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  1. Parakitor


    "Pick up your visual scanning!"
  2. Parakitor

    New Hyperspace?

    Maybe. But where's the Decimator?
  3. Parakitor

    New Hyperspace?

    Iiiinteresting. Options for the Upsilon.
  4. Parakitor

    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    Well, I only have two, so here's what I ran: Upsilon-class Shuttle - Starkiller Base Pilot - 68 Starkiller Base Pilot - (56) Perceptive Copilot (8) Advanced Optics (4) TIE/sf Fighter - •“Quickdraw” - 65 •“Quickdraw” - Defiant Duelist (45) Fanatical (2) Fire-Control System (2) Shield Upgrade (6) Special Forces Gunner (10) Upsilon-class Shuttle - •Lieutenant Tavson - 67 •Lieutenant Tavson - Obedient Shuttle Pilot (62) •Captain Phasma (5) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Perceptive Copilot + Advanced Optics is LEGIT! Quickdraw + Shield Upgrade is LEGIT! Tavson is...you get the idea. Below, I've included pictures of a beautiful range 1 kill shot from my Starkiller Base Pilot (out of arc!) on Vennie. Rolled 2 h, 1c, 1 focus, 1 blank. Spent the two focus tokens for 4h 1c!
  5. Parakitor

    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    So, is it just me, or are these things REALLY strong even without Dormitz shenanigans? I ran two with Quickdraw. VERY impressed.
  6. Parakitor

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I gave you a like just because of how well written this is. A+. Gold star.
  7. Parakitor

    The value of generics?

    These are good thoughts, but the part I bolded gives me pause. Who decides if you have a ship who moves last? If you have an i5, do you also need a bid? This kind of defeats the purpose of taking cheap generics in my opinion. I think there are squads of generics that really don't need an ace to counterbalance. For example: 5x Black Sq. Scout (Predator) is 200 points, with five i3 ships. But they all have 'double mods' if you get the bulls eye arc. They'll even move after things like Gray Sq. Bombers and Academy Pilots. Also, Sloane Strikers: Captain Feroph (Admiral Sloane), 4x Planetary Sentinel: Again, highest initiative is 3, but it can really pull its weight. (Do note that I have not made it to large tournaments to test these, but I never feel I have a bad matchup - every game feels winnable, which I really like). ---------------------------- Now I have to admit that I do agree that a high-initiative ship is helpful. I've recently put this together for Hyperspace, and I really like it: Captain Feroph (Death Troopers) 3x Planetary Sentinel Duchess (Predator) Duchess makes an excellent closer, so you want to keep her safe, but she also makes pretty good bait to allow the Planetary Sentinels unanswered shots on a target. I've toyed with taking Death Troopers off Feroph to give Duchess Afterburners to help her play the bait even better, but it makes me nervous having her that expensive, and Feroph doesn't draw any ire from the opponent without some valuable crew on board. So here's another question: what could you add to this list instead of the 102 points of generic strikers that would make it better? I'll be honest, theme and ship number are the main reasons I feel comfortable with this list, but I'm curious what you think may have more value than my sentinels here.
  8. Parakitor

    The value of generics?

