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  1. Happy Friday

    There is nothing happy about Friday. These days I dread the weekends and can't wait to get back to work on Monday. On topic, I'd love to see lots of 2-defense, 1-wound-threshold units running around. Easy pickings for Ravos! For the Uthuk, I would like to see something more like the BattleLore Grotesques, where they have so many spikes coming out of their flesh that it acts like armor. That's why they'd have 2-1. They would be slower because of the encumbrance of the bone spurs, but would roll red-red, giving them more spike damage (pun intended). I'd like them to do something more, like making enemy units bleed, but I'm not sure how that would work.
  2. Flightmaster's Daqan

    Gorgeous! I'm excited about painting all over again!
  3. Shield of Margath+Unnatural Growth

    Yeah, that was one of the combos I looked at when Unnatural Growths was revealed, but I came to the same conclusion. It could still be good, depending on what's attacking you, but it will never be Hawthorns-good.
  4. More Terrinoth world building

    I can't believe it's already sold out on FFG's website. Must not have reserved very many for themselves.
  5. New Content?

    I played the choose-your-own-adventure Terrinoth game and didn't come across anything technological past medieval stuff. There are potions and alchemy, though, but that seems more gnomish than dwarvish.
  6. Runewars Versus: A Farewell to Arms

    That's RIGHT they will! Those vipers will jump out of their quivers and seek the legs of all their enemies at range 1-5! (I jest. In all sincerity, I'd really like all the factions to be balanced, but if not, I'd rather not have my faction be the one that's over-tuned.)
  7. I think it would be hard for a new Star Wars LCG to compete with Destiny ... unless they went back to the original co-op design. [giddy hopefulness!] But then, they've got LotR and Arkham Horror LCG, so it seems unlikely.
  8. Runewars board game as a campaign engine

    I haven't figured out a good way to use the board game. First,the games don't share the same units and heroes. Second, how do you determine formation size? Does each figure in Runewars represent 1 tray? 2 trays? I've contemplated having hexagonal bases representing siege units, rectangular bases representing cavalry units, and triangular units representing infantry units, but then what do you do about circle units? Also, that means mustering Darnati Warriors in the board game can't get you Darnati Warriors during the miniatures part, because the boardgame Darnati Warriors have rectangular bases. The way you get more units in the boardgame is by recruiting based on your three resource dials. Food and Wood are pretty common, but Ore is rare, and the ore dial is where you get your hexagonal units. These are supposed to be the strongest units in the game. However, if you muster Rune Golems instead of Siege Towers once battle begins, you might wonder why you tried so hard to get Ore when all it did was get you a Rune Golem. Another glaring question is how many upgrades you are allowed to put on your units. What about figure upgrades? When armies are built out of 8 figures per hex, how do you translate that into 200 points. Another huge issue is the attack mechanic. When you want to begin an attack, you axtivate an area. Then you move any friendly units within two hexes to that area (assuming they can move through friendly areas to reach that hex). Now, you are usually only allowed to have 8 units per area, but you can break this rule during a battle. The caveat is that if you win, you must retreat all units exceeding 8 to one adjacent area after the battle. And if there are still more than 8 in either of the two hexes, you destroy the excess. This means you get can huge swings in combat, but they are balanced by the fact that going all-in on one area leaves your other areas exposed. This is fine for a strategy game, but who wants to play out a series of one-sided battles with their miniatures? This seems like a part of the game that would have to change.
  9. column tactics timing

    The melee attack symbol means "when you perform a melee attack." The timing for "when" effects is the moment the event occurs. I have always thought that these effects must happen as soon as your attack initiates. This would mean you would have to choose your ranks and threat before rolling dice. (This question came up in discussions about the Berserkers' unit ability - do you have to suffer wounds and add lethal before rolling dice?) The competing interpretation is that "when attacking" effects can be applied at the beginning of any step of an attack. This seems to be the most widely-accepted interpretation, given that most people are wounding Berserkers after rolling dice. Given that interpretation, you should be able to roll dice and then choose to initiate Column Tactics' effect before rerolling dice.
  10. Great photos and pretty much the perfect amount of explanation text!
  11. Yay Uthuk Yllan

    That's what @Parakitor did. He now owns as many Uthuk as I do.
  12. Painting The Forces of Hepitude

    Brilliant job! I think you succeeded where FFG failed, regarding the Spined Threshers' man-in-suit syndrome.
  13. Wraiths forcing rerolls

    I haven't looked at it recently, but my understanding has always been that the Wraiths' forced reroll happens first, followed by the attacking unit's rerolls. This makes Wraiths strong predators on 1-rank units. Not only can they glide thtough those units, but because those units usually lack rerolls, the Wraiths can defend pretty well against them.
  14. If the physical corners are touching, then yes, you can still perform an attack. Furthermore, the rules reference outlines situations in which you can flank even if not squared up, so you will want to review that at some point (don't have the reference on me). This business about corners not being engage only covers situations where the units were squared up and 1 or more trays are removed.
  15. Yay Uthuk Yllan

    I want to see some matches without any heroes and see how the Uthuk do. If the Uthuk no longer win as many games, then I'll consider Ravos as the problem. Until then, it seems like it's just speculation. The other thing to explore is how the Uthuk do without Insatiable Hunger. Personally, the part about Insatiable Hunger I like the least is the 2-speed turn. The 2-straight is okay by me, but giving him a free 2-speed turn gives him distance AND maneuverability. I mean, when I pull that move at the end of the round, it doesn't feel like Ravos -- more like an X-Wing. I'm not saying removing it would make him balanced; I'm just saying it doesn't even FEEL thematic, regardless of balance issues. I don't mind the 4-speed marches so much because they either require runes or are really late initiative, showing that he is actually kind of slow.