options this rule adds. I hardly got to upgrade my actions in WQACG because campaigns are a bother for me. I am a big fan of upgrading actions mid-quest. On the flip side, if you love quests, you'll miss that aspect when playing HoT. You might also miss the gear deck.
  11. I have not bought into 2.0 yet, but got to play my first 2.0 game on Monday with my brother, @Parakitor. The X-Wing feels like a completely different ship to fly, and using Luke's Force tokens was a blast! I was very impressed with the game. We played an escalation game with quickbuild cards and that made squad-building easy and thematic. I'm a fan. Now I'm trying to resist buying into yet another expandable game for which I have no local players. (R.I.P., Runewars.)
  12. If you go to the game's main page instead of the news article, you can find more information about the game. This has been true for every newly-announced FFG game I've ever looked into.
  13. A campaign seems to be one of the most requested additions to this game through an expansion. It would not surprise me if the first expansion featured campaign play. Personally, I'm not a fan of apps. I tried Imperial Assault's app but it wasn't compelling enough for me to return to. I admit that a part of this feeling comes from the inconvenience of having to use a computer with Steam to run the app, since I don't have a tablet.
  14. Yes. For clarity, take a closer look at the rules about resolving attack actions. You'll see that you place damage, then you resolve counterattacks and threat effects, and then at the end you check to see if the enemy has suffered enough wounds to be defeated.
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