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    Parakitor reacted to DexterOnone in First Epic List   
    I’d suggest that you need to free up enough points to give Maarek and Jonus the Veteran Wing Leader upgrade, so that you can fly the small ships as wings... I think it’s 2 points per copy.
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    Parakitor reacted to Darth Meanie in Replacement CR-90 Dial   
    I just got mine!!
    (It's been so long I'd forgotten I cared. 🤣)
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    Parakitor reacted to InterceptorMad in InFlight Report News! New Ships!   
    For those wanting new Rebel As, we still have the Phoenix squadron pack rumour to see appear in real life. THAT will be chock full of Rebel As, including Hera and Sabine. 
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    Parakitor reacted to Archangelspiv in InFlight Report News! New Ships!   
    As a November baby, I approve of this wave release information. 
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    Parakitor reacted to Rossetti1828 in InFlight Report News! New Ships!   
    The card reads "less than".
    Panic averted.
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    Parakitor reacted to Hiemfire in InFlight Report News! New Ships!   
    Okay. Recap from what I just watched while texting my bud.
    The Droid Gunship, LAAT, and Xi are due out in Sept. Expect articles on them.
    Tie/rb is medium based, the port cannon swivels, and it comes with "Tie specific" upgrades.
    The Resistance Squadron Pack (Heralds of Hope) is variant paint jobs (see @Skitch_'s OP), and new pilot cards for existing pilots.
    Tie/rb and Heralds of Hope are planned for release in Oct.
    I didn't focus too hard on the Sep and Republic section other than to find out the planned release, Nov, but I did catch 3 things ( @mrkyle already mentioned one but I'll repeat it anyways).
    1. Jango's Slave 1 is coming with new Illicit upgrades that are supposed to be usable by both Seps and S&V, having flashbacks to Coaxium Hyperfuel's announcement so call me skeptical.
    2. The V-Wing qualifies for "Tie Specific" upgrades since it was the precursor design (no mention if the Actis does, personally I think it should but we'll see).
    3. The hyperspace ring that is coming with the ETA-2 Actis is compatible with the Actis, The Aethersprite and the Nimbus (aka V-Wing) as @mrkyle mentioned previously.
    Hey @Darth Meanie, Tie Specific upgrades sounds right up your alley.  
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    Parakitor got a reaction from theBitterFig in Head to head: CR90 v Raider   
    Actually making them the same price was a happy accident, but I did want them in the same ballpark. Consider the Ion Missiles added!
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    Parakitor reacted to Managarmr in What's coming next? (Huge Ship Edition)   
    Scum has already an armed originally civilian ship, and is a faction which also has Mercenarys and powerful syndicates. So personally I am all in for this dedicated military big bad one

    Crusader Class Corvette.
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    Parakitor reacted to JanjyGiggins in A little Epic tidbit from GenCon   
    I think Resistance are probably OK with the default wing cards because they're OK with having all ships be the same. Republic need the special card because otherwise you're prohibited from doing the typical thematic list of a wing of Jedi + clones.
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    Parakitor got a reaction from Managarmr in A little Epic tidbit from GenCon   
    Let's get the bad news out of the way: they didn't announce any new Epic or Huge expansions.
    But they did share some interesting information. The Eta-2 Across Interceptor will come with a hyperspace ring to let that ship (and the Delta Aethersprite and V-wing) be placed in reserve and come into the battle later, docked to the ring. Why is this interesting? Because they said on the stream that the ring will not be Hyperspace legal OR Extended. It's for Epic Battles and scenario play only.
    That's so interesting to me! Here, they have a popular ship releaseing for standard play that will come with components specifically for Epic/scenarios. I guess it's not too weird, considering the obstacle pack and munitions pack came with scenario cards.
    Also, it seems the Heralds of Hope expansion is going to come with wing cards! Yes!!! (If I heard correctly, that is - my stream cut out for a few seconds right as they started talking about Epic). This is such a natural way to release these cards, rather than another Epic-specific pack that will come with components/cards for factions you may not even own.
    They said this is something they plan to do going forward, sprinkling Epic/scenario/casual play content in standard expansions. I am all for it! In fact, I don't play my Resistance ships in Second Edition very much, and I already have 6 T-70s, so I talked myself out of buying Heralds of Hope. But after learning about the wing cards I am now considering picking it up after all.
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    Parakitor reacted to JanjyGiggins in A little Epic tidbit from GenCon   
    I think it's the Eta-2 that comes with wing cards. 'Jedi Commander' or something like that. You can see them at the right end of the spread they originally revealed. One of the new cards also mentions 'structures' as something you can fly through, and the stream confirmed those are a forthcoming game feature. I'm really hoping they're something big and terrain-like we can use in Epic.* The same card also mentions huge ships, so they definitely had Epic in mind with that card. Flying through huge space stations and wrecked ships is such a big part of Star Wars, and I was just thinking the other day how nice it would be to get that into the game somehow. I'm really hoping this is it.
    *I expect it'll just be cardboard tokens like the obstacles as released, but we can make 3D ones later...
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    Parakitor reacted to ForceSensitive in New squadrons packs ?   
    Getting FFG to not screw something up ain't like dusting crops boy! If they don't do this right we could end up with a bunch of same-siders again, or no new generics at all and that would end our fun real quick wouldn't it!
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    Parakitor reacted to gadwag in Wave 8 Rules Confusion Clear-Up   
    Wave 8 is bringing some funky new mechanics, and there are all sorts of questions about how they will work (or whether they work at all under the current rules). This post is to collect all the rules confusion and likely rulings for the unreleased content in one place.
    Before reading any further: many of the new mechanics require a rules reference update before they will work at all. Before panicking about broken interactions, wait for an update to the rules reference. Anything written below is subject to change on the release of a new rules reference.

