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  1. I think immovable 1 is too thematic for ent, so I wouldn't drop that. What if we pushed it further and made it Immovable 2, but it only had speed 1? It becomes even more of a lumbering, unstoppable force. It may take a while to get into combat, but oncr there, it's not leaving. My only concern is how to deal with it on a VP banner. Oh, it should also be Massive so that it can't enter building hexes. Your ford idea is neat. I would simplify it to, "Allied units may treat water hexes adjacent to you as having ford tokens." Only trouble is, what if a unit is on a water hex and the Ent moves away?
  2. @Telethia There are some very neat ideas here. It amazes me just how versatile the BattleLore 2E system is for making custom units. Below are some of your abilities that stand out to me as being particularly original. Rampant Growth: I never considered giving a unit a bonus for eliminating an enemy unit. It reminds me a lot of the Renowned mechanic in Magic: The Gathering. It's a neat way of putting emphasis on individual units. Unfortunately, I don't think your Huron will work very well. As a melee unit, you need to get adjacent to try to deal damage, and with only a single combat die, you'll have trouble eliminating a unit. If you try and fail, you're likely to get countered hard. How would you feel about a base of 2 combat dice and adding 2 when they gain a veteran token? That makes it more likely for them to take out a unit in the first place, but doesn't make them overpowered (after all, Berserkers and Reanimates can also get to 4 dice). Also, I struggle with the theme of a combat-value-1 unit suddenly gaining a combat value of 4 just because it took down an enemy. That's quite a jump. Deadly Withdrawal: I love this idea! I never considered rolling a die as a reaction to another occurrence. It slightly adds to the complexity of the game, but I think for a fourth faction, it's an okay time to do this. When you really break it down, though, this is like a 1-die counter attack with the Ferocity ability the Obscenes have. One thing it does allow you to do is hit a Riverwatch Rider when retreating since this ability isn't considered a counter. Since Deadly Withdrawal is weaker than Ferocity, how does the rest of the unit compare? Getting a movement of 4 instead of 1 is quite a boon. Also, 3 dice is still pretty good compared to 4. The Agility ability also makes Leonx Riders more durable. They seem quite strong. When I think about them compared to other 6-cost units, I think they need to be taken down a notch. I think lowering their combat value to 2 would be something to consider. It's definitely weaker, but with their agility ability, they don't fear the counter attack as much and may actually get some damage out of it. And with a movement value of 4, being forced to retreat is not so detrimental, since they can quickly get back into the fight. Again, I really like the thought behind those two abilities. Now I'll address the other units. Elf Warden: He's too good, hands down. He moves like a common footsoldier, hits like an Obscene, and can act as a caster. I would consider dropping the combat value by 1 all around. So he would have a melee attack of 3 and a ranged attack of 2, but I would still keep the ranged attack to range 1-3. Actually, I have a question about Marksman. You said "at range 3." Does that mean he can only attack units 3 hexes away, or did you mean range 1-3? Having the versatility to choose between melee or ranged is definitely worth a drop in combat value. Ent: It's very similar to a Chaos Lord. Basically, you're valuing +1 movement and the ability to immobilize as being equal to causing two retreats on a heroic [crown] result. It seems better than the Chaos Lord, but dropping either movement or combat value seems to put it beneath the Chaos Lord. Elven Archer: I think a combat value of 3 is really good for a range 1-4 unit. When you add the ability to ignore blocking terrain, it makes these guys very powerful. I would suggest knocking the combat value to 2 and changing Sharpshooter to read something like, "This unit may ignore one hex of obstruction when determining line of sight. If there are no obstructions between you and the target, add one combat die." So if you take advantage of hiding behind things, you are less accurate, but can still take the shot. If you have a clear shot to the target, it is more deadly.
  3. I agree. And from a cynical perspective, having different units means that you get different neutral upgrades released at different times. People who can't bear to not have the new cards immediately will buy out-of-faction for those instead of waiting for the next wave when their faction will get that neutral upgrade, thus generating more sales for each wave.
  4. I'm confused about the +1-2 armor you keep mentioning. The Rune Golem skill assigns stun tokens. It has nothing to do with defense.
  5. The Support Rune Golems have a skill icon, so I'm guessing it'll be just like their unit ability. I don't read French, but the words on the upgrade look the same as on the unit card shown below.
  6. @Ywingscum & @jek I think they may occasionally shoot live snakes. There was a lore card in BattleLore that said if you poisoned a unit, you could poison two other units up to two hexes away from the target. I always imagined that lore card as representing that snakes slithered away and bit other targets.
