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  1. Legion...

    Just like how @Ywingscum got kicked off of your avatar, huh?
  2. Latari store tourney list

    With Column Tactics on the Leonx Riders, it looks like they would be a good unit for taking out high-armor units. And if you include Aliana instead of Maegan, you can redeploy that unit to make sure you have a lane to the most threatening high-armor unit.
  3. An Article!

    The thing about Waiqar, though, is no matter how many times you knock him and his minions down, they nust stand back up.
  4. An Article!

    On that note, I did find the lists to be rather clumsy and difficult to read. I don't see the point in having to write each unit's name twice, once for the unit's base cost and once to list the upgrades it has. Definitely one area for improvement.
  5. Sharing my painting...

    Looks like those Oathsworn Cavalry jumped right off the unit card! Amazing job!
  6. An Article!

    It's not exactly what we were hoping for, but I really enjoyed it and look forward to more in this series. I've never seen an article quite like this from FFG, so that makes Runewars rather special.
  7. Piercing strike final points

    Right. That's true for casual games whete you win if you have more points remaining in your army than your opponent, but in tournament games, you score points for destroying enemy units rather thsn by preserving your own. I assumed the OP was asking about tournament rules. If they weren't, you are absolutely right. If they were, then I believe the current rules have you only score points for upgrades on enemy units that you destroyed. [I really wish after all this time that FFG would make a game where the casual rules and tournament rules were identical.]
  8. Legion...

    It is more similar to Warhammer Diskwars than it is to Commands and Colors. However, it's different from that, too. Before the game begins, you assemble a hand of 7 command cards. There are some number of neutral command cards and each leader also has their own unique set of 3 command cards that only they can use. When you use a command card, it is discarded and you can't use it again for the duration of the game. Since there are only 6 rounds in the game, you are never in a position where the cards tell you exactly what to play because during round 6, you'll have 2 cards left in your hand. It takes the hand-management aspect of BattleLore: Second Edition, and removes the random aspect of the deck. It actually sounds quite interesting to me, coming from a BattleLore background. Maybe if I didn't already buy Imperial Assault ... EDIT: Apparently there is one command card that does go back to your hand.
  9. Piercing strike final points

    I'm not sure that's accurate. From the tournament rules: "A player’s score helps determine who won the game in certain circumstances and is used to calculate Margin of Victory (see “Margin of Victory” on page 17). Each player calculates their score by adding together the total army point value of their opponent remaining units—including upgrade cards equipped to those units—and subtracting that number from their opponent’s army’s total army point value, then adding the result to any additional points earned through objectives." It was explained to me that "upgrade cards equipped to those units" refers to your original army list. If a unit survives the battle, any upgrade cards that were originally equipped to that unit are still counted, even if that upgrade is discarded. Personally, I think it's ridiculous that self-discarding cards would lose you points in the game. Having a one-time effect is punishment enough, but if you lost points for using it, too, that would be absurd. I wish they would right these kinds of cards as "once per game, do X" instead of instructing you to discard the card. Discarding is fine for friendly games, but in a tournament where points matter, that should never appear as a condition to do an effect on a card. Again, this is just opinion.
  10. squaring up rules

    Flanking 41.1: "If a unit’s front edge is in contact with the side or back edge of an enemy unit, it is flanking that enemy unit." Flanking 41.1, first bullet: "If a unit is engaged only through the corner of one of its trays, the contacted edge is the edge to which the enemy unit would square up if able." In your case, the enemy unit would square up to your side, so it is considered to be be flanking and therefore would roll the extra die. Because you are flanked, you would lose any rerolls based on ranks.
  11. Parakitor's painting (re)animated

    When it comes to Army Painter, you REALLY have to mix the paints well. I bought metal beads to stick in my bottles because they were cheap and I heard it helps. Even with those, I usually vigorously shake the bottles for several minutes before squeezing the paint out. I've noticed a huge difference between when I mix it well and when I don't. The medium appears to want to stick together and you have to break that up. If you do get it adequately mixed, it takes very little water to get a good consistency. I think my Flesh Rippers took one or two coats of base Skeleton Bone and Dragon Red. Then it was wash and highlight. And with some of them, that second coat was more for touch-ups than a full coat. It shouldn't take tons of coats of Army Painter to get the coverage you want.
  12. Parakitor's painting (re)animated

    Seems like so much work figuring out what you like. Thanks for documenting it all. Are you going to use Army Painter Alien Purple for your Opaque Vallejo highlights? Personally, I like the look of the Army Painter guy on the right best of all, but that's probably because it has highlights. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Vallejo one looks with highlights.
  13. Legion...

    I know what you mean. Personally, I love Star Wars. If I were single, I'd probably be playing all of FFG's Star Wars games. However, having a family causes me to be more critical of my purchases and I have to ask myself, "What Star Wars experience is this game giving me that the other ones don't?" I agree that the mechanics of Legion are pretty different from Imperial Assault, but from a thematic standpoint (and I am more of a thematic gamer), the two are just way too similar to justify diving into yet another system. Same with Destiny when I already have a decent collection of the LCG. I think that's a big reason why Clone Wars era figures would get me involved in Legion. It would scratch an itch that FFG just hasn't reached yet.
  14. New Units release dates

    I followed BattleLore from its very first announcement and I can verify that nothing was ever announced (or even hinted at) that didn't get released. As far as I can tell, FFG wanted BL2 to do well enough to warrant releasing the elves, but it just didn't. When FFG got the license for the original BattleLore, they ended production pretty quickly. The rumor on the street was that a game like that was just too expensive to make with the increase costs of plastic at that time. I assume prices have only gone up. BattleLore: Second Edition has fewer models than the original BattleLore, but I still think it just didn't have a large enough profit margin for them. When they announced the neutral reinforcement packs, I took that as a signal that $40 for 40-some-odd miniatures was going to break their ability to continue the game, so they needed higher-priced models that could offset the costs of the stellar Army Packs. When Runewars Miniatures Game was announced and we saw the price of the expansions, my first thought was that it was priced in a way that FFG wouldn't need a Runewars Miniatures Game set in every home to keep this game line running. I think they priced it such that it can sustain itself in the long run. I see the pricing and distribution model of Runewars Miniatures Game as a direct response to lessons they learned from BattleLore: Second Edition. This game is not as dead as it looks. Now, it may slow down to Star Wars: Armada's pace and never pick up again, but I don't think we'll see the end of Runewars Miniatures Game until at least everything that is announced is finally released.
  15. Legion...

    I have nothing against Legion at the moment. I mean, how many fans were upset at Runewars during last summer and fall because of all the love we were getting? But I do have to say that Legion does nothing for me at the moment. I don't see anything super exciting there that makes me want to buy in, paint a bunch of miniatures, and learn a new gaming system. I've said it several times in various places on FFG's forums and BGG, but IF FFG adds Clone Wars era armies, I would be very interested in giving Legion a shot. I would love to have Count Dooku, Assajj Ventress, or General Grievous leading a battalion of battle droids on the table to fight off squads of clone troopers. It just feels more right to me than the foot soldiers available now. However, my situation is different from most. Regular gaming buddies are non-existent in my area, so I'm mostly collecting Runewars for the painting and on the off chance I can make it to events.