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  1. Ran across a question in my campaign today. What exactly would be considered the "standard ammunition" for a Daemon Grenade Launcher?
  2. They've been talking about it on /tg/ for a day or two now. Apparently there's all sorts of awesomeness. One of the Necron Lords, for instance, believes he's still got flesh. He fights with honor and chivalry, so he's like Necron Don Quixote. Or something.
  3. BC may not have rules for getting certain things, but you still have the old standby of Rule Zero. (DM Fiat). Make them run through a quest arc to get their shiny new implants or mind magics, then bam, rewards. And rewards they'll appreciate, because they couldn't just buy them with an Infamy test.
  4. Update: There's a section in Terminator Armour that gives it an upgraded version of auto-senses if you select the auto-senses subsystem. So they have to have subsystems. Thought so.
  5. Hey, quick question. Was looking at the section on Power Armour Sub-systems, and noticed that it comes before Terminator Armour. There's also no mention that Terminator Armour gets subsystems (nor is there mention that it doesn't). It specifically states, "The following sub-systems can be a part of any suit of power armour: [stuff]". Does that include terminator armour? I would think so; it *is* a sort of power armour...
  6. MILLANDSON said: Bad Birch said: What's with the "gay" thing? Cut it out mate. Aye, homophobia isn't welcome here. Either way, not sure if it's relevant, but other RPG companies, such as White Wolf, used to have the problem with their proof-readers (especially those contracted from "professional" proofreading companies) adding in errors, so that they could then point to those errors and go "Sorry, we missed them, but imagine what it'd be like without us!". The grammar has generally been alright when I've seen it, and new errors seem to be in it once it gets to retail, so I'm not sure if FFG needs to boot out whoever it's using currently, because either they're adding in errors, or just not good at spotting any that crop up during editing after playtesting. Apologies; it was not intended to be taken that way. It's merely that, in my experience, homosexual fanfiction tends to be of a poor literary quality. There are notable exceptions of course, but to not completely derail the thread I will avoid a lengthy discourse as to my (extensive) experience and opinions of the literary merits of the fandoms of various TV shows, books, and anime I also came across another error today. There's a Tzeentch mutation where, when you die, you scatter into demons. The mutation section says you turn into Blue Horrors (which will turn into pink horrors when they die), except the adversaries section says Pink Horrors turn into Blue Horrors when they die. I'm fairly certain the Adversaries section is the correct one, but there's still clearly some confusion there. I'm not sure how well communication was done between the various chapters, because cross-chapter references seem to be the ones that come up "weird" the most often.
  7. Blood Pact said: When it comes to spelling and grammar, honestly, a lot of the companies seem to get sloppy with them now and then. The only one who really doesn't have to worry about it is Wizards. And Wizards is owned by Hasbro, who have so much money they can afford to run its pen and paper games at a loss if it has/wants to (maintaining the IP for when there's a resurgence), and just needs to throw money at any problems it comes up against, of which spelling and grammar are fairly minor. Now I'm not saying that I don't want FFG to get things a bit tidier, but overall I'm satisfied with their product. You can't let the perfect be the enemy of the adequate. Except basic spell and grammar checking isn't something that costs a lot of money. A goodly number of these errors could simply be fixed by using the basic spellcheck feature in Word for an hour or two. (Sure, you initially get a lot of false positives for things like lasrifle, but spellcheck does *not* take long.) These are the sorts of errors that people get flamed for when the errors are made in terribly thought-out gay fanfiction. There is absolutely no excuse for their prevalence in a product of professional nature that is sold for profit. And there should be an element of pride to it. I wince every time I come across a spelling/grammar error, and I feel bad showing certain portions of the books to my playgroup because the errors look so unprofessional. I'm not even talking about making the rules text more mechanically smooth in nature (I realize that not everyone can meet the standards of specificity that Magic: the Gathering has spoiled me with); I'm referring to simple basics. Even allowing for unfamiliarity with UK English (armour and such) there's simply a preponderance of such errors.
  8. Ryder said: Please Tell me this january thing is just temporary, I mean there was nothing fundmentally broken about the Gencon copies right? Well there was the section written in blood detailing the exact ritual requirements necessary to summon Slaanesh into Earth, but I thought that was just for flavor. Besides, it was based on the old Nerian Method, which Astor categorically disproved in the early 70s. No way it would actually work. Maybe somebody finally pointed it out, and they're going to redo the mathematics on how many cubic cubits of human blood are necessary, according to the Astorian Theory? Or maybe they've got their own ideas. Who knows; the academia of daemonic studies are all a bunch of shut-ins who refuse to acknowledge other ideas exist. Why, just last week I heard mention of a student exiled to government work with the SCP Foundation because he questioned whether or not the Ruinous Powers even exist as separate forms!
