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  1. Could someone give an example of how this works say between 3 x wings and 3 TIE fighters.. (some of these cards just seem jibberish)
  2. am glad its not just me having problems with these. i have used detol to remove the paint so far as i followed that painting guide but the white look horrid after the wash...the best i found was using a base white then using a spray gun to apply TAMIYA flat white (XF-2). This gives it a stormtrooper shine...i would then just do the rest like the painting guide exept the ink wash.
  3. Have got some questions that i can't find answers to, if someone can help clear a few it would be appreciated On the stormtrooper card is it 3 hits (health) per trooper? Blank white dice result, does this mean all damage is taken or avoid? I can't find what it means even checked the ref book Imperial class cards/rebel...i choose one of these decks and take the lower cost card, but when this is used do we draw anymore? Is it once at the end of ever turn? All in all i enjoy this game but find it difficult to just pick up and play unlike other games, 4 rule books and all the cards just boggles my head. Thanks for any answers to these
  4. Can't wait to see the videos,keep up the good work!
  5. great painting guides like everyone has said, first seen your for zombicide which was brill too. are you putting any up for vader and the chicken walker?...i would love to see more too!
  6. I really can't find out why luke or vader dont have cards, if there isnt any where is their movement and other stats?? any help in pointing me in the right direction would be grateful
  7. Error 718


    Well got this fig today and what an hideous paint job (if you can even call it a paint job)….what a mess, the brown 'wash' (is that what it is???) is just terrible. It wasnt the paint job that slowed this minture down coming out……hope the german guy is a lot better
  8. totally agree, just really stupid to put models up that are months and months away from coming out, the only release has been the animals (lmao) and the bigger misslile mechs for $99…….. there are still models from like 3 months ago that havent come out, ffg need to get things together am getting fedup!!
  9. wouldnt get anywhere with kickstart, i dont think enough people would back it plus it takes ages to release anything now, we would be waiting years for a minture!…love the game and all but it dont surprise me its gettting stopped.
  10. GW mintures are over priced cant say they aint, but the quality of the mintures are seconed to none and dont keep models held for ages with no info, the release dates for their models are good they dont 'dangly' a fab minture in front of you months and months in advance and have always (to my knowledge) met their relase date which FFG rarely ever do. I do also agree with them been mighty . I love the dust models but the relase of them is a joke, they dont seem to add the stuff to the market that people really want (this is only my opinon) e.g them new super walkers with the missiles have just been added for 99.99…where is sigrid and the new joe?…or the other axis walkers that have been up for at least over 2 months? Showing a new model gets people talking but it dont last for long before people become bored, nealry 2 months is daft. While the tannhauser figures are good, their paint jobs are only average at best, i have had lots of models now and they have marks here and there. Cant be the paint jobs that hold up these mins…… If FFG wanna expand they want to sort out there marking and information.
  11. crikey, they should wait longer before they start advertising. I mean GW has advance orders and you never have to wait long, plus they give a date. Its not like they show a model and dont give a date for it 'hey new min for tannhauser, edison, dont he look cool?'….'well he will be out sometime this year!!' Dusts the same, they have loads of mintures back logged from what i am told, even the ssu attack chopter didnt make it realse date and thats been advertised for like months!!…very sloppy.
  12. How come it take ages for the mintures to come out?…edison seems to have been up for ages and hes still not out?…come on i want you to have my money!!
  13. thakns, i will pick some up, the Games Workshop seem a bit heavy sometimes, i was told these are a bit washy,,, just build it up slowly i take it to get a good finish?
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