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  1. I have to disagree. If FFG was not ffocusing on AH then why continue to run reprints. Yes they are focusing on the other games because they are new and are the current fast sellers, and business dictates you chase the cash cows, but i strongly believe that AH is a solid game, with strong foundations, rules, histrory/fluff, and the time will come for another expansion....one day. I am sure the guys and gals at FFG know that the die hard AH fans want a new expansion, a new small map, investigators, monsters, and story, so I am sure they have something, just not focusing on it yet. It will happen, just not in the near future.......my 5Lehman Brothers cents worth.
  2. The fact that they are still printing all the modules does not mean the game is 'dead'. There is still global demand for the orgin game and all the expansions. Is there need for more expansions......maybe. Is there an opportunity for more expansion.....definitely. It's all about allocating resources to this, and I personally think FFG's attention is elsewhere, including x-wing. However, there is always an opportunity for an expansion, especially since the game and it's expansions are still in demand. I would be happy with either another large expansion (another map board), or another small expansion box. Anyway, we continue to play as often as possible, and live In hope for an expansion some time in the future......
  3. After reading your mail and some of he feedback, my initial response was going to be, 'play with yourself', but this would be taken way out of context on this forum, so, I suggest more solo games with yourself. Strengthen your knowledge of the rules and game play. By having at least one good/knowledgable person playing regarding rules, the game speeds up quickly. We have a group of four to five AH players, I am the only regular, and have taken it upon myself to know the rules to the best of my ability. Don't get me wrong, I still get them wrong from time to time, but I have noticed the game is a lot faster as we do not have to keep looking up rules, and flows nicely......
  4. Old flames are like that....they know your needs and weaknesses, and if you let them back into your life, they can consume you and re-ignite that passion.......welcome back.........play a while.........play forever........ Arkham Horror is the best thing you can do with your clothes on........
  5. Hello all, I was thinking....sometimes never a good thing....... Anyway, i was thinking, we currently have 4 great mini expansions for AH, namely King in Yellow, Black Goat, Lurker and Dark Pharoah. To date we have not seen much in the way of additional material for AH...... With it being Halloween time again, I was thinking of a Halloween themed mini box set expansion for AH. In brief: 1. A number of halloween related events happen in Arkham, and as these take place (that is, the investgators do not 'close' them down in time, a count down track is filled (Headless Horseman Track). 2. Once this track is filled, the Headless Horseman appears, and terrorises the town of Arkham, resulting in the Terror Level Raising. 3. For every turn the Headless Horseman is on the board the terror level rises by one, until the investigaotres 'kill' him. 4. Once 'killed', the Headless horseman track is reset, and starts again......... This is just a quick 5min thought sharing on this, and it will need to be thrashed out extensively/a bit more. Maybe share your thoughts and ideas as well. Maybe someone at FFG will read this thread, and next year we have a new mini box expansion.........you never know.......
  6. We had a game yesterday: It was a blood bath. This was not the way it was supposed to end….. TWO WEEKS EARLIER, 1924, late August……….. I received a call from the central office. Trouble in Arkham and Kingsport. Locals were being harassed, and some had even gone missing. I was tasked with putting a team together, and to go through and investigate. I made a few calls, threw some things together, and got onto a train for Arkham. Upon arriving, I made my way to Velma’s Diner. They were already there……..I was late……… Wilson Richards, the ‘Handyman’, yes very handy with that Shotgun of his. I saw his motorcycle outside as I arrived, and new I was late. Silas Marsh, sitting with his back against the wall, bare chested, a cavalry sabre and axe on the table, elephant gun against the wall (he always loved been well prepared), and then there was Daisy Walker, the local Librarian from Miskatonic University. Daisy and I go way back, and she is always good in a fight when spells, or that magical sword/Gladius, of hers are required. I sat down, placed my cavalry sabre next to me. I never carried a gun. Had a bad experience once……never again. So, why were we here? Evidently there was trouble in Arkham and Kingsport. Rumours of some Ancient One ‘rising’…………..Abhoth, along with his children, the Children of Abhoth………this was not going to be pleasant……..Time to gear up……we moved off to the General Store and Curiosity Shop. Got some gear amongst us……..nothing wonderful…… mostly Tomes which peeked Daisy’s interest……and then it happened……..a Gate opened at the Witch House and with it came the monsters and the nightmares…… The two weeks consisted of: Us running out of money,………….. never a good thing. We tried several times to get retainers at the