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  1. At the Printer!

    Nah, Legion will get put on hold eventually, just like all their games. All of their products have to take turns, but the popular ones get a "to the front of the line" pass sometimes. X-wing had been very fortunate in their release schedule, but even they have had to wait sometimes. I'm not terribly worried about Runewars.
  2. Runewars Versus: Fields of Fire

    In my opinion, Allen had a good setup, but the objective worked against him. What he would like to do is sit there and wait for the Uthuk to come into range, use Vicious Roots to tie up Ravos while the Deepwood Archers pepper him with arrows, and then attack him with Aliana. The problem is that the raging inferno can do some serious damage, so it's important for the Latari to get a move on. Maybe he should have accepted the losses and hunkered down? Meanwhile Maegan moves up field so she has some protection from charges due to the placement of the Spikes, and she does her ranged magic to try lighting up the demons with her thunderbolts. One thing that isn't clear to me is how the Deepwood Archers fell. Was it the Spined Threshers that did them in? I could totally see that because it's 3 threat vs. 3 threat. I wonder how helpful Close-quarters Targeting was.
  3. Runewars Versus: Fields of Fire

    They didn't say, "Join us next time." So was that the last Versus article? Did they forget to do Waiqar vs. Daqan? I can't find that one in the list of news articles
  4. I guess this is my thing, so here we are again with another Versus article. Yay! Now that I've posted this, I need to go read the article. Looking forward to the discussion!
  5. TIE/D’s in Epic

    Now that's a dance I want to see!
  6. TIE/D’s in Epic

    TIE/D defenders love Comms Booster for extra focus tokens. Fleet Officer and Operations Specialist also help. Once they have multiple focus tokens, that are really tough to take down, especially when those tokens are handed out by a huge ship whose actions can't be blocked. I really like the Delta Sq. Pilot with Ion Cannon and Twin Ion Engine Mk II. Glaives are good, but once you put an Elite Talent on them, they get expensive. The Delta above is 34 points, while a similar Glaive sporting Predator costs 41. I honestly think that both have a place in Epic, but it depends on what mission you give them, and how you support them with your other ships. Low PS generics fit my play style better, and now that Predator is limited to 4 per epic squad, I don't have to worry about that card single handedly ruining my day.
  7. Future Units

    Yeah, the Siege Golem is from BattleLore. It's a fantastic game. I don't own it, but my brother does, and I've played with him a few times. The game makes for a lot of really cool moments when you make surprise moves with your units, or you reveal special cards to power up your units at the right time. I think the only reason it didn't sell well is because it doesn't lend itself to tournament play, and they already have the Runewars board game to satisfy the epic board game crowd. So this sits somewhere between a board game and a miniatures game. It boils down to two players mustering their army using a points system, and then battling head-to-head, which is much more like a miniatures game, but setup takes some time. The Siege Machine is from Rune Age, the deck building game set in the world of Terrinoth. Also a fun one, though I mostly play the cooperative scenarios.
  8. Future Units

    Yeah, the two established possibilities are the Siege Machine: and the Siege Golem: (Top row, center). I'm not sure which one I'd like more. They're both good, but the Siege Machine isn't fantastical enough for me, while the Siege Golem seems too much like the Rune Golem. I'd be happy with either, but I can't choose between the two.
  9. RRG 17 Closing In: "If two units are engaged and a game effect removes one or more trays from one of those units such that those units are no longer engaged, the unit that did not have any trays removed may close in." (Emphasis added) If you look at the diagram for Closing In on page 22, we see the exact same situation as Zetan showed above. If the Oathsworn Cavalry were still engaged corner-to-corner, they would NOT be able to close in. I find this to be conclusive evidence that when a tray is removed such that the two units are no longer in contact along an edge, then they are no longer engaged, i.e., units can not be engaged corner-to-corner when a tray is removed.
  10. Are you guilty of these gamer habits?

    Yep. It's that trick that makes me want to bring Captivating Hexer, but because the Leonx roll two blue dice, they can pretty reliably take out that figure so that it doesn't matter. Sigh.
  11. Are you guilty of these gamer habits?

    The other good thing about Gunner is that you only make that mistake once.
  12. Future Units

    @Athelin, that is a beautiful card! I almost think a trebuchet could only fire beyond range 5, but it gets a little wonky if on the Long Canyon deployment it could sit at the back and launch all the way across 6' of table.
  13. Future Units

    Most people load to a third-party site, like imgur, Flickr, etc.
  14. Are you guilty of these gamer habits?

    Oh man! There's a local who definitely does the mumble thing. Your demonstration made me laugh out loud because it's sooo accurate! I've definitely pulled the two-timing trick, and I always feel guilty after I do it. The worst has been in X-wing, when a player says, "You could spend your evade token to dodge the whole attack," and when the other player does so, the first player says, "Okay, I use Gunner to fire again." Ugh!
  15. Waiqar v Latari

    Yep, 100% agree on all counts. I might drop the Lancer from time to time, but it's really solid against siege units. I guess it mostly depends on if I need 5-6 points elsewhere in the army. It's better if you have Blighted Vexillum Bearer, but I am finding that Cursed Signets is really good for large blocks of Reanimates. So far, I've never regretted taking it, and I have certainly wished I had it in games where I didn't take it. Yeah, I thought the same thing, but it's hard to tell at the beginning of the match sometimes. They definitely would have made short work of Maegan and the Scions