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  1. Budgernaut

    4 player game

    Congrats! ... But I don't think this is the proper way to rule it. If you look at the explore card, you roll dice as the first step. This part of the action must be completely resolved before you move to the next action, which is drawing and resolving exploration card. As such, it could not be used on that same roll. Do you think you still would have won if you had to go through another round? When I play Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, I often have rounds where I have fully explored the final location, but you don't check that until the travel phase and my party gets eliminated before the end of that round. Tough game! (both versions)
  2. Budgernaut

    Order of the Quests

    I don't know about the quests, but my nemesis cards are still in the original order and I think it mirrors the quests. Just match the nemesis with the quest. Splig, Ankaur Maro, Reeda Wallis, Axle, Riah Waynheart, Belthir, The Caretaker, and Valyndra.
  3. Budgernaut

    Entering Terrain after combat

    Reminds me of advancing in BattleLore. I'm in favor!
  4. Budgernaut

    HoT engine for Star Wars

    FGG can make card games, though, so if this is considered a card game, it is fair game for FFG. Personally, I would consider it a card game and would suppose per the licensing agreement that FFG would have no trouble making a Star Wars version of HoT. I would really like something like this. I have plenty of SW PvP, but need more co-op.
  5. Budgernaut

    undead dragon

    I think it's pretty clear that since resolving enemy dice is step 3 of taking an action and resolving hero dice is step 2, that you will resolve your hero's damage before the enemy applies its counter attack damage. When you go to apply the counter attack damage, you will check how many wounds the undead dragon has and then you will subtract that amount from its attack value.
  6. I have been unable to watch your videos lately, but I need to make time for this one.
  7. I haven't watched any videos, myself. I've been busy enough that if I have that kind of time, I'd rather be playing.
  8. I would maybe play a solo game to figure out the rules before introducing it to your wife. It's not a complex game, but it takes tome to figure out the flow. Alternatively, watching a video may be just as helpful.
  9. Budgernaut

    Enemy activations

    Another note on Rat Swarm: it's swarm ability causes it to engage the hero with the most heroes engaged with it. If a hero has 3 engaged enemies, the Rat Swarm will move to that hero. Since that hero already has 3 engaged enemies, the Rat Swarm deals its damage to that hero and then retreats to the shadows.
  10. Budgernaut

    HELP! This game seems hard!

    I just played Battle in the Mistlands with 4 heroes. It was definitely harder than The Goblin Problem. During the first game, I didn't read the scenario ahead of time, so when we got to the first spot on the Peril track, we had no progress tokens on the location so we couldn't upgrade our abilities. It made the rest of the game feel a little hopeless. When Kari died and we were still on location 2, I scooped. During the second game, I had all the heroes blitz-explore the location to make sure we got the upgraded action cards. Since I knew this was an enemy-swarm scenario, I upgraded everyone's attacks. I should have chosen different ones, though, because it would have been nice if Kari Wraithstalker and Landrec the Wise could have targeted multiple enemies. In the end, Avric Albright and Kari Wraithstalker fell in combat, but Landrec and Syndrael defeated the vile necromancer, Ankaur Maro. I don't think I'm very good at this game and don't think I can really give good advice. I'm kind of afraid to try the medium difficulty scenarios after having such a rough time with Battle in the Mistlands. Granted, I did win, but when 2/4 heroes are defeated, it doesn't feel like a win to me.
  11. Budgernaut

    Gamemat opinion

    Well, I just tried playing a 4-hero game on my mat. It was crowded and not ideal, but it worked okay. I put all the decks and stuff above their labels on the mat instead of below and used the white clear space for the shadows. The heroes had their actions in a 2x2 square instead of being spread out in a row. It wasn't so bad, but when heroes had 3 enemies engaged, the enemy cards had to be overlapping.
  12. Budgernaut

    HELP! This game seems hard!

    I find this interesting because a guy on BGG said two player games were harder in this one than in WQ:ACG. But I think you may be right. I need to get a 4-hero game going. You can only pass the part leader token if you travel, which is distinct from during the travel phase. In other words, you must have fully explored the location and choose to travel to the next location in order to pass the party leader token. Just entering the travel phase is not enough to allow you to pass the party leader token. It seems that this was partially a thematic decision because it means that each location will have a single hero as the party leader for the whole time the party is exploring that location. I mean, it does seem kind of funny to keep passing the torch while exploring. But mechanically, I think this really simplifies game play conpared to WQ:ACG where it changes each round. Seems like quite the challenge! I may try that the next time I play The Goblin Problem.
  13. Budgernaut

    Player count card question

    That is how much extra maximum health each hero starts with. In a 2-hero game, each hero starts with 10 extramaximun health; in a 3-hero game, each hero starts with 4 extra maximum health.
  14. Budgernaut

    HELP! This game seems hard!

    I played The Goblin Problem again. I was teaching the game to my wife, but she fell asleep during the first round so I finished the game by myself. This one was more of a nail-biter. I had Astarra and Tetherys as my heroes. The inability to target more than one enemy was difficult. I guess I really love Warriors. Once both heroes upgraded their attack actions, though, things got more manageable. The heroes got to the red spot on the peril track, traveled to the Brigand Camp (thus discarding the two enemies that appeared in the shadows after the Peril phase, and proceeded to fully explore the location and then defeat Splig in one round due to the critical success exploding dice mechanic. Tetherys got 3 on the location, then Astarra got 6 on. Then Tetherys got 3 wounds on Splig and Astarra rolled 8 successes, putting the last 7 wounds on Splig. It shouldn't have been so easy. I think this game solidified in my mind how critical it is to upgrade the right card. In my case, it was obvious I needed both heroes to get better attacks because there were 7 enemies in play when it was time for the first upgrade. I think that was in part because of the hero combination I used. If you don't have a dedicated Warrior, somebody (if not all heroes) will need to upgrade attack first. If I'd had a Warrior, I probably wouldn't have been so swamped with enemies and would have been able to upgrade a different card. Tomorrow I'll play a different quest ... unless I'm teaching someone new again.
  15. Budgernaut


    I have been a huge fan of Terrinoth for about 8 years. What first drew me in was the faction descriptions at the back of the Rune Age rulebook. Then I read the Runewars rules and loved the letter from Alcaran on the first page. There was enough setting and lore in there for you to get a sense of the setting, even though it wasn't a book or anything. I accept that the Terrinoth games have been left open so that the games can not feel railroaded, but I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of lore in Heroes of Terrinoth. We got some great world lore in the Genesys system Realms of Terrinoth Sourcebook, but this game is all about the heroes and the heroes are not really discussed at all in Realms of Terrinoth. What I wanted: I really wish that we had a paragraph summary for each of the 12 heroes in this game. The paragraph would give you a sense of their personality, their motivation, and some name-drops of people, places, objects, or races that ties the hero in with some of the recent lore from Realms of Terrinoth, Runewars Miniatures Game, or previous Terrinoth games. Unfortunately, the rulebook is already printed, so this obviously isn't going to happen. However, I would love to see FFG start putting news articles up that showcase the heroes of Heroes of Terrinoth and gives us this information. It could be a fantastic way to draw in people who say that Terrinoth is "bland." ASIDE: I got two copies of the rulebook in my base game. Oh how I wish one was a lore guide like in the Runewars Miniatures Game core set.