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  1. Parakitor

    Anti-Uthuk Daqan list

    I just want to add that Mortal Strike on the modifier of a ranged unit is superior than on a melee unit. Melee units will need to charge first, and then use their modifier the following round. Aliana doesn't mind so much, with a melee attack at initiative 3, but man, those Death Knights can get in trouble if they are facing an armored unit with a low-initiative melee, or if the opponent's initiative-4 unit is going first as player 1 the round after the charge. In this way, Kethra is definitely among the top armor busters.
  2. Parakitor

    Boxes shipping!

    I guess they're trying to get people excited to bring the new stuff to World's since they aren't legal for GenCon. Sneaky.
  3. Observation: This thread is all over the place, but people are genuinely respectful. Amazing. (okay, okay, I just wanted to talk like HK-47, too 😁)
  4. Interesting. Don't you rally off the blight first turn so that the Threshers have to catch up? Agreed. That's a very good point. If one of a thing is good, isn't two of that thing always better? How might the rest of the Waiqar army cover for weaknesses that would otherwise be there if you could take more than one Crossbowmen? The biggest weakness is that the threat of that unit gets ruined after suffering minor-moderate damage, so bringing something that doesn't lose threat that fast could be good. Also, engaging with a cheap Carrion Lancer to prevent them shooting Maro. It really is hard to look at units in a vacuum. But I have to concede that in the case of Spined Threshers, you may be right: 3 2x1's is probably better than Maro + a 2x1. The whole point of this topic is that Spined Threshers seem to be too good for the price. However, since I play Waiqar, I can't bring multiple Spined Threshers units, so I work with what I've got; and Maro brings a consistency and threat that isn't seen elsewhere in Waiqar's faction so he has value, imo. (Bonus thought: Spined Threshers' panic works well with Reanimates' morale modifier to get big panic tests. Again, maybe not as great as an Uthuk warband specializing in panic, but it's at least some measure of synergy.)
  5. @Maktorius, in my opinion, Ankaur Maro's winning feature is the double-hit modifier on his dial. With Violent Forces, that's only 4 damage, but he rolls Stable white dice, which makes it more potent. It really isn't a high amount of damage, but it's a pretty high amount for a ranged unit, because he can elect to shoot anybody in arc; melee units can be much more restricted in targeting choices. And it's super consistent. Also, Violent Forces Ankaur Maro is by his very design less about synergy, and more about standalone units, which is why he looks for the strongest units from all the factions to bring into his army with Hidden Lore of the Shadow Council. It always feels like a waste when I bring Maro but no out-of-faction units. But you're right: on paper it can be easy to dismiss him. (By the way, it pleases me how many Necromancer avatars are posting in this thread.)
  6. Ankaur Maro does work as an artillery piece that just hammers things that can't get to him. Setting up behind terrain, he can shoot things that have to come around to line up a charge, and on turns where he has no shot, after all other units are engaged for example, he can shift + rally to get Fortuna's Dice back up, and get ready to deliver another devastating volley. If he gets attacked, there's not really any "standing up" he can do. So I'm trying to evaluate the best Waiqar tarpit to hold up enemies. I ADORE Reanimates with Lingering Dead and Necromancer, but that dude is easy to snipe. I mean, against Spined Threshers he's fine because they don't roll accuracies, but if I'm going to put an anti-Spined Thresher champion in there, why wouldn't I go for Executioner?
  7. Dang it, man! You're making me want to crawl back to Maro again! He really is a well-balanced hero, with good strengths and weaknesses.
  8. Parakitor

