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  1. Luther Engelsnot

    What is the best combo on Rebels for a campaign

    Mak can get a free interaction action with the right upgrade, which is very useful I think.
  2. Luther Engelsnot

    Bleed and Nexu movement

    The rule he mentions that a large figure must occupy at least half the sqaures it started on, is only used for rotating and has no relevance for a nexu : With normal movement you move one square at a time like with a normal figure. Well Roolakhol was quicker.
  3. Luther Engelsnot

    Defense against Blast or Cleave

    Under Attacking Objects: Means yes you can blast or cleave the terminal if a figure is standing on it..
  4. Luther Engelsnot

    Imperial Players Unite

    Endless ranks decrease the deployment costs of all trooper (Stormtroopers and E-Web Engineer) by one. I think assault armor is better for two xp, but I imagine at the beginning when threat is not flowing so freely it could make a difference. I opted for other things first and could not test it in time. If you buy it too late I think to gain is too little.
  5. Luther Engelsnot

    Final Mission

    We only played the other final mission. I do not know if this one is easier, but in the first try, without the rebels knowing what is coming, I literally crushed them under the number of my troops and won. I think the second time should be easier for the rebels, but I find it hard to compare on paper, which mission is easier and can offer no advice for the other final mission..
  6. Luther Engelsnot

    Imperial Players Unite

    If I am not mistaken. I do not have the cards in front of me, so sorry if I am wrong. But this was exactly my though and why I skipped this card.
  7. Luther Engelsnot

    Imperial Players Unite

    I played one campaign with the Military Might class deck and lost all mission except of the last two story missions and so won the campaign. My experience is Assault Armor and Combat Veterans are really good, especially on the same regular or elite stormtrooper. Combat Medic sounded good on paper, but I could never use it efficiently. Sustained fire is really good, especially if you need just a little bit more damage or know that the unit will die after the activation anyway. The rest I could not test. My thoughts for some of them are: Riot Grenades seemed weak, but both heroes I play against where good in insight. I think Endless Ranks is good the sooner you get it. Shock Troopers seems sub par as trooper units have not many cool surge abilities and I liked to use storm trooper at a distance.
  8. Luther Engelsnot

    Surge to heal?

    Without looking on his card, he should because recover 1 strain means recover 1 health if you have no strain.
  9. Luther Engelsnot

    Targeting larger figures

    The tank in your example already suffered the damage from the initial attack. Why should it damage it twice and as this was a rule question, the answer stands in the rules.
  10. Did you use all events correctly? Because after Round three you will get no more threat and so I got slaughtered after a short while. If I remember correctly.
  11. Luther Engelsnot

    Surge to heal?

    Under Recover: So if you use a surge to recover 1 strain and have no strain to recover you recover 1 health instead.
  12. Luther Engelsnot

    A few questions. Pounce, rest, deployment

    I see what you mean. Indeed I misread something and when the example is clear, than it should be possible.
  13. Luther Engelsnot

    A few questions. Pounce, rest, deployment

    Well reading the rules strictly, as I quoted early, a nexu could not pounce diagonally, but Alarmed says otherwise out of reasons I could not comprehend from his post. And to further elaborate within X spaces follow the scheme for counting spaces, which is dependend on the movement of the figure.
  14. Luther Engelsnot

    Under Siege

  15. Luther Engelsnot

    Under Siege

    1) The answer ist b. 2) The answer is withdraw occurs when a wounded hero suffers damage equals to his health.