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  1. I have to know: what is your strategy/protocol for using Maro in this setup to add trays? I usually bring this setup thinking that I'm not going to use his necromantic magics, but I always get scared and give up attacking to add 2 trays to a struggling infantry unit. Not sure if I should use his activation that way, since he has a powerful attack.
  2. You made me laugh out loud. So funny!
  3. This guy's got the right idea. Saturation Salvo isn't an upgrade, it's a play style. If you can consistently launch ordnance, you know you're going to miss sometimes. But if you roll dice enough times, you'll get damage to stick. Now, Unguided Rockets aren't my first choice because Saturation Salvo will only proc against ships with an agility value of 1. Perhaps something more along the lines of: Rho Squadron Veteran (Homing Missiles, OS-1 Arsenal Loadout, Saturation Salvo, Advanced SLAM) Unfortunately that's 32 squad points. But if you keep the TL on the target, you can SLAM and reload and fire every round. If you have a good roll, spend the TL to get damage to stick. If you only roll 1 hit, save the TL and let the attack miss. Homing Missiles are expensive, but they'll hit just about every ship in the game. A cloaked TIE phantom with Stealth Device is the only exception, I think. You can probably get away with any of the 3 point missiles, but there are still enough ships with AGI 3 flying around, and they're the ones you're most likely to miss, so I think Saturation Salvo is practically married to Homing Missiles. I could be way wrong. I'm not saying it's good, but there are ways to make it work for you. I can see myself giving this a try a few times.
  4. I was thinking of using Seismic Torpedoes on at least a couple. You can reload those, right? Clear the asteroids so you can SLAM safely the rest of the game. Only thing is, you won't be able to attack when you SLAM without the title, so I may need to rearrange some things.
  5. So who's looking forward to running the Assault on Grayskull Base campaign instead?
  6. I considered it for a hot second, but I talked myself out of it. I don't need to buy more scum ships I know I'll never fly. It'll be Tractor Beams for me. (On the same topic, I wish there were more packs that came with Seismic Torpedoes. I really want to try some goofy squads, but I think I've put my ARC-170 on the table only once, and I'm not about to buy any more of them just for that upgrade. So I keep on flying TIE strikers, interceptors, and /sf's instead. I guess I could proxy...shudder).
  7. Very true. One of my 4 will be equipped like that
  8. I just realized that if I want to do damage with a cannon when I SLAM, I need to buy some M3-A Interceptors - I don't have any Flechette Cannons. Sad. Whelp, guess it's Tractor Beam for these guys.
  9. Eh, no skin off my back - I'm not going to Worlds, and I can't afford an army of Death Knights any time soon. I will edit my post.
  10. I think if we want to talk meta, looking at the tournament season's objectives is a good place to start. The white skill modifier is excellent for Confluence of Magic...which so far hasn't been a legal objective. Nevermind. But Demoralize Their Forces is now active, and the blue Reform on the modifier dial will be supreme for setting up flanking charges. That gives Death Knights a huge advantage over Oathsworn. And if you're feeling froggy, you could even shift to disengage () and then hit them again! You pull that gimmick off just once and you've got a 20% lead on points without having killed anything. I'm not sure anybody would let you do that to them, but if you have multiple Death Knight units, you've got a good chance to win that objective. The other objectives are Bounty and Supply Raid. I think Supply Raid is kind of neutral for these guys. A large unit will let you kill opposing units that are carrying supplies, while multiple small units of Death Knights will allow you to quickly pick up supplies, and maybe make a run for it. Maybe. Not sure the best way to approach this objective. Bounty worries me a little. If you have, for example, two Death Knights at 4 trays each, that's about half your army (84 base cost; I'm assuming you've put some good upgrades on them). If they are your main melee attackers, what do you choose for your tough-to-kill unit that stays out of the way? I like the idea of supporting the Death Knights with Reanimate Archers, but those are hardly tough enough to be your bounty unit, unless maybe you could leverage Wind Rune to keep them out of the fight. A big scary block of Carrion Lancers with Shield Wall might also be a good bounty unit, but I'm not sure what that would bring to the table in your games with other objectives. Maybe Master-Crafted Weapons + Combat Ingenuity is better, playing to the old adage, "The best defense is a good offense." Or there's always Ardus Ix'Erebus who can give people fits if you keep him safe from units that have large threat before sending him in. Looking offensively, the Death Knights have the speed and maneuverability to hunt down the opposing bounty unit, and I think they also have the attack profile and stamina to break through opposing units that are blocking the enemy bounty unit. In summary, I think Death Knights have a good chance this tournament season, including Worlds. If we had Confluence of Magic instead of Supply Raid, I'd be tempted to buy a whole army of Death Knights. Of course, I've only done half the analysis. Next step is to go through this same thought process for other factions, and figure out if the best units for them to use in these objectives are susceptible to Death Knight tactics.
  11. Because the people deserve to know...?
  12. This is what I always used to think. Now I'm wondering...what about using File Leader, Raven Standard Bearer, Flank Guards? I could have Ankaur Maro in position to add trays as needed. This way I'm not quite as worried about charges or flanks, which is important when presenting this giant broadside to the opponent. Willange, all great advice. I have a feeling I'm going to need to learn those principles more than once . I particularly agree with that bit about Ardus. Adding the white die gives the possibility of adding surges, which can blight the opponent if the Archers are nearby, which adds to survivability. I used to love the idea of a giant unit with Necromancer and Lingering Dead, but Necromancer gets taken out so easily, it's sad. I've been running 3x2 of Reanimates and 2x2 of Reanimate Archers due to lack of figures. I suppose instead of a 12-tray unit, I could do a 6-tray supported by the 2x2 w/Ankaur Maro equipped, if I also include Ardus in my army. if the 6-tray has a Carrion Lancer, that leaves me 3 trays of Reanimates to add right at the start of combat. So many decisons! I love this game, but I knew I'd love it even more with more expansions!
  13. If I understand correctly, @Xquer is wondering if the source of rerolls are actually ranks when using Column Tactics. I think the core confusion comes from the fact that the Learn to Play Guide makes a big deal about ranks being horizontal. So if you use Column Tactics, it flips things so that now ranks would be vertical, and thus they wouldn't really be ranks any more - EXCEPT that the card calls out that "Your number of ranks for rerolls is equal to the number of trays in your front rank." That means that you don't get the reroll when flanked because the source of your rerolls is still referred to a as "ranks."
  14. I just picked up my second Core Set and Reanimates pack, bringing my total to 12 trays of Reanimates. How have people found the 12-tray unit to work? I'm drawn by the Threat 4 because I'm tired of being smacked around by Spearmen and Oathsworn Cavalry. I know there has been success with a 12-tray supported by a 4-tray with Ankaur Maro equipped, but can a 12 tray be effective on its own? I fully acknowledge that large infantry units aren't everybody's favorite way to play, but I'm really looking forward to it.
  15. Rule 47.2: A unit that is engaged with an enemy unit cannot perform a march action. If it reveals a march action, that action is canceled. So the best way to get your mileage out of Blighted Vexillum Bearer is to include a Tacitcal Drummer, but that might be throwing good points for bad. I've tried it a few times, and haven't had a whole lot of success.