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  1. I read (and reread) the article pretty fast. Did they provide a name for that tusked moose creature? It's pretty scary. But I'm all about those banners - all three factions look so good! Also pleasant to see a decent looking Storm Sorceress, unlike the slightly goofy art in Rune Age. I was a little bummed about no Uthuk Y'llan. And the lack of info on the Infantry Unit Upgrade Expansion Pack leads me to believe that we'll get a more in-depth look at those figures before the Uthuk. Sigh. Two more weeks guys!
  2. The only thing I've ever painted is half of my Imperial Assault core set. But from the videos I've watched (like Sorastro's videos) it seems like that clean skull look comes from going over the washed surface with the base color again, and blending into the darker areas where the wash has settled. I've never tried it myself, and it sounds a bit tricky, but I'm looking forward to trying it out.
  3. It has to have something to do with manufacturing limitations/strategy. To get this game off the ground, they chose to pump out a bunch of Core Sets to get people playing. The other option would be to have those machines split between the factions, which means you have to carefully gauge interest in each faction, or wait a lot longer, with a lot more boxes in storage before release (I think somebody upthread mentioned this). Otherwise you have one faction sold out, and another sitting on store shelves. Then the players (or would-be players) say "Gee I'd love to get in, but my faction isn't available anywhere." That paints a bad picture for the company, too. Has FFG had problems in the past with providing enough product to keep FLGS shelves stocked? Yep. And it's no fun. HOWEVER, I can already hear you guys saying, "But Parakitor, the Core Set is already languishing on shelves. At least if factions sold out, there would be people playing this game!" True, you have a point. But I strongly believe that FFG did their homework, and released the two factions that appeal to the widest audience. You don't hear people say, "I'm not waiting for a faction because I've already got mine," but I think that most people fall in that camp. In other words, I think FFG is losing some sales because of limited factions at launch, but I don't think it's the biggest hurdle. I think the biggest challenge is convincing board gamers that this is one of the most elegantly simple hobby miniatures games, while at the same time convincing wargamers that this game provides immense depth and tactical/strategic complexity that is nested in a simple, yet solid ruleset. P.S. If they get the Descent people onboard, that bypasses the lore problem which has been brought up, which is probably part of the reason they're making this as accessible to board gamers as possible.
  4. TIE interceptors. Not the elite aces, mind you; I'm talking about the base, generic ships. They're fast enough for you. Seriously, the option of boost OR barrel roll, backed up by 3 dice is just magic. I've flown a the top aces a lot, too, and they are a blast! But getting 4-5 on the table is a completely different, yet rewarding feeling. TIE strikers get honorable mention. I've only played 3 games with 5x Scarif Defenders, but I haven't lost yet. They are so exciting and entertaining to fly because of all those crazy maneuver options. Love it! EDIT: Lt. Lorrir reminded me to put in a good word for him. He and I go way back, and I'll never forget the time I predicted Wedge's maneuver, and pulled that fancy barrel roll to where he had no shot after his maneuver, but Lorrir had range 1 and disintegrated him. Love that pilot!
  5. These look great! Daqan just seem to be meant to be blue, and you have added a nice touch with the silver. Just curious: how long did it take you to paint these? (Since you said it was quick and easy)
  6. I bought the cheap brushes from the craft store. They are AWFUL! I'm definitely going to need to buy some quality brushes. I hear Kolinsky Sable are good, so maybe I'll try those. Does this look good? Seems like an awful lot of brushes, but the price is hard to argue with.
  7. I have to agree with @BlodVargarna. In one game I was trying out Snap Shot on Snap Wexley, and was up against the named TIE phantoms. Even without R3-A2, Snap Shot did horrible things to that squad. Nien + R3-A2 is a force multiplier for that effect, though, and is just too good to pass up. My next tournament is generics only, but I think then I'll be ready to get back on the Triple T-70 horse for Store Championships. However, I do want to add that it's good for people to try out different things. For example, I will almost always pick BB-8 Poe over Regen Poe, and that's a play style thing. It would be boring if we all played the same Triple T-70s, anyway.