  7. They're mentioned in the Lore Guide. They are archers that shoot arrows tipped with the heads of venomous serpents. EDIT: My current avatar is also an image of a Viper Legion archer.
  8. I don't think it's silly that you can't charge out of terrain; I think it's silly that you get a panic token for selecting a charge when the only thing preventing you from successfully charging is the rule that you can't charge out of terrain. As for charging out of terrain, the scene from The Two Towers where King Theoden rides out of Helm's Deep comes to mind. Granted, that was not taxing terrain, but I would certainly consider a castle wall an obstacle for the orcs outside.
  9. I agree, but I think that's kind of a lame combat ability. Berserkers have to be at 3x3 to even equip the Spined Thresher, so they already have rerolls, making the Front Line Spined Thresher a bit weak. Granted, it's useful if you're down to a single rank, or even 1 full and 1 partial rank. And given its hit points, it isn't likely to be taken out by accuracy too quickly. So I can see some use for it, but it isn't as awesome as the Front Line Rune Golem. But if it gets Brutal 1, as you suggest, I think I'd have no problems with it.
  10. I'm banking on Viper Legion for the Uthuk Archer. I think spellcasters will be their own unit type, separate from archers. I'm hoping to see Malaana on her scorpion mount and both her and the Viper Legion utilizing a poison-based bane.
  11. The more I think about it, the more I like this method for Runewars. Some units are going to really want certain deployment options (I'm looking at you, Ravos!), so it would be nice to be able to bid for a lower initiative in order to ensure you can choose the deployment zones for the game. Throwing everything together and dealing random cards is a ton of fun for casual games, but I think it's too much variance for Organized Play.
  12. I think with my first wording, they are still good. "A bleeding unit may not attack and move (including advancing) in the same round. If a unit has already moved or attacked, it may choose to suffer 1 damage to remove this restriction for the remainder of the round." A Yeoman Archer that uses Double Shot will attack twice, but it is not both moving and advancing in the same round. This means a Roc that chooses to move but NOT attack, can still use Mobility at the end of the round without taking damage.
  13. They also have a new model, requiring a new mold, which could account for the increased cost. Ravos is just as new as Aliana, so why would they charge extra for that new mold and not for Aliana?
  14. This is brilliant! I don't know how I missed this on BGG. There is so much synergy here! And I agree that it really accentuates the offensive nature of the Uthuk. For the Blood Sister, if she bleeds a Viper Legion, he doesn't really want to move anyway, so it's not such a big deal. If she bleeds a Berserker, the Berserker can move, then choose to attack. The question is when the damage is applied. Is it after you commit to the attack or after it is resolved? If it is when the attack is committed, this is great because, like you said, the Berserker suffers 1 damage, increasing its attack. To clarify this interaction, here is how I would word your bleeding condition: "A bleeding unit may not attack and move (including advancing) in the same round. If a unit has already moved or attacked, it may choose to suffer 1 damage to remove this restriction for the remainder of the round." An alternate reading is, "A bleeding unit may not attack and move (including advancing) in the same round. At the start of that unit's activation, it may suffer 1 damage to remove this restriction for the remainder of the round." I think the first one is better, but a little more clunky. I like it because it's not quite as punishing for the bleeding unit and allows the Berserker to get a benefit from bleeding. The second one is still good for Berserkers, but I don't like how it can screw the opponent over. Case 1: You choose to activate a Citadel Guard. With only 2 dice, you think its chances of causing a retreat on the target unit (on a VP banner) is unlikely, so you choose not to suffer the damage. Miraculously, you get that morale result, but since you didn't suffer a damage earlier, you can't take the flag. Case 2: You suffer a damage in hopes of pushing an enemy off a VP banner. You don't get the morale result, so you suffered the damage for no reason, and now the counter is even more likely to take you out. So even though the first version is not as elegant as the second one as far as clarity, it feels like it works better as a game mechanic. The best part about your idea is that I never really liked Bleeding as a mechanic anyway, so I wouldn't miss the -1 die at all.
  15. Could be. But for example, the army boxes come with both heavy upgrades for the siege units but the core only came with one. We have to wait for the Rune Golems and Carrion Lancers Unit Expansions to get the other heavy upgrades. Similarly, it could be that the Flesh Rippers have to wait until their army box to get theirs. Because if Ravos doesn't get 2 Unique upgrades in the army box, where else would he get the second? But the Flesh Rippers still have a unit expansion coming.