    Wow. Looks like generic TIE phantoms are popular. At least popular enough to generate some good discussion. And rightly so, considering their action economy. Still, generics can offer a variety of different benefits, even without action economy. Numbers. For me, the big draw to generics is numbers. For example, I tried to fly a Reaper + 3 named strikers, but with only 4 ships, I struggled in the war of attrition, because in a high-initiative meta, my ships disappeared first, and I didn't have the firepower to contend. Dropping 2 of them down to generics (and dropping some upgrades) allows me to add a ship to have the firepower to punish my enemies even if one of my ships gets initiative-killed. Blocking. Sure, action economy is great, but when you have a lot of ships on the board, you can afford to let a cheap one get in the way of the opponent. If you're savvy, you can even do so in such a way that the ship gets a shot at other ships in the opposing squad. In general, the fewer ships you have, the less likely you want to block (although blocking with a damaged ship to keep it safe is always a tactic to keep in your back pocket). Aesthetics. This is a Star Wars game. I started playing for the theme, and although the game mechanics keep me here, the theme really helps. One thing that appears over again in the movies is paired wing men. While the Rebels often get named pilots in the films, we see the Empire often employing escort ships in pairs. I enjoy having a sense of symmetry in my squad by using paired generics to escort a more expensive ship. This helps with theme, but I think it may be a more basic aesthetic preference that I've grown up with (could it be because I am a twin???). #4 Puzzle. Eh...I may be stretching here, but hear me out. One of my favorite things about strikers is figuring out where those Adaptive Ailerons will take me. It's extremely rewarding to predict where you are going, and then land in that very spot. But this extends beyond TIE strikers. You can use any generic to predict where your opponent is going, and set up the perfect shot. Yes, you can do this with elite pilots as well, but it's such a thrill to set up that kill box and watch as the inevitability of your opponent's demise sinks in as they witness their plans come apart maneuver by maneuver. Ah, sweet victory. Anybody else experience the same feelings about generic-wing?
  9. Parakitor

    The Land Endures

    I was just thinking about how I would feel if one day I opened up the FFG homepage and *BAM!* new article announcing the next wave of Runewars. I would be sooo excited! ...but where would I buy it? Yeah, we, the players, feel let down and a little betrayed that FFG dropped this game with seemingly little effort put in to building it up. But imagine how the stores feel. Those that still carry the game are slashing prices and probably won't carry it. That said, you could still order it through your FLGS, but I just feel that the stores are the real victims in this story.
  10. Parakitor

    The value of generics?

    @Boom Owl, that's a LOT of problems! But you summed it up nicely. @viedit Also a good point about the format. If you are thinking specifically of one format, it's a good idea to mention that to avoid being misunderstood.
  11. Parakitor

    The value of generics?

    @McGarnacle Has started an interesting topic here on the forums. In summary, people subjectively apply a ranking (1-10) on the pilots of ships in the Galactic Empire. He takes the community's scores for a couple ships at a time, and we're only 4 ships in, but something really interesting has cropped up: the value of generics. Generics are almost always ranked lower (and often far lower) than named pilots. I admit that if you told me to take any number of ships regardless of points, I would choose named pilots. The higher initiative (often) and the helpful pilot abilities (sometimes) make it the right choice. But of course, we DO have points assigned to these generic and limited pilots, so our choices must take cost into account. So what's the point of generics? Or, phrased another way, "What does a generic need to bring to the table to score as high as a named pilot?" This is definitely a problem for the TIE striker in the thread I linked to. The Black Squadron Scout gets the worst of it, but the Planetary Sentinel doesn't make it high on the list either. The TIE defender, on the other hand, received a lot of mid-high votes for the i1 Delta Sq. Pilot. What goes through your mind as you contemplate adding a generic ship to your squad? What role do they play, and why do you choose the generic over a limited pilot? I look forward to your responses.
  12. I had a TIE striker on preorder to get my 5th one. But then a friend was selling off his Galactic Empire Conversion Kit and sold me his striker model, too so now I have what I need to run 5 TIE strikers, and enough models and dials to run 6 TIE interceptors, 4 TIE bombers, and 12 TIE fighters. It was a much better deal. I still kind of want the quick build cards, but I'll be okay for now. And now I'm ready for EPIC!!!
  13. Parakitor

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I am of the opinion that RZ-2 A-wings require skill to fly. I've faced it twice with different lists and beat it both times: 1) triple selfless veteran turret gunner Y-wings + Wedge 2) double Upsilons + Quickdraw I have no doubt Resistance A-wings are good, but I don't think they are OP. /(un)popularopinion
  14. Parakitor

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Ooh, why I oughta...! It's a good thing you posted here instead of some other thread or else... well, I guess I couldn't do anything to you because I fly TIE strikers. 🤷‍♂️
  15. Parakitor

    What is the point of double modifications on tie interceptors?

    You are a bad, bad man. P.S. Hey FFG, striker profile pic when?! You killed Runewars, so I kinda want my favorite ship as my avatar.