    Q: Who chooses the action when I coordinate an enemy ship?
    A: Almost certainly the owner of the ship being coordinated. The rules for coordinate say "The chosen ship performs one action.", which indicates that the ship being coordinated (and thus the owner of that ship) makes the choice of action. Note that in the current rules reference, coordinate may only be performed on a friendly ship, and thus Hondo's interaction with the coordinate rules is not completely clear.
    Q: Can Hondo coordinate a stressed ship?
    A: Yes, but as mentioned above, the coordinate rules are not clear for Hondo and are likely to be re-written to some extent
    Purple Maneuvers
    Q: What happens if I reveal a purple maneuver but have no force remaining?
    A: Perform a white 2 straight. This is not in the current rules reference, but developers have stated the effect is the same as revealing a red move while stressed.
    Q: Are purple maneuvers more difficult than red?
    A: Unknown. There is no description of purple maneuvers in the current rules reference. When describing actions, the rules reference says: "Actions have three difficulties, from least to most restrictive: white, red, and purple."

    Q: Will dial-change effects (such as damaged engine) turn red maneuvers purple?
    A: No. According to the rules reference: "If an effect increases the difficulty of a maneuver, blue increases to white, and white increases to red. If an effect decreases the difficulty of a maneuver, red decreases to white, and white decreases to blue"
    Hyperspace Docking Rings
    Q: Will these be legal for tournament play?
    A: No

    Q: Can I use system-phase abilities (eg. sense) on a docked ship?
    A: No. Docked ships are out-of-play and may not use any abilities unless otherwise specified

    Q: Can I trigger a system phase ability (eg. sense) in the same phase as deploying?
    A: Unlikely. Deploying occurs at the docked ship's initiative, but the ship is still docked at the start of its initiative step, which is when its system phase abilities would enter the ability queue. Thus, the ship's system phase abilities cannot be added to the ability queue during the same systems phase in which it deploys. This is not a clear-cut ruling (it's already been discussed in relation to the autopilot drone) and some players disagree.
    Q: What is a sideslip and what are the rules for performing one?
    A: Sideslips are sideways maneuvers that may be performed by the HMP gunship using the Repulsorlift Stabilisers configuration. These maneuvers are performed by placing a maneuver template beside the ship (aligned middle to middle) and pointing forwards. The ship is then placed at the other end of the template, again aligned middle to middle. See the image below for reference. Sideslips are not in the most recent rules reference, and thus comprehensive rules have not been published for them yet.

