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  1. If they did IG-2000, Punishing One, Hound's Tooth, and Mist Hunter I'd preorder them with much excitement. This is probably due to the fact that I LOVED my Decipher Star Wars CCG Bounty Hunter themed deck.
  2. The funny thing is most of those people that made those models for Star Wars (Ralph McQuarrie, Joe Johnston, Richard Edlund to name a few) went on to make the ones in the original Battlestar Galactica as well. I just read the Making of Star Wars books and that was an interesting detail.
  3. I feel that I should clarify that I'm excited about the gameplay, but the actual designs of the E-Wing, Z-95, and Phantom don't really fit the look of Star Wars to me. The Defender is okay. It's just that the Phantom looks like a knock-off Star Wars copy toy and the E-Wing and Z-95 fit the look of the original Battlestar Galactica.
  4. I don't hate the ships, but I'm not excited about them. I am always up for new gameplay, though.
  5. I wasn't super stoked about the Moldy Crow, but I got it anyway due to it being the only odd ship in that group. Also, I'm waiting impatiently for my Imperial Aces and the BIG SHIPS. For some reason, I just can't get excited about any of the next wave ships. The E-Wing and Z-95 just look weird and out of place next to the classic designs and, while I like the tri-wing TIEs, I'd rather have more TIE Interceptors. Anyone else feel this way? I will probably get the sets for new upgrades and strategies, but I'm not pumped.
  6. I've run the Beginner's Game a few times and I haven't felt comfortable running it ever because, despite reading through it multiple times, I just can't remember everything, there are specific encounters to check off, and the player's wanted to do things that weren't in there. My main issue is I think I'd have more fun being a player than a GM but, even though I have a guy in my potential group that's been a GM exclusively for other RPGs, I am the only one that has the Core Book and Beginner's Adventure. I have been wanting to get the players together, but I feel like I'm terrible at GMing (based on how "well" running the Beginner's Game has gone the times I've run it). Do you think I'd be better off if I sketched out adventures on my own that weren't so rigid? I really want to play this game but I feel like if I don't step up to GM, it won't happen.
  7. I can't evens get the wings anywhere near where they are supposed to be without the body splitting and the paint job is atrocious. I could deal with the paint if the wings would go into place without breaking the hull open.
  8. I would love to play this, but I feel like I'm too far behind to get into it now. Do you have to get the core set to play, or can I jump in with some of the newer expansions somewhere?
  9. The problem I have with this (and I LOVE Star Trek as much as I love Star Wars) is that Trek ships don't do the same things that Star Wars ships do. At all. You're taking dogfighting mechanics and using them for ship to ship encounters. The only Federation ships that would make sense are shuttles, runabouts, and the Defiant. Also, it wouldn't make sense for the Enterprise to maneuver on the same field with a Klingon Bird of Prey. The to-scale ships are what really make X-Wing work.
  10. Okay, I was trying to see if they were mentioned, but I didn't see it.
  11. Yeah, it looks pretty rough comparatively. The models are the same cheap ones that they've been producing for a while.
  12. http://www.startrek.com/article/first-look-wizkids-star-trek-attack-wing So, I'm a big fan of Star Trek, but how is this NOT copyright infringement? I mean, everything from the ship bases, the movement templates, and even the Dice system are nearly identical. The only difference is that they haven't bothered with exact ship scales. Does FFG license out their game mechanics to other companies?
  13. The best example I came up with was from ESB. Han is looking for Luke on Hoth, while riding a Tauntaun. Han rolls a successful pool, but also rolls a despair thanks to increased difficulty from Environmental factors. So, Han finds Luke, but the Tauntaun dies. So, he does a vigilance check, and since he's pretty good at improvising and staying alive, I give him a boost die. So, he rolls successfully with a triumph, but there is a net threat. Thanks to that triumph, he has remembered to bring a shelter to set up, but those threats mean that Luke will freeze if he doesn't come up with something fast. So, Han decides to use Luke's lightsaber to slice open the Tauntaun. I would just let him do it as a simple check since the Tauntaun isn't moving.
  14. If your players are fans of EU, that would probably initiate true AU mode. In EU canon, the lightsaber is found and Darth Vader shows up to get it... So taking the lightsaber is definitely a situation where Vader being introduced is a strong possibility. Obviously, if that's not what you want the game to be about, they could stumble upon the lightsaber and just have it. Actually, without even knowing anything about that, that's exactly what I was going to do. I was going to have the group hired to find something on Bespin, not know what it was until found, and give them a moment of "HECK YEAH LUKE'S LIGHTSABER" before Vader comes to collect it.
  15. Since Lightsabers are so rare and restricted, I thought it would be interesting to run a campaign where a Force-Sensitive PC stumbles across Luke's Lightsaber on Bespin (if they roll a Triumph at the right time). This all depends if anyone WANTS to be Force-Sensitive in my group.
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