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  1. Slightly envious. I have zero. I think they will look GLORIOUS in Epic battles. If you have 3 on the table, do you think it would be better to give each one an A-wing escort, or to fly the A-wings together in a wing? I guess we need more information on the wing rules, but it's something I've been wondering.
  2. I mean, in Republic Commando his ship got shot down by sniper rifles and small arms fire. 4-5 ships with 3 attack dice ought to be able to put some hurt on him. My current rough draft of a strategy is to overlap my arcs and try to catch him at range 2-3 where he can't Ensnare my ships. Incidentally, Snap Shot could be nice against him.
  3. The best part is that it's apparently some kind of ordnance 😂
  4. Yep. The Millennium Falcon can equip missiles, so it checks out. Edit: Ninja'd
  5. Fun fact about Geonosians: they were inspired by a termite colony which George Lucas saw during his drafting of Attack of the Clones. The Nantex-class starfighter's design resembles the head of the nasute termite, a special class of termite with the ability to spray an adhesive substance out of the tip to trap attacking insects in order to defend the colony. This likely influenced the idea of tractor beams on this ship. And if that was not an intentional parallel in design, it was a happy accident!
  6. You're right. The word "drone" specifically refers to male bees, but the geonosians are more similar to termites which have male and female workers. I guess it's possible in Star Wars that the Geonosian soldiers are all gender neutral. I know there are other gender neutral pronouns out there, but currently they aren't any less awkward to use than "they" because there are just so many variations.
  7. The constant use of the pronoun "they" got a little weird in some parts of the article. I guess the devs/LFL think bugs don't have males and females?
  8. So what would be the correct nomenclature? "Do you want to play a casual game where I can use my huge ship?" I guess that's technically correct, but it doesn't really roll of the tongue, you know?
  9. I look at those computer consoles/terminals out front and all I can think is, "I am one with the Force; the Force is with me." This would make a very impressive addition to a beaches of Scarif table.
  10. Wow. I'll have to think about fuses. Very interesting. @Vespid1311 I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with Vulture swarms. If it wasn't for Energy Shell Charges, I'd easily say that range 3 initial engagement is ideal. Kraken's ability to let them retain calculate tokens makes blocking less appealing. It's tough.
  11. First, I completely forgot about shields on Planetary Sentinels. This probably fits my play style better than anything I've tried yet. I need to get on that. Second, I tried Proximity Mines on my 5 Planetary Sentinels, but I didn't hit the enemy with a single mine. Granted, I was facing Republic Aces, but they idea was to drop a mine in them so they couldn't dodge it. Unfortunately, my attack vectors with strikers makes mines a no-go because my strikers are just as likely to run over them as my opponent. The one thing I could change is Slooping less and disengaging more so the aces follow and I drop mines as they chase me. But I'm actually thinking Seismic Charges and maybe Proton Bombs would be better because they have a wider area of effect. Not too sure though.
  12. I love that you said, "kriff." That's karking fantastic! https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Kark Hey, you tried!
  13. Nice report! Man, I haven't made it to an event in months, but I have a Hyperspace Trial at the end of August, and you can bet I'm putting the TIE/sk on the table once more. What I ran last time, and really had fun with was: Duchess Predator Captain Feroph Death Troopers 3x Planetary Sentinel This 199 point squad gives me four strikers and a Reaper, which increases the durability of the squad - even more durable than Countdown, if you ask me. With more effects that result in stress, I think it's worth giving the ol' Death Troopers a go again, and they will draw hate towards Feroph, allowing my i1 strikers some more play time. Problem is, last tournament I ran into an i3 Vulture Swarm, and those Planetary Sentinels had a heck of a time with that. I ended up losing with only a little damage done to the enemy. I'm wondering how the following list would do. Duchess Pure Sabacc 3x Black Sq. Scout This is similar to your idea of mixing generics and limited pilots. Yes, I'm paying 4 points per generic TIE striker just to get to initiative 3. Most 3-ship squad will have higher initiative still, but 5 ships against 3 still gives me good odds. Against 4-ship squads (barring those annoying Resistance squads) I should have higher initiative than at least one of the ships: like the classic 2 Jedi, 2 Troopers squad. I don't know. I guess I need to practice both and see what I like. -- In response to your thoughts on Elusive, I would have TOTALLY been against it last month. But I recently faced an IG-88 with Elusive that activated 4 times, and was successful 3 of those times. It was frankly irritating, and I think it might be worth exploring on TIE strikers again. -- P.S. I picked up my 6th TIE striker, and am so ready for TIE Striker wings in Epic!
  14. Yeah, I forgot that I bought glitter black felt for my first mat. The glitter got everywhere, so I dropped that one as soon as I could! 😁
  15. 3 maps: an HCD mat, Starkiller, and Bespin. I really want Death Star II over Endor, but I'm holding out for a Scarf mat...because TIE strikers.
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