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    Parakitor reacted to player2072913 in what do we do with all these duplicate unique pilots?   
    What do we do with all these duplicate threads? 
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    Parakitor reacted to Managarmr in Flying Solo - EPIC!   
    You are at home, anything goes. Give him a Kihraxz (Rebels hired a merc) and you have a T65. Off you go, on some adrenaline filled father and son story, cooperatively working together towards a goal. He might remember fondly in the decades to come.
    Me and the kids do it often, as everyone in my house prefers a different faction or favorite ship. Just do not mix too unfair combos, like a Rebel with Sabine Crew and e.g. Nym flying together. Or you have to ramp up the AI forces.
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    Parakitor reacted to ToiletPaper Fiend in NEW POINTS! FFG Article: Adjusted Squad Specs   
    Avenger + 3x SJE 🤔
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    Parakitor reacted to reqent in NEW POINTS! FFG Article: Adjusted Squad Specs   
    torrents have been added to hyperspace!
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    Parakitor reacted to Hiemfire in NEW POINTS! FFG Article: Adjusted Squad Specs   
    Anyone else catch that Extended Legality has a column now?
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    Parakitor reacted to BDrafty in Vader in a TIE Defender   
    Are we getting into a paradox here? A ship that strong needs to be high in points to represent its worth. However, the more points it has, the more points it can deny the opponent. If we were talking about a 20 hit point ship with 0 agility, but tons of other cool stuff, then more points are just fine. With Vader in a ship that can move this well, has this much beef, gets a free evade, and can double reposition at I 6 with two force tokens left in the bank, this has to be considered a superior points fortress. 
    I don't think Vader in this ship makes for a game worth playing.
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    Parakitor got a reaction from Aetherer in Flying Solo - EPIC!   
    I have played the new Fly Solo rules a handful of times already, and it's pretty fun. You definitely need to be outnumbered to make it fair, and the opponents do some really stupid maneuvers sometimes, but even still, I've won as much as I've lost, so it's a challenge.
    In the document they mention even being able to use this system with huge ships, and I am dying to give it a try! Did anybody else catch that? They also mention "protect the transport" type missions, which I've quoted below.
    With that in mind, my first Epic solo game will likely be escape from Hoth, with a pair of X-wings defending a GR-75 transport from waves of enemy TIE fighters. I'm really excited to give it a try! The catch: I'm moving this week, so you won't see a report for a while. But I wanted to throw this out there in case anybody else wants to try a similar scenario. Should be fun!
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    Parakitor got a reaction from Rydiak in FYI Cluster Missiles on huge ships   
    This rule was put in place to stop a particular combo: IG-88B alongside a C-ROC carrying IG-88D. The C-ROC, as a huge ship, has unlimited bonus attacks, but can perform each Bonus Attack header only once. An equipped cannon, however, has an Attack header, and there were no limits on the number of times a huge ship could perform those. So a C-ROC equipped with Corsair Refit and an Ion Cannon could fire that Ion Cannon over and over until it hit. Then it would move on to the next weapon, and if it missed, it could fire the Ion Cannon AGAIN repeatedly until it hit. And so on.
    This new rule solves the problem, and Cluster Missiles is an unfortunate casualty. Let's face it: the concept of Cluster Missiles has been problematic for rules writing ever since the beginning of the game, so this doesn't actually surprise me.
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    Parakitor reacted to crognus in Crognus Painting Thread   
    I'm trying to motivate myself to finish my Runewars Armies, so I thought I would share progress here.
    06/29/20 - Finished 12 Reanimates
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    Parakitor reacted to 5050Saint in New squadrons packs ?   
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    Parakitor reacted to gamblertuba in New squadrons packs ?   
    Went back and rewatched the announcement here.
    "Familiar ships with new paintjobs"
    "A bunch of new pilots and a whole bunch of new upgrades cards"
    "Not limited to Rebels and Empire" but those factions will be "getting some of the exciting ones soon"
    "Little more thematically oriented" paraphrase here centered around a rebel cell at a time, particular imperial battle group or a first order organization of what have you
    "Pilots will thematically link together"
    "Pretty hefty on upgrades."  but sounds like a lot of them will be old upgrades so these will help new people get into the game.
    "But a fair chunk of which are also new"  The upgrades will also be thematic to the time period or media for that pack!? "Tricks that you saw them do."  Hera turning and blasting with foils closed?
    "Revisiting some iconic pilots at different stages of their life" "New subtitle, new ability, a new initiative if it is a significantly different stage of their life"  "more options with those characters"
    They even were supposed to have a slide with an example but the slide was missing and Max just decided to "let that float"   meanie.
    "Similar price point" to Guardians of Republic and Servants of Strife  "not as much proportional reprint content" "similar not exactly the same"  more about "getting a thematic squad on the table"
    "First one is going to be for the resistance."  "New movie"  "New pilots and iconic pilots returning"  "Bright orange X-wing will be in there"
    So take the original announced info and then re-read the speculation here and I think a bunch of the comments are barking up the wrong tree. 
    Do not expect new ships that have not been seen in 2nd edition.  Expect new pilots and old pilots to show up with new abilities. We haven't even discussed new upgrades that I have seen.  And thematic new upgrades at that. If fugitives and collaborators ain't the resistance, I's cornfuseded.
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    Parakitor reacted to theBitterFig in New squadrons packs ?   
    Sabine-TIE is already decent.  She's currently +5 points over a Black Squadron TIE, so +5 over the Green A would bring her to 37, and I think that would probably be acceptable.
    Hera B-Wing would be incredibly good, but manageable at Gina/Braylen prices.
    Hera A-Wing is a complete ****ing non-starter.  Given that an A-Wing will often enough be stressed from boosting, Hera changing between her blue moves is equivalent to setting her dial at Init 5 in the activation phase.  There's no way that's not absolute BS that should not exist in X-Wing.  For it not to be immediately obvious that this would be game-breakingly powerful is... *whistles*
    Why is the B-Wing fine but the A-Wing not?  Because Hera shifting on a B-Wing's limited blues isn't too bad, and when shifting the incredibly powerful red moves, well, they're red.  Potent, but manageable when well priced.  A-Wing with a wide-open blue dial, from 2-hards to 5 straight?  Yeah, no.
    Hera's great.  She should be in an A-Wing.  Just with some other pilot ability.  Not this one.
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