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  1. lol im just imagining the pro netrunner tour where a dealer is shuffling and dealing both players hands to them.
  2. i would highly recommend running Descent 2nd edition for your group before warhammer 3 especially if they like board games. Descent 2 will get them used to symbolic dice, character cards, action cards, token tracking, character roles, fatigue etc etc. it will also familiarize them with the standard fantasy races, magic items, and weapons in armor usually found in fantasy RPGs.
  3. your overlays and commentary are both great. keep em coming.
  4. id actually get another core set before i got either of the new data packs. you get another pawnshop which i think is quite important and a 3rd magnum opus. you get another desperado which is probably the console you want to be using in shaper to help out with economy. you get a 3rd rabbit hole. i know rabbit hole seems meh and if it didnt search for itself and improve your draw quality it would be but deck thinning is something that is very rare at this point in net runner and is quite valuable. you can install all 3 rabbit holes in one click for 5 credits and if you dont need the link you can actually make credits with the pawnshop over the next 2-3 turns. you get a 2nd ice carver. running two copies will mean you are certain to draw it in most games and your deck will be more consistent. the same holds true for pawnshop and desperado. yes they are unique but they are an important part of your strategy. as a general rule singleton copies of a card in a deck hurt your consistency unless you can reliably search for the card you need. card search is also rather limited in netrunner so you have to compensate by increasing the liklihood you will draw the card. a single net shield and morning star do you very little good because you cannot ensure you have them when you need them so either increase the copies in the deck or cut them out altogther. id cut out the net shield. instead id include more ways to draw cards OR avoid taking net damage by ensuring you have the tools to beat the subroutines that cause net damage in the first place. dont forget about stuff like forged activation orders, stimhack, and inside job. yes they cost influence but the advantage of being shaper in the first place is you can get away without including a lot of out of faction ice because you can tinker in a pinch. these cards let you pull of ridiculous things and because you dont have to use your influence on ice you can sneak copies of these powerful cards into your deck.
  5. most of the dedicated gaming stores in my area still carry warhammer 3 but its usually way in the back. paizo has pretty much taken over the top shelves while the masses wait to see if DnD 5 is going to be good.
  6. Ceodryn said: Ok, with the holiday done, I am coming back to this project. Plus, I now have the Star Wars EotE Beginner Box, so I can compare what they did. I decided to use Journey to Black Fire Pass as an intro adventure, since it's so similar to The Hobbit and most new players to RPG will at least know that. So, my plan is to take all 4 pre-gens and create a character folio for each. Then, I'll add a Halfling and an Apprentice Wizard to the group. To the character folio, I added a list of manoeuvre, and a quick explanation of actions and talents. I however kept the description of the dice pool general, and not specific to a skill, as I would prefer new players to understand the overall idea of the custom dice. However, I am also planning to create an example of play that would showcase pool results. Anyway, so here is one character folio pretty much finished, but some graphical issues I need to fix: Valden the Dwarf Miner Cheers Ceodryn hey thats looks real slick ceodryn. i took a crack at capturing the gist of your description of valden in a more "lets go on an adventure" mode. if you like it you are welcome to use it. if you think its awful i wont be offended lol. i just think with beginners you cannot leave any doubt they are about to play something exciting. "Valden is a well respected miner and blacksmith in Karak Azgaraz. He crafted the runeshield for Belkrum in hopes his workmanship would earn the favor of the high king and a place among the prestigous ranks of the Runesmiths. Now, with Belkrum missing and whispers of greenskins in the mountains Valden joins Gunnar's expedition to Blackfire Pass eager to learn of the fate of his kinsman and the prized shield". Motivation : Valden is extremely prideful of his craft and wants to ensure the shield reaches the High King even if this means braving the many dangers of Blackfire Pass.
  7. i lost track of garfield after netrunner so i missed the star wars TCG. i checked out on CCGs after 1995. Magic was the WoW of its time and just ate every other ccg that tried to carve out a niche but hey Shadowfist was kick started so at least one of favs from that time period is still fighting the good fight
  8. wotc's friday night magic campaign is brilliant. it keeps people thinking about and playing magic even if there is not a new set out and gives the player a known day and time they can play. i would love it if FFG claimed a day of week i could show up and play FFG games…god knows i own most of their recent releases in all genres lol.