    Scum and Villainy 75: 303 Squadron

    Wow. This article was exceptionally well-written* meaningful for me. The thing that really stuck out to me was that he was able to put into words how I felt about both "Rogue One" and "The Last Jedi". I walked out of "Rogue One" rather down, and I can't say I really loved it. I knew it would take a couple of viewings, so I wasn't about to go bad mouth it, especially with how much everybody said they loved it. I loved the first half, but to me, the second half of "Rogue One" was just sort of...there. When the author of the essay mentioned "indulgence" it finally clicked in my head why so many people said the second half of the movie was fantastic if you could just get through the first half, but why I wasn't quite sold: I wanted more character-focused moments like we had in the beginning (Jyn viewing her father's message was one of the highlights of the movie for me), and I took it really, really hard when EVERYBODY DIED! So sad. The Last Jedi" was different. It felt so kinetic. It had a sense of movement as we followed characters around, and saw many of them make some, frankly, terrible mistakes. But I loved that! It felt like Star Wars, you know? People make some pretty bad mistakes. The thing about "The Last Jedi" is that those mistakes have REALLY big consequences. But the message is that people can change, no matter how badly they have messed up. I think it was that message of hope that really shone through and overshadowed some of the things that I didn't like about the movie (like Canto Bight, which although I found a little frustrating, didn't make me angry the way it seems to have incensed other fans). I don't think it was a perfect movie, but a) the good parts far outweighed the bad parts, and b) the characters acted completely within their personalities. You might say, if it were a roleplaying game, that they got bonus points from the GM for excellent roleplaying, even though the choices were not ideal. Now, that's just my opinion, and it's one that others may have a completely different opinion about. And my thoughts are nowhere NEAR as eloquent as the author's, but his point of view allows me to enjoy the movie even more. Ah, I really didn't mean to write this much, but that essay really got me thinking. And I know there are people that disliked the movie, but I agree with the author that we need to be equipped with the vocabulary to discuss (not argue) what it is we liked/disliked about it. When people call the "TLJ haters" all sorts of mean names, if that name doesn't describe you, then don't get upset about it. Okay, so we shouldn't name-call in the first place, but getting angry only makes you look more like one of the "misogynistic crybabies". When people say that those who like The Last Jedi are just "Disney apologists" or "they can't think for themselves", I just have to let it roll off my back because I'm neither of those things, so why should I get upset? Anyway, thanks for sharing the article. Very enlightening. Now I need to listen to your episode 😄 P.S. Loved, LOVED what he pointed out about the Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes. My wife and I had a good discussion about that. *Yeah, the article wasn't really "well-written" with all the typos, but it was certainly well-structured and thought provoking.
  9. This is where Deepwood Archers' double blue comes in handy. Block with Scion, snipe out Aggressive Shrieker with archers. I know...easier said than done.
  10. Parakitor

    Vorun thuul place in Waiqar list building

    I honestly haven't given it a lot of thought yet, but my instinct is a 12-tray unit of Reanimates with Ardus upgrade as the start of that list. As long as Lord Vorun'thul has line of sight, he should be able to find a way to engage with whomever is engaged with the Reanimates. I'd probably throw in some 2x1 Reanimate Archers with Combat Ingenuity so Ardus can deal blight with surges. Here's the rough draft: Reanimates [64] 4x3 Ardus IxErebus [23] Front Line Carrion Lancer [5] Blighted Vexillum Bearer [3] Aggressive Drummer [5] Lingering Dead [3] Total Unit Cost: 103 Lord Vorunthul [40] 1x1 Total Unit Cost: 40 Reanimate Archers [18] 2x1 Combat Ingenuity [6] Total Unit Cost: 24 Reanimate Archers [18] 2x1 Combat Ingenuity [6] Total Unit Cost: 24 191 points, so Lord Vorun'thul should have room for upgrades. It's probably too many upgrades on the 12 tray Reanimates, but they combo well. This will do okay this tournament season, but the 12 tray is easily flanked, so Demoralize Their Forces is rough. But next season we lose Demoralize Their Forces, and pick up Sieze the Artifacts, which will be a good one for this list. P.S. you mentioned the 6-tray Reanimates as an anvil, but they can't take Lingering Dead until the 9-tray, so I think they'd fold pretty quickly.
  11. Parakitor

    Gnutten paints Terrain

    These are fantastic! I love what you did with the Stronghold and the Swamp. And how did you get that cobblestone look on the Temple Ruins?
  12. Parakitor

    Let's predict X-Wing 2.0 Wave 2!

    Wow. I'm honestly shocked you didn't go with "Manless" and "Brainless" respectively 😉. I understand the hate, even though I don't agree with it - I thought the sequel movies were both great.
  13. Parakitor

    Let's predict X-Wing 2.0 Wave 2!

    Yeah, yeah, ships are cool, but what about the "___less" upgrades? Scum: Fearless Rebel: Selfless Imperial: Ruthless Resistance: ??? First Order: ??? I think the Resistance should have something about bravery and perseverance. Dauntless, perhaps? Though that gets confusing because of the Decimator title. Maybe Effortless to portray the skill of their star pilots? Merciless or Mirthless could work for the First Order. Countless would be a great swarm Talent, but that fits the Galactic Empire better, I think. Reckless to represent their fanaticism? Weariless? (Forgive me if this had already been discussed; I haven't seen it yet).
  14. Parakitor

    Scouting the Battlefield

    I think he literally meant what he said: 1x4, so 1 threat and 3 rerolls. That's some crazy shenangians! And it keeps Kari safe because they have to chew through 3 trays before they can target her. Without accuracies. @natertot, I endorse this plan!
  15. Parakitor

    Scouting the Battlefield

    That's solid. Ooh, I really like that! It allows them to dial in the hit modifier, with just a touch of defense while they wait. I originally thought of Spearmen for that, but I remembered that they don't have a Training slot. Good call on Oathsworn Cavalry.