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  1. Parakitor

    Alternate terrain rules ideas

    I gave it a try just positioning units. For the most part, it actually doesn't make a huge difference. The times it does make a difference is on terrain like Forest/Stone Terrace that has a little protrusion. Figure 1): Traditional terrain rules allow the Spined Threshers to position off the protrusion to attack the Reanimates when they scuttle out of the forest. Figure 2): With the rule proposed by Jukey and myself, the Spined Threshers would be constrained in their deployment position.... ...but of course, anybody with experience knows that the Threshers can simply scuttle out with terrain on their left side, and there's no question they can flank the Reanimates. So our rule helps cut out on silly terrain gimmicks that feel really cheap, but unless the field around terrrain is quite congested, it doesn't really cut out options for the one emerging from terrain. And there's one more odd problem. Figure 3): The Reanimate Archers decide to exit terrain facing southeast, but the space between their two most central connectors doesn't actually touch the Forest at this spot. But it looks on the surface like a totally legal and legitimate deployment. Once again, all they need to do is slide to the left or right a little bit and they center of the back edge of the unit will be touching the terrain, but it does mean that terrain with concave edges get really weird, especially for larger units. All in all, I like the rule thematically so that units can't stretch extra far when they move out of terrain, so that just the corner is touching. But as far as an gameplay, this rule doesn't really have that strong of an effect, so for the sake of clarity, I'm inclined to just leave it out. But as I just said, it's a really huge win on the appearance of not taking advantage of the system.
  2. Parakitor

    The Land Endures

    I just remembered how bitter I was when L5R was announced and they had lore articles for that game, but not for Runewars. I'm not sure how much it would have helped the game, but it would DEFINITELY have been appreciated.
  3. Parakitor

    The Land Endures

    Well, you may have a point. It's got a pretty good review on Boardgamegeek, but I imagine lots of the people who were less than enthused about it didn't waste their time rating it - it is a miniatures game, after all; not a boardgame. But to me, the dials were the selling point. It's what made X-wing so enthralling, and it's definitely a strength of Runewars, in my opinion. I can see where some people might not like it. The other thing I heard people complain about was that it looked "too kiddie." I think a combination of the theme, which up until Uthuk was kind of fantasy-lite, and the maneuver templates that made it feel boardgamey rather than a "real" miniatures game. That's fine, people can feel that way, but both of these things were a + in my book. Maybe consumers like me are few and far between. Yep, I heard this one a lot, too. I totally agree.
  4. Parakitor

    The Land Endures

    Now this is an interesting point. What will it take to dispel the "generic fantasy" image? I ask honestly, because I'm not well versed in fantasy. Is D&D also considered "generic fantasy"? What makes one world strikingly different from the last. Don't the rune shards and the Three Darknesses do enough to establish this as it's own unique world?
  5. Parakitor

    Alternate terrain rules ideas

    I had the same thought! I meant to pull out my terrain and some trays to see if this really delivers the desired effect, but I fell asleep instead. I think this would be a huge improvement. I can't wait to go home and test it out!
  6. Parakitor

    The Land Endures

    This I agree with. On my bike ride into work this morning, the thought occurred to me, "I'm never getting my barrow wyrm." I wanted to cry. I guess I could go look for BattleLore, but I really wanted to see its magnificence on my table amidst my painted armies and the terrain I am working on. It's a crying shame. Thank you for sharing. You are the first person I've heard of that has complained about the rules, but I am sure there are more people out there. So many people say that it's the best fantasy war game they've ever played, but it's the only one I've played, so I have nothing to compare it to (except X-wing, and I love X-wing. Or, I loved X-wing, but Runewars has made X-wing feel like a cheap skirmish game by comparison. Still waiting for the return of Epic X-wing).
  7. Parakitor

