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  1. Did you find it, then? I just assumed you weren't seeing it because of some technical issue.
  2. I just don't see what's disagreeable about adding a faction-specific bane/condition/token/effect. It's one more way ro differentiate factions and I see that as a plus.
  3. Yes, I still need to do both of those things. For me, though, all the expansion links are on the main page. But maybe I can add that as a tab. I'll look into it soon.
  4. @flightmaster101 But abilities in this game don't have names, so it wouldn't be called Poison Shot or anything, unless it was an upgrade card. And to the comment about not being able to rally away conditions, that could be a line on the poison condition, making it act more like a bane.
  5. On the subject of Viper Legion, I predict poison will be a condition instead of a new bane.
  6. Terrain is also a component, so you should be able to measure from that, too. Or objective tokens. But you're right; it seems you can't measure from a non-component to a component.
  7. I just finished a BattleLore campaign and I must comment on simultaneous decision making. In our game, we were neck-and-neck the whole game and I was behind by 3 points during the campaign. We had a lot of tough decisions and the turn-based nature of BattleLore meant there were many long pauses on both sides during the command steps. It was still a blast, but having simultaneous orders simultaneously increases tension and shortens the game because you do your thinking at the same time. It really is a big selling point to Runewars. (By the way, we tied on earned victory points at the end of the campaign, but I won because I got 2 bonus points for winning the final scenario.)
  8. You could try clipping the antlers and using little magnets like the Warhammer guys use. I'm not sure how involved that process is, though.
  9. Look at the steps of attacking in the rules reference. Once you spend the surge, you are past the reroll dice and modify dice steps. Therefore, you can't use an inspiration gained in that combat to reroll a die. Even if you could, this wouldn't go on forever because the surge ability uses the unique surge symbol, meaning you can only gain an inspiration from that ability once per attack.
  10. I posted a lot during the day as a student, but now that I have a job, I'm only on in the early mornings or evenings. Aside from that, my financial investment in this game does not match the time investment. I mean, I only have a core but spend a lot of time on the wiki, so I don't have any boots-on-the-ground knowledge about strategy and game play. Of course, that's only one person and doesn't explain the recent quietness. Though from my point of view, the past week has actually had quite a bit of activity.
  11. Never stand between a fat man and the dessert table -- or in this case, the flesh of his enemies.
  12. Crazy that his upgrade allows his setup ability to be used, essentially. I'm excited to run him!
  13. Yes, marching cornicen modifies the march into a turn at the same time that the charge modifies the march, so the result is a turning charge. You cannot, however, make it a wheel. I'm assuming that was a typo.
  14. The answer to #1 is yes, and you can find it in the FAQ. I'm undecided on #2. Ardus does not grant "you" (the Reanimates unit) any surge abilities, instead granting those abilities to "this attack." CI only lowers the surge cost of "your" surge abilities. I could see it being ruled either way. I would probably say CI does reduce borrowed surge abilities if I were a judge tonight.
  15. Finally got my Uthuk Y'llan Army Expansion pre-ordered! It's sooooo close!