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  1. It looks like they fixed Pippin! In the previous edition, the one with the Rohan garb was Merry and the one with the Minastirith uniform was Pippin, contrary to the story. Looks like they swappes the names in this edition. (Please forgive me for butchering the spelling.)
  2. I'm so happy to see this since I just bought Oozing Purple and I alreasy have Alien Purple and the Purple Tone!
  3. The Army Painter painting guide for Waiqar has a few. You can download the pdf from FFG's Runewars page under Player Resources. Here's the link: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/d5/fa/d5fad14a-b185-452d-bc44-d4d5256427ce/waiqar_the_undying_painting_guide.pdf
  4. Have hou guys considerrd Wealdcallers for Latari infantry? The Wealdcallers are elves that can sing to plants and cause them to grow in particular ways. In times of war, they fight with brambles and thorns that they sing from the earth. Maybe they could have an upgrade that lets them attack with overgrown terrain or something. On second thought, sounds like another technical unit. You can read about Wealdcallers on page 129 of Realms of Terrinoth.
  5. In art for Obscenes in BattleLore and Runewars: Banners of War, the Obscebes have dark, skaly shoulders. Ravos also has this in BattleLore: Command and in the art on his card. It's one of many things I think the modeler didn't understand about Ravos' design. Man, I love his card art compared to this model and his BattleLore: Command render!
  6. I decided his shoulder scales nedded to pop a little more.
  7. I really should wait until I can pose a better picture, but I'm excited to finally have Ravos complete!
  8. No, because while closing in, the unit "must collide with the enemy unit it was most recently engaged with—the enemy unit that had one or more of its trays removed." If the enemy was defeated, it has no trays on the board so your unit cannot collide with it. (Rules Reference 17.1)
  9. "Play when an opponent takes control of 1 of your areas. Reveal 1 dragon rune you control and take control of any 1 Title card. If you are the Latari player, all influence remains on the Title card. Otherwise, discard all influence from the Title card." If you have Game of Power, and an opponent takes one of your areas, you can play Game of Power. Then, you can take ANY title card in the game no matter which player currently holds that title. You could choose the attacker that took your area, or a different player. The drawback to this card is that unlike acquiring a Title through the Acquire Power order card, you cannot add influence to the card to keep others from taking it back, so tje next time a player uses Acquire Power, they can take that Title away from you for only 1 influence. If you are Latari, you keep whatever influence was on the Title card you took, so it's safer from getting stolen. Either way, this card is great for removing a Title card from a player who has a lot of influnce on the card, preventing others from taking it away. I could see a situation where a losing player convinces another losing player to take his weak area so that he can use this card to take a Title from the player in the lead. That would be a pretty desperate situation, though.
  10. What is the specific example? I think that if a move gets modified to be longer than existing templates, you just use the longest template. However, if you have individual moves, you don't add them up. For example, if you do a march-4 action with a march-2 modifier, you do each separately, so even though there is no straight 6 template, it's okay because you are supposed to do the 4 and then the 2.
  11. This is a sentimental topic. Tonight, I pulled out my Runewars figures. It's been a long time since I've done that, but as I held those few figures I finished painting, I could feel all the excitement I used to feel for this game. I then read through some of the fiction from the army expansions. I love it! I wish there was more! The point of this thread is that I want to thank everyone at FFG who was involved with Runewars Miniatures Game. I have been in love with Terrinoth for about 10 years now. Runewars Miniatures Game, in my opinion, was the pinnacle experience of watching the factions of Mennara clash on the tabletop. The lore added more life and depth to this vibrant world than I dared hope to see. I just love this game so much! I'm so happy FFG took a risk on this labor of love so that Terrinoth fans like myself could experience this dream come true. I know in business, the dollar is the test of success, but I know that all you fine people who worked on this game put your hearts and souls into it. I can tell you enjoyed it. I wanted to write this thank you note to you all so that, if by chance you happen to read it, you know that this game was really special and irreplaceable to someone out there in the world. So to all you designers, developers, modellers, painters, photographers, technical writers, fictional writers, and anyone else I may have missed, thank you! Thank you so much for an amazing product and an amazing experience!
  12. Wow! I only just saw this now. Sorry for the late reply! (By the way, this subforum is for the app version of the game.) 1) The Elite unit for the Undead faction is the Wraiths unit which comes in the Heralds of Dreadfall expansion. 2) The rules reference clarifies this. "If the player commits dice to cause damage, cause retreats, or gain lore, he resolves those effects during the steps below." It seems that the target will be eliminated before you have the lore necessary to play Raise Dead. 3) My opinion is that this was missed in development and that the intent is that you choose up to 2 enemy units. Rules as written, however, you are correct: you cannot play this card if your opponent has only one unit remaining. For the second part of your question, this card would prevent movement from Onslaught because the additional movement still occurs during the move step. It would not prevent a Roc Warrior from moving with the Mobility ability which happens after the Attack Step. 4) The steps of combat are 1. Declare Target, 2. Perform Combat Roll, and 3. Reroll and Change Die Results. Wall of Steel is a Lore card whose timing is dictated on the card; it does not follow the standard combat steps. Wall of Steel says "Play after a combat roll is performed against a friendly unit." This means it must be played after step 2 of combat, but before step 3. Therefore, Wall of Steel will happen first, and then the reroll from Swamp of Corruption occurs. 5) Yes, you can revive a minion who is eliminated from Dark Ritual by using a graveyard hex. I see no reason why you could not play Desecrate. (Note that Desecrate uses the word "after" and the graveyard rules use the word "when." I don't know if this is intentional, but it seems to me that the graveyard would happen first, followed by Desecrate, so I don't think you could use Desecrate to gain lore, then use that lore to pay for the graveyard revival.) If you choose the Banshee for your dark ritual, the entire unit would be removed because it only has one figure. The damage token over the health of the legend units means that they take damage tokens instead of removing figures when suffering damage. Dark Ritual does not cause the unit to suffer damage; it simply removes a figure. 6) On page 15 of the rule book, it says the steps to resolving scenario cards are 1. Read Scenario Card Text, 2. Determine First Player, 3. Place Terrain Tiles and Banner Markers, 4. Place Fords. Since the faction banner marker is still a banner marker, I'd say you place it in step 3, before the ford tokens.
  13. I'm contemplating creating a textured table surface for playing Runewars. I'd like to do grass and sand. My question is, does this game play okay on flocking? How about sand? My concern is that the trays will drag and scrape off the texturing. Anybody have any experience with this?
  14. 😥 I'm so sorry to tell you this, but the Scenario Builder has been discontinued as of the end of last month. FFG put it on their Twitter account (which sucks because I don't Twitter). I only saw it because somebody posted it to Boardgamegeek.com. By the way, I highly recommend you join www.boardgamegeek.com and check out the BattleLore Second Edition forums there. For one, those boards have always been more active than this one. Secondly, these boards will probably be removed in a few years as FFG makes space on their servers for newer games. The BGG forums are likely to last much longer.
  15. The core alone has a ton of replayability. I very much enjoy it. In fact, I, too, would place this game in my top 5. Many days, it is my number 1 favorite tabletop game. If you need English copies of expansions but can't find them, contact me (Budgernaut) on boardgamegeek.com. I made scans of the English cards so you can have the translations.
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