  9. very well done video. the overlay of the cards in the background is slick. i did want to see how the game played out though and see who won. i am hoping a second core will change my opinion of the game overall. ive been quite critical mainly because i play netrunner too and i feel like FFG hit that one out of the park. granted netrunner is a richard garfield game and i like his approach to game design a lot.
  10. Mexorlon said: Just bought the core and adv. Toolkit..I/we love it!!!! its not without faults, but no Big probs. So now I just found that ffg might be pulling the plug…buhuu I know its all 'bout the business, however if ffg Want to keep/add customers they would do good to make a anouncement as to where whfrp is heading.. BE THE BIGGER COMPANY tell us fans where we are heading! best Mex FFG wears silence like armor. You just have to accept the fact you wont get the community interaction you might from a smaller company like plaid hat games. The tradeoff is most of FFGs games are fun, thoroughly play tested and the production values are through the roof. there is enough stuff released to play 3rd edition for a long time. i can safely say i own more content then i will get to play. if you havent already you should check out the reckless dice podcast and liber fanatica.
  11. i posted my response on bbg but im going to repost here because i feel like people are complaining about the symptoms of a fundamental problem in the design of the Star Wars LCG. The first question you have to ask when designing a thematic game is "who is the player?" In magic the gathering the player is clearly defined as a wizard. All the mechanics and all the themes are based around the idea the player is a wizard.In pokemon the player is clearly a monster trainer all the themes and cards are designed around the role of monster trainer. What is the player role in Star Wars ? in the rule book the players choose to represent the light sight of the force or the dark side of the force. This nebulous definition of the player role is poor design and the reason why people are experiencing a thematic disconnect. What doe is mean that im the light side of the force? How am i gathering resources ? what are these resources? are they credits? are they influence ? Where are my units? am i ordering them to these locations and to complete these objectives ? im not an imperial commander i'm..the dark side of the force…hmm. the decision to not clearly define the player role seems inconsquential but in ccg design terms its like building a house on a cracked foundation.
  12. i suspected you were a hardcore gamer emrikiol based on your posts but the pictures really drive it home nice set up. i do love warhammer 3E but after seeing what the mechanics have becomes in edge of empire im a little bummed warhammer doesn't have the same rules. giving the player fiat over the "boons" and rolling the bonus damage into the roll itself is slick. warhammer turn : flip through action cards-> decide action-> shift stance meter-> assemble dice pool-> roll dice-> determine sucess/failure-> refer to action card to spend boons and trigger banes and calculate damage -> distribute wound cards->gm hems and haws about comet and chaos star results -> remove recharge token -> next turn. star wars turn : i want to shoot somebody-> how far away are they?-> assemble pool-> roll dice-> calculate succes/failure and bonus damage and crits-> player and gm colloborate on triumph/despair and threat/advantage results as they relate to the story-> next turn. maybe i oversimplified the star wars turn a bit but i love that emphasis on player/gm collaboration in the star wars rules and the fact less stuff is in the way of the story which is what ultimately matters to me more than anything. does warhammer need a stance meter? no in hindsight reckless and conservative could have been baked into assembling the pool. do you need an action card to determine the results of two boons and comet? . no you just give the player examples of what those things could be and let them have at it. the evolution of the dice mechanic is fascinating stuff to me. i find it very hard to play with normal rpg dice anymore. most of my gaming time lately has centered around warhammer 3/ descent 2/ and xwing minis…not a standard die in any of those games. i remember when the thought of rolling a 20 excited me way more than it should have but ffg has hacked my brain and now i want the starburst, the comet and the hammer and the only time normal dice do it for me is at the craps table but thats a whole other story lol.
  13. the corebox + the adventurers kit will get you rolling.