  8. As an entomologist, I approve of the coloration, which matches many of the carabid beetles. Nicely done!
  9. うあああああ!!! That is so AMAZING!!! I'm going to make terrain, too, but mine won't look nearly as good as yours. Fantastic job! EDIT: I can't get over how beautiful these look, so I'm going to say it again: THESE LOOK SO GOOD! EDIT 2: The ONLY thing wrong is that there aren't any cute lily pads in your pond. Again, not that I can do any better
  10. You have a point, but you're talking about Runebound & Descent vs. Runewars, Rune Age, BattleLore, and Runewars Miniatures Game. I think it's clear that the majority of that book will be focused on the warring factions and world-building, including key locations and a smattering of notable heroes/villains. And in my opinion, locations are key for this game. If Descent takes you deep inside a cave, why not have a great Runewars battle in the dell where the mouth of the cave is located? What do the trees of Nerekhall look like? Were there historic battles across rivers and fjords (I'm looking at you, Hernfar)? I think learning about the style and setting of locations can be a huge inspiration for terrain building, and even for scenario selection/creation.
  11. I pronounce "Aymhehlin" as "AY-meh-LIN". It's quirky having that first h in there, so I guess I just ignore it. I want videos from FFG to help us pronounce these names!
  12. Yeah, I had the exact same thought process. It seemed odd at first, but Waiqar is definitely WAAC (win at all costs) villain, and I totally see him as the type to revel in the chance to control the mighty warrior leader whose people had wronged him so. I, too, hope that the tournaments (or any kind of quarterly kit) have a solid story element. But I also think, as the jek has mentioned, that a campaign you can play over the course of several game nights, either in store or at home with your buddies, sounds really exciting.
  13. First, I liked the simple "campaign" in the launch kit, which was simply some missions strung together. While victory and defeat could just dictate which mission is next, I want there to be some more rewards. For example, in BattleLore: Command, each mission you complete unlocks more units for you to choose. For example, you start off with basic Yeomen Archers and Citadel Guards, but as you complete more missions, you add to your growing army more archers, Riverwatch Riders cavalry, Rune Golems and Roc Warriors. In some cases you can even choose which mission is next, and each one provides a different reward, but you can't take both. That's an interesting aspect that can be explored. However, I also hear that The Corellian Conflict has a problem where the once a player starts to get ahead, it's incredibly difficult for the other player to win. That would need to be toned down a bit in the campaign for this game. I like @jek's idea of creating/customizing heroes, because that fits so well with the Terrinoth games of RuneBound and Runewars. That would be awesome! Another crazy idea I had. Much later on, when the game has grown, Waiqar formulates a terrible plan. Seeing the power the Daqan Lords and Latari Elves, Waiqar decides that he needs the most powerful warrior of all on his side - Llovar Rutonu. He sends a troop of necromancers and warriors to retrieve the bones of Llovar and bring him back from the dead. Waiqar uses the Dragon Runes to control Llovar, but it isn't long before the blood sorceresses of the Uthuk find a way to break his hold, and Llovar is set free once again to lay waste to Terrinoth. I would hate for such a powerful figure to dominate the tournament scene, so he would need to be balanced in points and abilities, but for campaign play he needs to live up to the fear that everybody has of the leader of the Locust. They could release a Llovar Rutonu expansion pack that includes a unit card not only for standard play, but also for epic campaign play, where he is far more powerful and dangerous, and presents a challenge for the opposing player to overcome. Of course, campaign play would also need to be balanced, so I'm not sure how to address that, but this is just the first seed of this idea, and I wanted to share it with you.
  14. For some reason I read, "He got an adepticectomy." Now that's a nerf if I've ever heard one. Sounds painful, too!
  15. Perhaps you're on to something - FFG would get more sales from people buying the 'new hotness', whereas releasing them all at once would encourage people to stick to one faction. The current method gets people buying the core set, perhaps even if they are waiting for a different faction. And people that want a faction in the core set may also buy into another faction when it releases because it's new and cool. On the other hand, there's a good chance that some people will want to try a new faction later on down the line anyway, so maybe it all evens out? I know that after I get a good Waiqar army going, I'm going to start eyeing those Daqan expansion packs.