  9. I'm not actually sure how PvP will work in this. You can burn Infamy to just straight-up survive, so killing each other will be somewhat...difficult. I foresee much subtle dickery and people acting at cross-purposes in terms of Compact objectives. We should get some decent stories out of it, at any rate, as to long, protracted efforts to kill each other. You're going to have to be somewhat subtle, and just put someone in a position to die where it's not obvious you did it. Rat their position out to Inquisitors, give them false intelligence, things like that.
  10. Again, questions in order. (I'll even respond to things MILLANDSON already got, though as usual he's pretty on the dot.) 1) Can I port races from Rogue Trader into Black Crusade? Not directly. It's certainly do-able though. Just look at the things they start with and assign an experience value for all of them. Then give them a modified starting experience value and let them advance as normal. It'll certainly be a slapdash job, but it'll definitely *work*. That's sort of the nice thing about BC - it's more or less a point buy system, so as long as you can break down previous things into point values, you should be able to transfer just about anything. 2) How do I Apostate? Apostates start with +5 Fellowship, some nifty talents/skills, and the ability to, once per session, make a Charm/Deceive test to gain the Peer talent with an organization of their choice. So, you wanna infiltrate an AdMech Forgeworld? Easy! You're not Heretic McHereticpants, you're Mr. MechFriend! Helped out that one Magos with that one thing, don't you recall? Best of friends and all that. And, as an old friend, let me give you some advice... 3) Are the rules around launching a Black Crusade good? No. The rules essentially say, "If one of the crazy buggers gets to 140 Infamy before they hit 100 Corruption, then they win at life." It actually recommends ending the campaign on a narrative note at that point. The book does say that you can play out a Crusade, but gives no suggestions as to how to do so. Presumably this will be in an upcoming supplement. (Though, one would think the book called Black Crusade would have rules on, well, you know. Black Crusades.) 4) How does Infamy get me gear? Mechanic-wise it works identically to Profit Factor from Rogue Trader. The modifiers are somewhat different, but overall it's the same. Flavor-wise, it represents calling in favors, receiving tithes in an effort to keep you from ravaging the land, performing services for lords, etc etc. Essentially, you are a badass, and if people do not give you things you will take them, so they like to give you things before you begin the violent taking process. 5) What are the planets like? Q'sal is probably the coolest. It's this world where everything runs on binding daemons into stuff to make it run - think Bartimaeus Trilogy. Essentially, at the edge of the Screaming Vortex you have a bunch of weird, sometimes cool, sometimes hilariously evil worlds. As you approach the center, you dive off the deep end of sanity and the GM is recommended to distribute LSD to the players in order to facilitate the proper frame of mind. (Not really, but the worlds do get really crazy.)
  11. Answering these in order: 1) Where are traits? My bad. Traits are another section under Talents. I think the only other subsection in that chapter is the rules for Minion creation. 2) Is Black Crusade reverse-compatible? Yes. As Veroldindir said, a lot of weapons stats have changed. Some have been nerfed, some buffed, and some mechanics work in entirely different ways now. (The Flame quality is now divided into Flame and Spray; Spray fires in a cone, Flame sets things on fire.) You'll have to use BC stats when converting. There's also a handy table in the book summarizing some talent/skill/trait changes, but there's stuff that goes way beyond that as far as mechanical changes. (Full/Semi auto are half actions and give different bonuses, and a host of other things have had minor adjustments). Mixing with other games will be somewhat difficult if you're pulling characters. I'm porting Rogue Trader into BC, and we're just going to go with "chaos magic, I ain't gotta explain s**t," and let everyone rebuild their character using BC rules. Shouldn't take too long. And honestly, you could just port the characters straight into Black Crusade...but then they would be weaker than if they'd gotten to build themselves from the ground up. (RT chars are forced to pick from the rank tree and occasionally that tree blows.) That said, in the future I'm going to be houseruling most of the Black Crusade rules into the other games. There's a lot of stuff that's just way overdue and fairly beautiful. Hell, I'm probably going to houserule the Black Crusade advance system into the previous game - BC just fixed so many things I didn't like. 3) Is that tomb stalker really [previous info on tomb spiders]? I have no idea what you're talking about, sorry. There is a Tomb Stalker, and it is a beastly monster. There's also quite a few other 'cron units, like Immortals and Scarabs. 4) How are Necrons portrayed? I've not really read much of the old fluff beyond what's on Lexicanum, so I can't really comment. One of the "notable NPCs" of the Screaming Vortex is a named Necron, Aetehk the Watcher. (And Dulahan is more or less right. The book is written from the "perspective" of a heretic, and even the brightest of heretics don't know much about the Necrons.)
