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  1. Budgernaut

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    You forgot to mention elves for BattleLore Second Edition. 😊
  2. Budgernaut

    Release date?

    Someone on BGG says Miniature Market told them that the December release date came from FFG. https://boardgamegeek.com/article/30242763#30242763
  3. Budgernaut

    New FAQ! New Tournament Rules!

    I suppose that is for the new deployments that have fewer terrain pieces. Maybe it's time to buy a second Kethra A'laak Hero Expansion.
  4. I usually just listen from a web browser. 😕
  5. I think @Parakitor is right. I believe that rule about line of sight is in place because they never intended things to see out of that space but didn't realize people were doing that so they had to make that clarification. I think the folks aware of that rule are fully aware that there is a space that would normally allow one to draw line of sight; this is no oversight on their part. Rather, they are overruling what would normally be the case.
  6. Budgernaut

    Latari shipping now

    For the past couple years, FFG has been releasing new product on Thursdays, so that really helps narrow down release dates.
  7. Budgernaut

    Painting The Forces of Hepitude

    They may not be up to your usual caliber of work, but they look like they'd fit right in on the table. Interesting idea for the paint scheme. It's cool to see that kind of experimentation.
  8. Budgernaut

    Embedded heroes

    Right. Such a unit might be sold in the standard 2-tray box. You can field the unit with one expansion, but if you want to run the 6-tray version, you need to buy three expansions. But no matter how many boxes you buy, you'll only ever be able to field one unit in a list. However, I disagree that legendary creatures will be considered heroes. I do think they will be unique, though.
  9. Budgernaut

    Embedded heroes

    The Army Building rules on page 3 of the rules reference clarify that you are not restricted to 1 character per 100 points, rather, you may only use up to 1 unique unit for every 100 points. Since character figure upgrades are not units, you can include as many as you want (assuming you follow the unique rule). You could imagine them coming out with a new unit some day that is unique but is not a character. It may have its own costing table with various unit sizes and equippable upgrades. This unit would count against the number of unique units you can include in your army even though it is not a character.
  10. Budgernaut

    Where does Runewars go next?

    Couldn't that also just be for Fire Rune Oathsworn?
  11. Budgernaut

    Release date?

    Yeah, they do miss those holiday dates, don't they. I remember BattleLore: Second Edition was anticipated before Christmas but instead released the week after. I picked it up in January. (Great game, by the way.)
  12. Budgernaut

    The Runecasters Episode 30: Gorgeous Maw

    Yea, verily.
  13. I feel the same about all the podcasts. I end up listening to nobe of them because I can't find time to sit through the whole thing. And there are a couple Runewars podcasts that I started, didn't finish, and now don't remember how far I listened or even which ones I started. I admit, this is a bit of a personal problem. Maybe podcasts just don't fit my current lifestyle, so you all shouldn't necessarily cater to me.
  14. Budgernaut

    What is a Dimoran Fissure?

    Yes, Church is right. There is a parallel world of spirits and demons called the Aenlong. Dimoran fissures are rifts between the two dimensions. I believe the Fae originally came from the Aenlong through such fissures. Because elven ancestors were partly responsible for opening fissures, the Latari consider it a duty to hunt down any creatures that cross through the breaches. The reason I say "partly responsible" is because there is a race called the Dimor and they are who the fissures are names after, but I can't remember how they are involved. I'm not sure how Dimoran Fissures relate to the Uthuk. The demons of the Chag'r wastes and Ru Steppes were first discovered by Llovar Rutonu, who was a dream walker. He found the demons in dreams and then developed rites to summon them, but I don't think they enter through Dimoran fissures because I don't think the Dimor are involved.
  15. Budgernaut

    Obscenes preview up

    As I count it, there are 6 Uthuk upgrades and 2 neutral. The neutral upgrades are Trumpets and a training upgrade. The 6 Uthuk upgrades should be 2x Support Obscene, 2x Frontline Obscene, 1x Odious Hunger, and 1x Ynfernael Blood.