Newspaper, never successful. Wilson even got stranded in Kingsport for a few days, while investigating some sites linking to a Dimensional Rift in the town. He was urgently needed in Arkham when a monster surge drove the number of monsters up to 9…… in trying to get a ticket to Arkham, he realized he had no money, and had to rush to the local pawn shop in Kingsport to sell some gear to get money to get back to Arkham. We were pick pocketed several times during the two weeks, and even while investigating Outer World regions. This was very frustrating, especially when money was so scarce…… The number of monsters in the sky never stopped, and attacks on us while in the streets was numerous and bloody. At one stage we had 5 gates open, 9 monsters in the streets, and a Dimensional Rift travelling through the streets of Arkham. Lucky three of us were traveling in Other Worlds and came through to seal two Gates and close one. Eventually we closed down the Dimensional Rift and got very lucky with an Environmental Card ‘blocking’ Dimensional Rift development for several turns. Not only did we run out of money, several times we ran out of health and sanity, often having to spend a few days in either St Mary’s Hospital, or Arkham Asylum (being ‘looked’ after by nurse Heather……..scary……..) A Gate burst, and two monster surges left the streets of Arkham crowded with monsters. Soon the outskirts of the town became flooded with monsters…….resulting in the terror level starting to rise……..on a daily basis The General Store closed down; things were getting a little too insane and dangerous for the owner and his family. This did not really concern us, no money, no need for a general store Strange how Silas never carried a magical weapon, and thus could only focus on monsters that could be killed by physical damage. Daisy, with all her spells, and that Magical Sword/Gladius, had no physical weapons…….. And with me and Wilson alternating between Arkham and Kingsport, things continued to be difficult. Monsters roamed the streets of Arkham and Kingsport constantly……. Plans were made to get to the Church to get Blessed, to visit Ma’s Boarding House to see if we could get any Allies….all to no avail……we could not let the people of Arkham and Kingsport suffer…..too many Gates, too many monsters….. And then Silas was cursed……….. And then I was cursed…………….. I had collected 14 Clue tokens and 2 Elder Signs……..and do you think I could close or seal a gate……not a chance……Kingsport kept me busy…… too busy……. And when things really looked bad, and we had only sealed 3 gates,…….. Abhoth arrived……….luckily Silas had lifted his curse……I was not that lucky. Throwing caution to the wind we attacked Abhoth (with his -4 modifier to all attacks). We scarified monster trophies, gate trophies, clue tokens and gear just to stay alive every turn. Luckily we had the monster trophies and gate trophies due to all the killing and gates. I had 12 clue tokens, some monster kills, and random gear to ‘sacrifice’. I think most of us were fighting on 2 or 3 Stamina or Sanity, as was the trend throughout the game, not that it mattered with Abhoth. Daisy with her Shriveling Spell and Magical Gladius was deadly (lots of 5’s and 6’s being rolled), along with Wilson and that Shotgun of his……at the end we killed Abhoth, but we lost Silas….. This was never supposed to have happened. This was not the way it was supposed to end. I always knew we were stretched, but to loose such a friend was heart breaking. Silas had killed most of the monsters in Arkham, and closed most of the gates…..and to be devoured at the end was just not right……………I will always miss him……………………… After killing Abhoth, and paying our respects to Silas, Wilson stated he had some work in Dunwich to take care off, Daisy and I spent a few days recovering, and then she went back to work at the University……..I made my way back to my office and submitted my report…… . . . . . . Who am I........ I am Roland Banks, Federal Agent…………………
  7. Hello all, I am busy in the process of arranging a game of AH, but would like to encourage players to visit Miskatonic University. Players hardly visit this site/area. Does anyone have any ideas/scenarios/thoughts on this? Nothing game changing. I just want to encourage people to visit the University (its an important landmark of Arkham), with some form of benefit........for the player.....
  8. +1 Julia, Plus, depening on how many players you are: we generally play 4. We rotate with the following strategy for Dunwich, Innsmoth and Kingsport: 1. One of the players is always in the region of the Station,able to move into the additional board on a moments notice if necessary. 2. One of the players is always 'on' the additional board. The additional board is never left un-manned, even if we rotate with characters.... 3. Having Sisiter Mary, on a motorcycle with two carbine rifles (one handed each), patrolling the extra board is always fun, especially with her being blessed........ :-) :-)
  9. NEVER!!! The town of Arkham will always need our assistance......
  10. Nice one Julia. Yep, gotta love Daisy. Suddenly librarians have become so much more appealing to me...... :-)
  11. Welcome to a whole new wonderful world. Stay a while, stay forever...... AH is the best game you can play with your clothes on........ :-)Yours thankfully GM
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