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  1. Khensu

    Mutating Armor

    can you plz give me a name of the books needed?
  2. Khensu

    Mutating Armor

    anybody have good ideas for demon armors?
  3. I was wondering, when a char gets a new mutation, does the armor he wears gain the same modifications, or mutate with the char? when I was looking at pics of mutated chaos marines they have there armor mutated with them, or better even merged with there flesh. Can this happen? does anybodys have a rule for this? My secondary question is about "Demonic Armors" does anyone have a rule to fuse a demon with anything other then a weapon?
  4. Khensu

    Elite Advance

    Maese Mateo said: All experience spent counts toward calculating the next Rank, be it on your own Carreer Advance or on Elite Advances. so spending 5000 exp on removing insanity will make the char higher rank too? o.O
  5. I was reading Into the Storm, and some of my players will get Elite Advances, but my problem is, that I dont know ( or just didnt see ) if the exp spend on the Elite Advance counts to the next rank too or is it counted alone? Same question but with Advanced Backgrounds that use exp, are they counted in the next rank or not?
  6. Khensu

    Ship Building / Fleet geathering

    well... I dont really use the point system, I have a house rule for the points... I give them +1 sucsess for every 50 points given from ship bonuses... this way they get something, but we dont need to count points every time, can have a more natural flow of things this way... I was thinking about making the ships cost actual PF to mirror its huge costs, and if I let them make a ship, it will be for PF only... and as one of my players told me, I could say that an ork fleet is massing so the navy takes all ships, and to sell it to an RT is a huge risk nowdays, thats why the PF is spend permanently... BTW, they have a huge Star Galleon now, a Star Clipper and a Fregate, but the captain wants to have another Fregate and another smaller trader too...
  7. in many books there is info about some planets that can build a raider in 1 year, my players have read this and want to build a fleet, is there any rules or tips on how I could allow this to them? the other problem of mine is that they want to make a fleet, no matter how, getting pirate ship via force or buying them, but I feel that many ships will ruin the RPG they want to play, but the books give them infos that its the right thing to do for an RT... but I dont want it to be a Gothis statergy, I want it to stay an RPG any good advices on the subject?
  8. Khensu

    Astropaths message rule

    thx for the info. but I will stay with the astropaths can only send or get info in normal space. I started this way, so it will stay this way.
  9. I will be short. Can an astropath send or recive messages in the warp? Because he gets his powers from the warp, and when in it, then isnt his powers blocked too?
  10. there is something bugging me, we know all about the huge ppl who go to war, colonize planets, and do stuffs, but we dont get any info about the normal ppl, hell not even on the planetery lords lifes... my main question is, what do they do for fun? is there TV? radio? movies? do they use cars? or mass transport? whats the overall view of this techs? does the common man go to church, even if they live in a 15 billion ppl hive? does a noble travel to other solar systems? if they do, then why? how? what does a planetery lord do when not doing his work? do ppl think of him as lord of the world or just like a figure who gives the tax to the imperium? does a planetery lord own all the factories of a wolrd too? if yes, then what do the nobles have? and many other question like this...
  11. Khensu

    Endeavor Requisites

    hi, I'm new in the Endeavor bussines, I allways used missions that my chars went from step to step without knowing what will happen next, so kinda like you described, but my chars dont have there own plans, but I want them to have some ideas, how could I lead them to the path of endeavors and my biggest problem is, how do I think up how much points they need?
  12. Khensu

    The Light of Terra

    we only played a part of the storry, the end, but had the same effect on my ppl as you say, bad taste in the mouth... but If I where to play the 1st parts too, then I think my players would simply abandone the mission and start to make plans on how to restore the ship, no matter how much better a planet sounds, a battleship is a freaking BATTLESHIP!!! theres no way they would let it pass there grip...
  13. Khensu

    Trade: Shipwright, Armorer

    bobh said: I use these rules in the campaign i've been running since early this year. we started using this rules too, well done
  14. Khensu

    How do you run a game?

    Another sub question: how do you plan your Endeavours? how many points do you use? do you use it for main plots too or just misc stuffs?
  15. Khensu

    Fate Points?

    do you have some house rules on how to get Fate Points back, or how to get more permanent points?