    The Land Endures

    Hearing a lot of this talk has got me a little excited at the possibility that they'll bring this game back some day...but it's probably just a foolish hope. Even if they did bring it back, would they allow us to keep our old models? Because I have a lot of Waiqar, and I don't think I'd be interested if I had to buy it (and paint it!) all over again. The other consideration is the template system. To me, it's genius. But I can see where others may look at it as a fad (X-wing, Attack Wing, now Runewars). I'm not sure it has the allure to come back for a second run. But I really hope it does because I love planning maneuvers in secret, and then watching the battlefield change. The feeling of "problem solving" situations to find the best maneuver is a rewarding aspect of this style of game. And of course, as others have said, I really want FFG to push Terrinoth more. Sigh. I guess that means I need to go out and buy Heroes of Terrinoth. Anyway, my wife said that from everything she's heard me talk about, Terrinoth is a very generic fantasy setting. I guess that's perfect for people like me who haven't really jumped into other fantasy worlds yet. But I can see where others wouldn't be drawn to it. FFG really needs to work to promote their own Terrinoth IP. It would be worth the effort. (Sorry for rambling. I've enjoyed reading your comments over the weekend as I wrestled with this news. Just wanted to add a couple of my thoughts.)
  8. Parakitor

    Help ID alt art

    Yep, the Initiative One podcast from Durham, NC produced the Texas/North Carolina upgrade. I think they also produced limited quantities of the alt art Tempered Steel. Gorgemaw was in one of the Challenge kits. My store is still handing them out. I believe the smaller objective token is 3rd party, if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Well, that's partly because the Vassal module was a work in progress. I know I didn't take the time I says I would to spruce it up. Also, we had to deal with time zones, which always makes online tournaments a little tricky. But I think you're right that it's telling that our own community members struggled to get games in for the tournament (and I didn't follow up as regularly as I should have). It's a shame.
  10. Parakitor

    The Land Endures

    So...it's over? I mean, Organized Play is done, so can we assume no more units will be released? Or is that taking the article too far?
  11. Parakitor

    Gozanti, how useful are they really?

    I am also a major fan of the Gozanti. I used it to field TIE interceptors, just the generic Alpha Sq. Pilots, and I kept weapons off of it so that it wouldn't draw enemy attention. It was always a blast! EDIT: I got some money for Christmas that I am saving for Second Edition Epic conversion kits. They've gotta be coming out this year.
  12. I agree with everything you've just said. Let's see those preview articles, FFG!
  13. Excellent points. Just wanted to add that another advantage Leonx have over Death Knights against high armor is that their mortal can't be stunned away. I don't know if that makes much difference but I thought it was worth sharing.
  14. @McGarnacle Shame, shame about your theme. 😜 Looks pretty good. I have no experience running the TIE phantom in Second Edition. I'm used to running 5 ships, so when I drop down to 4, my reflex is to add hull/shield upgrades. Pure Sabacc really likes Shield Upgrade. Trick Shot on "Pure Sabacc" is always fun, so that's a nice choice, but I do like Predator to get the reroll to make the extra die count. I don't know why, but I just can't seem to bring myself to put bombs on my TIE strikers. I really should just give it a try, just to see what can be done, but I'm so afraid of hitting my own ships, especially with Seismic Charges. I did get to try the Hyperspace list I wrote above, and it was quite refreshing to have higher initiative ships than my typical Planetary Sentinels. I think even with no upgrades the named TIE strikers can put in serious work, so your list should do quite well. However, I must share that "Vizier" was really fun to play with. He's not that big of a target, but when "Countdown" gets an evade coordinated to him for Juke, or when "Pure Sabacc" gets a barrel roll to set him up to arc dodge, it's just so beautiful! I'm a huge fan of the TIE reaper. Not sold on Deathtroopers yet, but I'm not ready to put them away after only two games. Needs more table time.
  15. Parakitor

    Runewars on the cheap

    Holy cow! I don't have any Latari, but with Maegan on sale for $9.90, Leonx Riders for $11.32, Aymhelin Scions for $13.90, and Deepwood Archers for $14.79, I could make a decent army at a reasonable price! One of each of those plus a $53 Latari army box puts you at just over $100 - amazing! (At $53 for the Latari Army box I'd rather pay the full $60 at my local store). It's tempting, but probably not in the cards for me. I wonder if a local would be interested...