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  1. I do have a question/proposition. There are rules for using Huge ships as obstacles - would this be appropriate in fighter squadrons? For example, could I sub out 3 of my 6 obstacles to instead bring a huge ship that just functions as an obstacle (flipping the cardboard token to starfield-side up)? The only thing cooler than fighters zipping around, is fighters weaving among corvettes and transports. And having them be obstacles, the fighters will focus on dogfighting, and ignore the huge ships.
  2. PSA: Epic is Format, Huge Ships are a Type.

    ...aaaand now it's an official rule. As for me, I haven't found it to be unbalanced for one player to have no huge ship. I guess I just expect to face just small and large ships when I include a huge ship in my squad, and plan accordingly.
  3. New Tournament Regulations

    My only problem is that I own 8 TIE interceptors, and I have worked hard to acquire alternate art Push the Limit cards to bring my total up to 8. But now, even though I can run 8 TIE interceptors, they can't all have Push the Limit. I guess my Alpha Squadron Pilots are going to see even more play now.
  4. New Tournament Regulations

    Partially true. The old rules limited 8 of each ship type per player, so a total of 16 of a ship type per team. Now it's only 12.
  5. New Tournament Regulations

    I've scoured the document but haven't found that yet! Everybody in my local Discord group is talking about that. EDIT: Oh, found it. Crazy!
  6. New Tournament Regulations

    So nobody is talking about the new Epic tournament rules yet? Limit on number of small ships of same type decreased from 12 to 8. Limit on number of large ships of same type decreased from 6 to 4. Every squad is required to have 2-5 epic points. You can only deploy within Range 1 now. Obstacles cannot be placed at Range 1-2 of any edges.
  7. Waiqar v Waiqar League Match

    Very cool to see Ankaur Maro's Shadow Council bring in some demon Flesh Rippers. Looks like it was a pretty close game, although he was not in a great position to be able to continue fighting off the Carrion Lancers and Ankaur Maro, were the game to keep going.
  8. If it makes you feel better, @TheWiseGuy, I have a coworker who is a gamer, and I talk to him about my adventures with Runewars quite often. After telling him that I lost to @Budgernaut this weekend, he looked at me and asked, "Do you ever win?" I paused and reflected - nope, at least not very often. I guess it's a testament to the game that I keep coming back even though I keep getting defeated.
  9. Ravos autowound

    I think he meant, "Can you shoot through them." The lake/pond is Exposed, but if a unit occupies it, can you still shoot a unit on the other side? I actually don't know the answer to this one.
  10. I feel an uptick with this game

    Uuhh...don't X-wing ships usually go through the whole process? And if they don't, isn't it reasonable that that would be the exception, not the rule? They are FFG's cash cow after all. And they have movie tie-ins that require carefully times releases. I wish people would stop comparing Runewars to X-wing. It has much more in common with Armada, which has a more tempered release pace. And I do believe, as others have said, that at some point they're going to need to have concurrent releases among factions so that every faction gets something new at the same time. They can either hold off on stuff that's already developed, or speed up production on the stuff that's still being developed. Some players probably would like speed, but I'd rather have a well-developed game. Besides, with Legion likely hugging up printers, they aren't really in a position to ramp up production of Runewars.
  11. Practice list for Store Championship

    My biggest concern is Ankaur Maro on the Reanimates. The only thing he can add trays to is the archers because he has to add trays to another Waiqar infantry units. But with Wind Rune, the Reanimate Archers will easily move out of range of his necromantic powers. I might go with Ardus in the 9-tray block instead here to a) add a die, and b) get more surge results. You could then change the Lancer to a Front Line variety so you can take advantage of the archers launching blight by adding mortal strikes. That's how I would modify this army, but it did change how it works quite a bit. The new total is 197, if I calculated correctly.
  12. I spent a long time trying to figure out what that "6" meant in the article's title, and it just occurred to me that it probably says, "Wave 6." Wonder why Darnati Warriors were left out.
  13. FFG if you're watching no news is bad news

    I noticed the same thing, and came to the same conclusion. I really think FFG is prepared to play the long game with Runewars. The slow burn, if you will. The problem is keeping stock on store shelves because there are so many different boxes a store has to carry. I know I can just go to the owner and say, "Hey, order me a box of Death Knights," and he'll accommodate me, but most people will only by what's on the shelf, or they'll go online to buy what isn't at the store. So I guess we'll just have to see how FFG's strategy works. I look at this situation like restaurant chains. In really big cities you may have a Dunkin Donuts and a Mister Donuts, but smaller areas will have only one or the other. Similarly, some areas will do Infinity or Malifaux, others have Runewars, and still others support all three. Just because it's dying in your area, doesn't mean the game will be discontinued. There's a larger picture. Yeah, it sucks when your player base dries up. I wish I had good advice if you are in such a situation. I have a good local group, and we're excited about the new stuff on the horizon. Game's not dead.
  14. MN Collection for Sale

    Attaboy, @vashman2002! It's a blast!
  15. FFG if you're watching no news is bad news

    That's all well and good, but the negative comments keep would-be players from buying in. THAT'S how it's toxic to the game and the community. "Come on, let's keep a little optimism." (Star Wars quote, I know, but I just had to.)