  12. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction -Talks about Chaos, the history of the Empire, the Horus Heresy, and the current state of affairs. Playing the Game -Exactly what it says on the tin. Dice, stats, how to make tests, movement, how combat rounds work, carry limits, gravity, etc. Also epic destinies (more later). Character Creation -Same as before. All the classes, passions, the new experience method, starting acquisition, etc. Skills -Contains skills Talents -Contains talents Armoury -Contains shooties and other gubbins Psychic Powers -Contains psychic powers, how corruption affects them, god-specific powers, exalted powers (unaligned only), the disciplines, and ritual magic. Combat -Tells you how combat works. Game Master -Typical introductory GM info. Tells you how to do experience, example styles of play, base overview of infamy and rewards, and how to create a "Compact" which is the equivalent of an Endeavor from RT. Also interaction and fear. Corruption and Infamy -Contains all the info on mutations and infamy and ho corruption affects things like Infamy Points. Galaxy in Flame -Setting locations and worlds and such. Really cool stuff. Adversaries -Cool enemies. Want to see a statted Necron Tomb Stalker? This is your chance. False Prophets -Introductory adventure. Looks fairly good.
  13. The WH40k rulebooks tend to be chock-full of spelling and grammar mistakes no matter where you get them, in my experience. Black Crusade is actually somewhat low on them. That said, there are a number of things that need to be addressed. For example, the "Great Unclean One" has two different stat blocks. One is clearly intended for the Lord of Change, but it's still mis-named. The section on Hordes clearly had some copy/pasted text from Deathwatch, as the section on attacking a Horde in melee makes clear reference to "Space Marines can..." without saying anything about whether humans can or can't. Little things that will mostly require houserules, but still somewhat irksome.
  14. Nightsorrow said: Maybe a "extensive" question, but how expensive are the talents and skills? I mean, in Dark heresy skills in general costs 100 exp, in Rogue Trader it's 100 on the first rank, and 200 on the other. And in Deathwaych it was higher then that, with most skills costing several hundred exp. So, in a general sense, how expensive is it to upgrade your character in terms of skills, talents and characteristics? Talents are divided into Tiers 1, 2, and 3, in addition to being aligned with the Chaos Gods (or unaligned). Assuming you're unaligned, the talents cost 250, 500, and 750exp respectively. (Example Tier 1: Iron Jaw, Jaded, Ambidextrous. Tier 2: Rapid Reaction, Exotic Weapon Training, Swift Attack. Tier 3: Psy Rating, Blademaster, Lightning Attack). Skills, again assuming no alignment, cost 200exp to be "known," 350 to be "trained" (+10), 500 to be "experience" (+20) and 750 to be "veteran" (+30). Interesting to note is that characters can make skill tests untrained at a -20 penalty - with some exceptions. Can't attempt things that you couldn't attempt untrained, so not all heretics will be able to roll Forbidden Lore: Daemonology and what have you without taking the appropriate skill. Characteristics are, again assuming no alignment, follow this progression: 250exp, 500exp 750exp, 1,000exp. This is true for all stats unless you become aligned with a Chaos God.
  15. Bassemandrh said: I was wondering what the Archetypes are, so far i know the sorceror and apostate + those in the Demo, are there any more? Let's see. Humans have the Psykers, which you already know about, as well as the Apostate (which is some kind of crazy cult leader - the picture looks like a cross between Scarecrow and a Klansman), a Renegade (standard assault type), and the Heretek, which is exactly what it sounds like. (Though the Heretek doesn't have to be a member of the AdMech, you understand.) CSMs have Sorcerors, which you again know about. They've also got Champions, which are like squad leader-y charismatic types, Chosen, which are standard assault dudes, and the Forsaken, who I can't make heads or tails of. They sound like they're supposed to be crazy loners, but it's hard to tell given how crunch-light the CSM archetypes are.
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