  14. its tough call on the wizard. i can also see not including magic to keep mechanics simple but my preference would be to include one. that being said i dont love the magic system in warhammer. i think its messy. i dont need 8 winds or that elves wont teach humans the good stuff. im ok with magic being magical and elves just being innately better at doing it. to me the current warhammer magic is like the new star wars force when obi wans drops the midichlorian bomb when i was perfectly fine accepting the undefined nebulous force from the originals. i dont love channelling either. i prefer the spells to stand on their own and just drain the wizard mentally and physically. bright wizards are the exception. i have a very clear picture in my head about what these guys do. what about having a heroic scenario and a non heroic scenario? you have one lotr style scenario with the iconic tolkien heroes and a more mundane scenario where more ordinary people are put into a situation where they have to be heroic. the more i think about this the more i think the warhammer setting is kind of a jumbly mess. On one hand its an homage to tolkien but we dont want to look like we are biting tolkien or DnD so we add a layer of german and split sauron into 4 different gods. On one hand we have dwarven slayers, elvish wardancers and wizards and on the other we have agitators, navigators, and ratcatchers. If i were designing the game from ground up it would be two different games. a high fantasy homage to tolkien with wizards and dwarves and low fantasy game with normal citizens in medieval germania investigating ctulu cults and dark powers they could only hope to stave off but never defeat. i suppose it still works but now i understand why ive wanted to run both a tolkien style campaign and a city based cult investigation with mundane career characters while flipping through my warhammer books.
  15. i know you dont want to have magic or stuff outside the core but i just watched the hobbit and i was kind of shocked at how warhammer could easily be used to play a lord of the rings or hobbit game. ive always known warhammer was an homage to tolkien but id never had it spelled out as clearly before. i think the animosity between the elves and dwarves and the great scene that showed the dwarves pillaging bilbo's larder really hammered it home. i would make the 4 beginner box careers dwarf troll slayer, human bright wizard, elvish hunter, and halfing thief. i can already hear some GMs rolling their eyes but i want the players to have some familiar reference to draw on. i know a lot of people think the mundane careers like rat catcher, agitator etc etc. are what make warhammer great but honestly ive found mundane careers take a lot of role playing experience to pull off well. as for beginning adventure i start the 4 pcs in combat. i railroad road them through a commission from a local minor noble to investigate a remote outpost or farmhouse or village and they find it under seige by a manageable group of goblins or orcs or if you want to differentiate between warhammer and lotr you can go beastmen. i want them learning the dice system right away. its possible to learn the dice through social actions like negotiating with whoever gives them a comission and knowledge checks but new players and new GMs for that matter not always certain how to pull these off so i think its best to start with combat. if they sucessfully fend off the beastmen they can investigate the village or outpost and they will have the opportunity to question/save survivors, track the beastman back to an ancient shrine to korne where upon they encounter another group of beastmen led by a war gor or some appropriate lieutenant. at this point i open it up. i make combat optional and if the players are clever enough to get into investigate the camp without fighting thats great and if they do and find clues that the threat is much larger. at this point i would also introduce corruption checks from being near the chaos shrine (again a reference players a familiar with because of lotr) which will be a good entry point to disease and insanity later. at this point its back to the town where they got the comission to reveal their findings and get paid poorly. yes its RPG paint by the numbers but thats the idea behind a beginner box. i think your list of what to include is good but i make a small change in the terminology used to describe stances. ive always found conservative and reckless a little off in my head mainly because both have slightly negative connotations. i prefer cautious and aggressive. i actually railroad the party sheet. they would be brash young fools all out to make names for themselves. i keep the backgrounds simple. each would be from the respective iconic city in the empire. i would give their appearances and one simple character idiosyncracy for the player to work with ie the bright wizard is vain and is very concerned with making sure everyone notices his bright red robes, the elf is paranoid especially in cities and always thinks his way is the best especially when it comes to the dwarf. the dwarf is very mistrustful of the elf and any method of resolving conflict that doesnt involve his axe and the halfling is obsessed with food and lifts extra food from his companions if given the chance. i feel like warhammer in general is not accessible to new players because the long time players love the fluff so much and sort of push the stereotypical lotr fantasy elements aside in favor of the mundane careers and this idea that the right way to play warhammer is heavy investigation and social elements and combat should be so deadly the players never want to fight anything. as ive gotten older and my time to play has become less and less i just dont care about the right way to play at all. i just want to play and if that means i have to ignore that the troll slayer may be slightly overpowered and that new players are more inclined to be hooked by combat and familiar fantasy races and classes ill gladly cater to that.
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