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  1. Isn't there a Runewars tournament at GenCon in the middle of August? I thought I saw it on the event list.
  2. Rebel Captive, Rebel Captive, REBEL CAPTIVE! Sorry. Got a bit excited there. There has been a resurgence of Whisper players in my area, and it sucks. I'm going to bust out my old Kenkirk with Rebel Captive, Gunner, Isard, and Determination, and see if we can't show those phantoms a thing or two. Of course, VI RAC can probably take them on better, but I like Kenkirk.
  3. Yeah, I totally agree. Fleshrippers! As an aside, the Orcs of the Broken Plains ride dinosaur-like lizards.
  4. It's probably terrain that will come with one of their heroes, like Malaana. Could be interesting.
  5. This line also got me thinking: "Their violent warbands have gathered and are riding out of the wastes" Riding out. Is this just a fantasy war phrase I'm unfamiliar with, or will the Uthuk be mounted on some type of demonic creatures?
  6. It took me about 5 seconds to process that this was not, in fact, the preview of our missing locust swarm in Runewars, but a preview for Runebound. I think they did that on purpose.
  7. Good gravy! That's terrifying! Somebody please come up with a reason this won't work
  8. With the board so crowded, Proton Bombs seem devilishly good. And before someone posts that blasted meme, yes: you can bring both bombs and adjust your squad so it fits.
  9. @heychadwick, @Babaganoosh, & @Biff for bringing casual X-wing, especially scenarios, back on people's radar. And for a hilarious Podcast! @BlodVargarna & @gennataos for some incredibly insightful and fun discussion over on the Triple T-70 topic. And @LagJanson for meeting up at GenCon last year for an Epic showdown at my first Epic tournament. It was so much fun chatting before and after the event on the forums, and especially in person.
  10. This is clearly just my personal bias, but in 5 years of X-wing, I've got Mauler Mithel's ability to proc three, maybe four times. He's not a huge target, but his defense/offense ratio is low enough that my opponents take opportunistic shots at him on the approach... and they're usually rewarded. I've had far greater success with Backstabber, and he's cheaper. I really want to give Snap Shot Mauler Mithel a try, but 'once bit, twice shy.'
  11. As a staunch supporter of generic TIE interceptors, this title sounds incredibly fun! It brings them just a little closer to TIE striker levels of maneuverability, allowing them to focus, too. Ooh, it sounds so good! How much would it cost? Edit: I normally don't get this excited about custom cards, so the fact that you've got me this wound up just goes to show how much I like your idea...and how much I want to put the lower skilled squints on the table again.
  12. Wow. That is impressive speed. If you hadn't told me how fast you went, I wouldn't even suspect this was painted so quickly. Solid work!
  13. Do you get rerolls for additional ranks when using Fire Rune? I read somewhere that you don't, but looking at the card, it says, "Perform a [ranged attack]..." which makes me think you can reroll. You would also get to use threat, except the rest of the card replaces that with a special rule for using unstable energy runes instead. Is that the correct interpretation?
  14. Yikes. So I'm reading that basically I got lucky. Fair enough. I'm itching to try the 3x2 Archers. Oh wait. Tactics is what happened. He set his Rune Golem on the edge, with a rocky outcropping next to him, and his cavalry on the other side. So I set my archers on my edge so that his Cavalry wouldn't get a straight charge, and they couldn't turn to engage my archers without exposing their flanks to Ardus. So that helped keep my Archers alive. And Ardus performed an intercepting charge to engage the Rune Golem and prevent it from charging my Archers. The tactics in this game are so cool!
  15. I love this game! Just finished my first match of our Runewars league here in SoCal. 100 point armies for the first two weeks. I brought Ardus, Reanimates (4 trays), and two units of Reanimate Archers (2 trays each). Lots of fun trying to figure out what the opponent will do. I still feel like I haven't got a firm grasp of what I'm doing, but it's so fun just exploring this game. Every match is a treat. But the reason I posted in this thread is because of the discussion about Reanimate Archers. Is it just my bias, or are Reanimate Archers really good? Everybody talks about them like they're only good for dealing blight, but they managed to tear into Oathsworn Cavalry, Spearman, and even dealt a wound to the Rune Golem - without any rerolls. Anybody else having similar luck with Archers dealing damage, even without particularly building for it?