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  1. Budgernaut

    Initial Impressions with new wave

    I forgot she could dial in a mortal strike.
  2. Budgernaut

    Initial Impressions with new wave

    But her surge ability is not surge+, so even if it does work with her ranged attack, she still may have trouble with armor. Say she rolls 2 surges and 2 hits. Against infantry that's two trays, but against anything armor 3-4, it's a single wound. That's because each surge is resolved independently before you activate the next one, so you would do 2 damage, then another 2 damage, then 4 (2 hits with Brutal 1). So even with the surge ability, she's not a complete armor-buster. Even still, Brutal 1 and Precise 1 can still make her potent.
  3. Budgernaut


    Yep, it's the new official map that is used in the Realms of Terrinoth book. But in that book, they don't have a single full map image, as far as I can tell. Instead, there are sections of the map shown in close up for the different realms of Mennara. As an aside, "Realms of Terrinoth" is a horrible name since Terrinoth is one realm in the world of Mennara. EDIT: Oh and by the way, I really want to pick this one up!!
  4. Budgernaut

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    Don't restart, just add another game of a system you like to your collection.
  5. Budgernaut

    preorder cancelled.

    Yeah, I'm glad you canceled that pre-order because I despise sellers that make up info. But don't hate FFG or give up on tgis game just because of a fraudulant seller who has no idea when this game will release.
  6. Budgernaut

    Kethra's new terrain

    I was thinking any infantry unit with an Aggressive musician could make use of it. ... I guess that's Reanimates and Spearmen only, though, since Berserkers and Darnati have to be at 6 trays to get music upgrades, but the terrain has a 4-tray limit.
  7. Budgernaut

    Kethra's new terrain

    I'm excited to try it out. Like you said, Uthuk will love it. I wonder if it will give Uthuk a taste of their own medicine when used against them.
  8. Zaaik and I couldn't get our schedules to align, in part because of the difference in time zones.
  9. Budgernaut

    ripper brutes ability

    I've never noticed that interaction, but I do believe you are correct. There is nothing stopping them from moving out of that hex in a later activation, so long as they are moving into terrain that they can legally occupy the new hex. But as far as ending movement in the river while a portal token is there, it seems completely legal.
  10. Budgernaut

    Battlelore 3th: a new hope

    Mu biggest reservation about an L5R BattleLore game is that FFG couldn't even sell enough to get 4 armies. It seems extremely unlikely that they could get all 7+ clans for L5R. Furthermore, people are so house-loyal, I bet there would be a bunch of people saying the same thing about this version as they did about BLSE: "Looks interesting! I'll wait until more factions come out before I buy in." But perhaps they could get around that by having some generic samurai and archers that every faction uses but which have different colored plastic. Then they could make specific molds for the cavalry and elite figures that are faction-specific. Of course, they don't have to follow BLSE's system, so infantry-cavalry-elite-legend could get thtown out the door.
  11. Budgernaut

    Initial Impressions with new wave

    I still need to try ranged Kethra. I got to play a game the day I bought her, but nothing since then. I ran her with Kingsbone Armor and Shield of Margath plus she gave herself Unnatural Growths. It was very disgusting, especially since she was accompanied by a 3x2 Berserkers unit that was specializing in Lethal damage (Cacophony Reaver, Serrated Spines, their innate ability). I also had Ravos with his end-of-round eating ability and it all added up to quite a bit of dice-independent direct damage throughout my list. I enjoyed it.
  12. Budgernaut

    Balancing House Rules! [Updated Aug 17th]

    Seems like a fair compromise, but I don't think it makes them better. I think putting a couple Lancers out to blight a unit multiple times is common, so giving that up takes a tool out of their toolbox while adding another.
  13. Budgernaut

    ripper brutes ability

    Yeah, I understand where Ignipes is coming from. He thinks that "after the move step" means it must happend during the attack step, but I understand that this is only true for Onslaught because there is a specific rules clarification for it in the rules reference. Otherwise, I do believe that timing windows exist in this game. For example, move step -> after move step -> before attack step -> attack step. Part of that belief comes from the fact that many FFG games use the same principles. If Onslaught didn't have that clarification, I would have agreed with Scott that the active player chooses.
  14. Budgernaut

    The Runecasters Episode 28: The GenCon Hangover

    Haven't finished the episode yet, but it's a good one. I wish I could travel to tournaments. At least we've got Vassal!
  15. Budgernaut

    Presumed Dead?

    But you still have a speed 5 march and I don't believe a speed 5 template exists in this game - 4 is the highest. But what if Flying became a new keyword and part of its rules were that you may choose to ignore any obstacle while performing a march or shift during your activation (or something like that) so that you didn't have to fit where the 4 put you, but could do a 4 and a 3 as one movement. Just a thought.