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  1. I was just looking at the upcoming list and saw that the warrior book is on the boat.
  2. We have always allowed it to be effective in any vehicle that can take evasive action, in other words siloet 4 or lower.
  3. You would need to combine the Niman deciple spec with the advisor spec and the shadow spec. Niman gives you his light saber abilities while advisor gives him his political know how. You need the shadow spec for 1 reason, it has the shroud talent. Palpatine would never have been able to have all those meetings with the council without it.
  4. Ok I have two questions. Does the spec with the lightsaber skill give you jarkai? What do the force powers do?
  5. Sprinting very fast requires an athletics check, the base power of enhance improves athletics checks.
  6. I was referencing the Quasar Fire class Escort Carrier from Stay On Target. It says that the alliance bought a large number of Quasar class bulk freighters and converted them into carriers.
  7. A good second spec would be either the niman disciple or the protector. The benefits of niman is that it will give you 3 ranks of both parry and reflect as well as 2 ranks of defensive training, the drawback is that you will have to pay 10xp for the niman technique which you will not be able to use. The protector on the other hand gives you the circle of shelter talent as well as some medical training but you only get 1 additional parry and reflect talent. Both of these specs would allow someone who is primarily a user of shien to increase their force rating as well as their light saber defensive abilities.
  8. Don't forget that a lot of ships in a alliance fleet will be retrofitted freighters. For example the alliance carrier fleet is made of retrofitted bulk freighters.
  9. Here’s my confusing. 1 point of armor is equal to 10 points of soak. Now this makes sense so a blaster pistol can’t take out a walker. But I would think that a speeder bike would be able to do damage. If a speeder bikes light repeating blaster does 11 damage, plus auto-fire, on a good roll if you have a fabulous gunnery skill, you can get a lot of damage on the walker but probably not 30 to equal the walkers armor of 3. Just think back to the battle of Hoth, how much damage did the air speeders blaster cannons do to the walkers. The answer is none, that is why they had to use to tow cables to trip them.
  10. You are forgetting about committing force dice. Even if you have a force rating of five a lot of the time you are going to have multiple dice committed. Take Mace Windoo for example, his shatterpoint ability requires you to commit 3 dice, then you would think that he would also have the defensive upgrade from sense active, that is four dice down for your pool. So lets say that Mace is a force rating six badass, now he is effectively a force rating two guy, unless he has this talent which allows him to really unleash once per session.
  11. Ok, first Juyo is the name of the form, Vapaad is an advanced technique created by Mace Windu so it would probably be a signature ability rather than a part of the core specialization. From what I have read and seen, Juyo is weak in the force defense aspect and is specifically called out as lacking the linked attacks of Ataru. So the calming aura and saber swarm analogs are right out. The best example of a Juyo user is Darth Maul, he has a basic level of ranged and melee defense but he is better at melee. He seems to excel at quick attacks and dodging his opponents attacks. While he is fighting Obi-wan and Qui-gon he dodges almost as often as he parries. He also uses a lot of brawl attacks mixed in with his light saber attacks. So: 2*Parry Improved Parry 2*Reflect Grit 2*Toughened Juyo Form(Agility) Quick Draw 2*Quick Strike Swift Flank 2*Assured Strike 2*Dodge Natural Blademaster Dedication I would also give it a talent that allows a practitioner to use advantage on a failed lightsaber check to perform an immediate brawl attack, probably 2 advantage or 1 Triumph.
  12. I think giving it frenzied attack, hawk bat swoop, saber swarm, and blademaster is a bit much. Also every other lightsaber spec has dedication, and where is the juyo form talent.
  13. I'm pretty sure that you need the astromech socket in order for the astromesh to use it's special maneuvers and actions. The socket allows the droid to directly interface with the ships systems so they can boost shield power or access the radar.
  14. Yeah, I meant signature ability. I was in a rush posting before work.
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