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  1. My group recently acquired "First Founding" and my Blood Angel player is *highly* interested in becoming a Tyrannic War Veteran. His IC logic is, as the Blood Angels deployed several companies to assist during the second(?) Tyranid war it would be possible his character learned how to fight the Tyranid sufficently to take up the speciality. Opinions? While I see the point he's making that we could House-rule this sort of thing, I'm not sure this is a floodgate I want to open.
  2. Looking over traits for my Minion, and I notice Natural armours rules. "This trait does not stack with armour. This armour stacks with armour worn, but not with the machine trait." So what do you folks reckon? One member in my group is to the opinion Natural Armour isn't supposed to be used with armour as natural armour is supposed to represent chiten hides and the like, which armour would be awkward to where over, while I more so believe its more intended that a character/minion can benefit from Natural armour + armour or machine + armour but not all three.
  3. We have a Techmarine (Forge Master), Devastator and Tactical Marine (1st Company Veteran) & occasionily another Tactical Marine & Assault Marine. Range & firepower we've tried, back when he had his jump pack that sort of thing was nothing to him, these days its a little tougher because he's traded in the jump pack for an adamantine mantle, but even then he tends to be able to use sprint and/or burst of speed to move a lot fast. On one occasion a GM (we have three who interchange, myself included) suggested we remove his Iron Halo, but as was pointed out and generally agreed, he earned it to be fair. Our only Librarian is, funnily enough, played by him as an occasional "RP orientated" change, but his true love is the BT Champ and he always goes back. The Lacrymole might work, if perhaps something was switched for the Eldar presence, he RP's his Hatred (Eldar) very well and reasonable considering his character personality, demeanours and traits.
  4. So I've got a player in my group who plays a Black Templar Assault Marine (& Champion), he's the only player who has attended every game, and we've been playing at least once a week since Deathwatch came out, more or less. Its generally understood his character is "the toughest," he's a dedicated player who's a great role player and always willing to help in any way. Sounds like a brilliant player to have! Except he's the luckiest dice roller I've ever seen. We had a game last night that pitted my group against Tyranids. The BT single handedly tore apart a Carnifex, waded through the largest horde I had ever put the group against and then horribly battered a Zoanthroape to death, not to mention a wide assortment of other beasties during the game. During the whole thing he suffered 4 damage. His Iron Halo force field was deflecting so many shots that I started keeping an eye on what he was rolling in case he was cheating, but sure enough it was all legit. Aside from regularly failing awareness tests and never really rolling righteous fury, the guy's blessed by the Emperor! I've never seen anyone roll dice the way he did. Now while he's playing fair, and that's all well and good....but when a single player is dominating half the opposition by himself the challenge of the game starts to decline, and I think some people are starting to get a touch jealous when their characters for all intents and purposes "pale in comparison" to the great and mighty Champion. I've even tried giving him ethical issues to challenge him in a different way and he handled anything I threw at him with confidence in his character's beliefs and personality, which to be fair is consistent and pretty spot on for a BT. Any idea's on how I can challenge the Black Templar Assault Marine/Champion with an Iron Halo, Deathwatch Relic Blade and Adamantine Mantle, Step Aside, Turn the Blade, Preternatural Speed + Lightning attack, Abhor The Witch (with 4 fate points left!), and Fearless?
  5. Braddoc said: Khorne, but I'll lean more toward the "Master of Warfare" angle rather than "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD Baaaahhhwaabbwawawha!!" crazy seen-a-million-times-in-the-past. This for me anyway! It is too easy to forget Khornates tend to be excellent warriors as well as the finest butchers in the galaxy. Do we have a release date yet by the way?
  6. This may perhaps belong in home rules, but I hope you can forgive a first time poster. Regardless, my DW group is getting to the point where new armour and very good armour is within their grasp, mainly Artificer and in the case of our Black Templar that Crusader armour. Now the point was brought up "What happens to armour history?(s)" and we had a chat about it, while all agree that the armours would have seperate histories we couldn't work out how many are suitable. What do you guys think? How many (or what limits, you couldn't put skill of the artificer on the Crusader armour!) should be allowed for the Artificer & Relic armour? We are for the most part, quite a lore driven group so I don't mind providing a suitable history and I don't worry about things getting "OP," they're only OP if I don't fix the content of my missions to adapt of which I have no worries about.
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