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  1. But even in the BattleLore line, you could see a shift toward the lighter colors compared to Runewars (boardgame) and through the life of the BattleLore line. Compare the Viper Legion to the Blood Harvesters; the Viper Legion are clearly more pale than the Blood Harvesters, and the Blood Harvesters were already basement-nerd white. The Berserkers also looked pretty ashy to me (though the Grotesque was pretty tanned and the Obscenes had more of a yellow hue). Then BattleLore: Command came out -- which was the most recent BattleLore product featuring Uthuk Y'llan -- and we saw Malaana with her pale skin color matching the new Runewars Uthuk Y'llan color scheme perfectly. Seeing this progression, I'm really not surprised they went this route for the Uthuk. It's like the demon taint had a huge affect on them in their exile and they are returning to demonic less human than they were during the first great darkness.
  2. If I weren't painting them canon colors, I'd do dark brown skin with orange or burnt-orange cloth.
  3. As far as I can tell, the amount of development it takes for Runewars isn't significantly different from BattleLore (or X-Wing, for that matter). Yet, the price per box is higher. Why? I think BattleLore sold decently well, but it didn't sell enough to really get the profit they were looking for. X-Wing, however, sells boat-loads, so it can generate more revenue per development time. My take is that the higher price on Runewars is insurance against them shutting the line down. Runewars doesn't need to sell as many units as X-Wing to make the same kind of profit, so it can stand on its own with a smaller community. BattleLore couldn't, which is why it was shut down (in my opinion).
  4. I'm less interested in the droids than in the lightsaber-wielding leaders like General Grievous, Assajj Ventress, and Count Dooku.
  5. It's depressing since I haven't really even got started with Runewars yet. I'm still pumped about my Uthuk Y'llan and am still in full anticipation for Runewars. The thing with Legion is that I'm tired of the Galactic Civil War era. If they had Clone Wars armies in Legion, I might buy in, but nothing about the theme of the game is enticing me any more than the Imperial Assault core set that I painted and never play. As @BigKahuna mentioned, people have limited resources. If I could do more than one game, I'd hop back to X-Wing, but I've got so much Runewarsing to do!
  6. I don't see anything about an "attacker" increasing the severity of a morale test. What I see is this section under Banes: 12.1 "An opponent can spend one or more banes from a unit to resolve a negative effect against that unit for each bane spent. Each bane causes a unique effect, as follows: ... Panic: When a unit that has a panic token suffers a morale test, that token can be spent to increase the severity by one. Alternatively, when that unit is the defender of an attack, that token can be spent to cause the unit to suffer a morale test with a severity equal to the number of panic tokens and morale ( 󲇯 ) icons spent." I can't think of a situation where the attacker could have a morale test triggered on it.
  7. I feel the pull. I have to buy all 4 of those sets.
  8. Remember when we all freaked out that the Uthuk Y'llan Army Expansion was $10 more than the Latari Elves Army Expansion? Well now the Spined Threshers Unit Expansion is listed as $24.95 instead of $34.95 like the other siege units. I wonder how long that will last ...
  9. While I'm most excited for the prospect of fielding Count Dooku and General Grievous, if they made a Gungan faction I would have to play that one just to troll all the PT-haters.
  10. I 100% agree that this should have been based in the Clone Wars era. During that time, the galaxy was truly at war, with two gigantic factions having battles across the galaxy. Yhe OT era just doesn't work as well because the Rebels could never stand up to the Empire in a fair fight. The Rebels had to use subterfuge, espionage, and hit-and-run tactics to compete with the Empire. That's something that works great in a board game like Rebellion, but doesn't work so well in a miniatures game where armies should be evenly matched. The OT era works fine for IA, though, because the smaller skirmish sizes evokes the imagery of surgical strikes where the Imperials can only muster so much defense. And you would never expect legions of mercenaries, but you would expect a few mercenaries to band together for a quick mission, which once again makes IA a good fit for the OT era. And on top of the theme being off for this style of game set in the OT, the OT is just boring now. It's been pushed for so long that it's not even exciting to see Luke and Vader in the starter box. Clone Wars, however, would have been awesome! There is a large variety of droids and clones with different weapons that we've seen on screen throughout the CW television series. Contrast that with the variations on stormtroopers and Rebel troopers that are only seen in board games and video games. The Clone Wars also offers a rich diversity of generals to command your army, including both lightsaber-wielders and military officers. Painting is another issue. If you want screen-accurate stormtroopers, you're stuck with white. Clone troopers, however, have been shown with many different colors, even on the silver screen, so customization and army differentiation would have been natural. Now, the prequels aren't exactly the most well-loved portions of Star Wars lore, but I think the game itself would be even more compelling than the OT. Honestly, I would be surprised if CW-era factions were not released in the next two years. And when they release, I may just have to look into getting myself a General Grievous and Count Dooku leading a bunch of B1-series battle droids, B2-series super battle droids, and droidekas. Until then, I'll be building my Uthuk Y'llan army for Runewars.
  11. I haven't seen any demo videos, but do the surges actually look different? If not, then might it not be the same as surges vs. unique surges in Runewars? They use the same symbols on the dice, but are activated differently, depending on the ability.
  12. Really disappointed with no Runewars news.
  13. I'm practically counting down the hours! I'm so excited to hear what they say about Runewars, especially Malaana. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to follow along today since I'm in the middle of moving into my new house. Can't wait to see the discussion tonight!
  14. I'd be okay with a SW ground game if they finally gave us the Latari for BattleLore. Not interested in another SW game, though. That is, I'm not interested in another competitive Star Wars game. I'd like to see more stand-alone games like Rebellion and Empire vs. Rebellion.
  15. Our whole world is a jumbled mess of morally grey choices. A big part of fantasy's draw is the escapism where you don't worry about right and wrong. That being said, I think you could get interesting scenarios and interactions where there's no right choice, while still keeping the factions' alignments.