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  1. I have played the new Fly Solo rules a handful of times already, and it's pretty fun. You definitely need to be outnumbered to make it fair, and the opponents do some really stupid maneuvers sometimes, but even still, I've won as much as I've lost, so it's a challenge. In the document they mention even being able to use this system with huge ships, and I am dying to give it a try! Did anybody else catch that? They also mention "protect the transport" type missions, which I've quoted below. With that in mind, my first Epic solo game will likely be escape from Hoth, with a pair of X-wings defending a GR-75 transport from waves of enemy TIE fighters. I'm really excited to give it a try! The catch: I'm moving this week, so you won't see a report for a while. But I wanted to throw this out there in case anybody else wants to try a similar scenario. Should be fun!
  2. Bump. We're getting some good discussions on this channel, and I encourage you to come by and talk about this awesome game with us!
  3. Just a heads up that Cluster Missiles don't work with the Raider for multiple attacks. From the Rules Reference: "If an effect grants a huge ship a bonus attack that is a primary attack or a special attack with an “Attack:” header, it can perform only one bonus attack using that primary attack or “Attack:” header per round." The rub is that Ordnance Tubes causes you to fire ordnance as bonus attacks. And since the text for Cluster Missiles allows you to spend a charge to perform this attack again as a bonus attack, you're double dipping on that same attack header as bonus attacks. To get around it, you'd have to leave Ordnance Tubes off your Raider and fire the missiles as your main attack, but then you're giving up your primary attack in order to use Cluster Missiles. Cluster Missiles still serve their purpose on a Raider as a close-range 3-dice weapon with 4 charges, so it doesn't need to be reloaded often.
  4. They are cheap, it's true. How do you equip your double C-ROCs? Because I don't feel comfortable adding more than a single weapon on the GR-75. Probably just a Targeting Battery. But if I'm feeling really adventurous... GR-75 (65) - Luminous (12) - Point-Defense Battery (9) TOTAL: 67 Luminous not only grants an additional +2 energy capacity, but also allows the ship to deploy far forward to get enemy ships in range of the Point-Defense Battery sooner. Follow up with something like Quantum Storm behind it firing the Targeting Battery and using most of its energy to recover the Luminous' shields and you've got a pod of whales that's tough to crack. If you kit them out generously you're looking at roughly 150 points of GR-75, so at the 300 point level you've got half the squad still available for other ships. I think RZ-1 A-wings are a good balance because of their 3 agility compared the transports' 0 agility. P.S. I just realized these are Rebel builds, not Resistance. If you play with Resistance you won't be able to use the titles, but it could still work. Maybe. In fact, without the titles you'd have more points for the rest of your squad.
  5. Thanks for sharing. I've been on an X-wing hiatus since the lock down started. Been playing lots of classes games withthe family. But yeah, that Epic urge is hard to scratch these days. The online venues don't support Epic yet; maybe not ever. ***** I totally agree with your assessment of Bodhi. There is a lot of potential there, but I hesitate to make it a core part of the list because it paints such a big target on his head. Interestingly, this is the same problem I have with the GR-75. You can tool your list to really take advantage of its ship ability, but as soon as you start adding upgrades it becomes a target. And it really doesn't have the durability to be a target. Ideally, you send in a group of fighters to draw fire, than rock up there with your transport to start repairing the squad's shields, causing your opponent to question their choices in target priority. But like you said, the slow maneuvers of the GR-75 can make that a challenge. I simply haven't put it on the table enough to get that down. On the other hand, ships blow up in Epic. It's just going to happen. So maybe I shouldn't worry so much about these guys getting shot out of the sky, and just bring enough hearty threats to exact revenge.
  6. I just picked up Latari, and I find this thread supremely helpful. Great insights! I'm mostly commenting to make sure I can find it again. 😁
  7. My kids and I have been playing a lot of Rune Age, and my oldest is SO sad there are no Orcs for Runewars. We are picking up some more units to flesh out the existing armies (if for no other reason than to practice painting). And if they like the game well enough, we will definitely be testing out some fan-made Orc material.
  8. Eeehh....well....I can see the argument, but I don't think it holds up. Okay, so the key areas in these rules are "A player can select a wing leader and form a wing" tells me that you don't have the option of forming the wing or not. By equipping a wing leader card, you already are giving him wingmates, and your even assigning them specific positions in the wing as well. "During the Place Forces step of setup, the entire wing is placed immediately after the wing leader is placed at their initiative" (emphasis mine). Notice it doesn't use the word "may" anywhere in there. When you choose a wing leader, he/she has to set up with his/her wingmates on the field. I'm sure future upgrades will explore design space around setting up a wing that is already split, but it will likely be part of a scenario rather than general rules.
  9. It's true. But my style is more in the vein of launching generics in the system phase to royally mess up my opponent's flight path. I like having Soontir out and about to draw fire and be an annoyance since the guy is viewed as a threat, but doesn't hit any harder than a generic TIE interceptor.
  10. That's more than I remembered. I loved the 3-part Wraith Squadron Series (Wraith Squadron, Iron Fist, and Solo Command) but Mercy Kill didn't feel right to me, nor was it entertaining. Sadly.
  11. Minor point: "Ships that are part of a wing cannot be docked or placed in reserve unless a specific scenario dictates it." (Epic Rules Reference, p5 under "Placing Wings During Setup") But keeping Soontir docked until the herd has been thinned is a great tactic generally.
  12. Minor point: "Ships that are part of a wing cannot be docked or placed in reserve unless a specific scenario dictates it." (Epic Rules Reference, p5 under "Placing Wings During Setup") But keeping Soontir docked until the herd has been thinned is a great tactic generally.
  13. The other problem is that you'll often use your wing leader to reposition, meaning they will lack a green defensive token. Some pilots are able to both move and get a defensive token like Soontir Fel. But the ones that will probably do alright without a token because they have enough green dice to compensate are also the ones for whom Stealth Device costs the most. *Shrug* I think it's worth trying a few times, but I always seem to find better uses for my points than Stealth Device on a wing leader.
  14. Going to have to agree with that one.
  15. Question: Do you keep Wege's S-foils closed to allow for boosting, or open for maximum dakka? Or do you mix it up? EDIT: Also do you prefer named pilots or generics flying with Wedge?
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