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  1. Staying on the board for longer, especially permanently, would require *way* more explicit wording than the card has, and probably an attachment ring to indicate it. (compare Detained, which spells out next round explicitly) And since anyone can do this mission to cover their friends "retreat", a "Force Ghost" ring might not be hugely thematic (that thematic element is kind of covered by Obi-wan's action card anyway).
  2. He returns to the pool at the end of the round as normal, the clause on his card just means that he cannot be moved to the rebel base space right after a rescue, like rescuing leaders normally can.
  3. 8 Investigators, always. When solo, you have no scheduling conflicts, no need to finish it without pause (or indeed in one day), don't need to accomodate different levels of analysis tolerance - so might as well go all out. Do need some space you can leave occupied for a while though. You also get more investigators to get screentime per play, and can run 2-3 investigator combos that interest you per game instead of of just 1ish. (Originally did 4 investigators as well as the majority of the thread seem, but when I found myself sticking to "usual suspect" favorite investigators a lot and wanted to see more varied ones, my solution was to increase the i-count, not go random.)
  4. This. Reference guide page 9, "Random Space", first/only bullet point (after the entry's main text).
  5. What they said. I like to use the fact that monster sides are not secret (and could thus be placed however you like) to streamline the Mythos phase by placing monsters with reckonings text up, and monsters without relevant text pic-up. That way I see at a glance where I need to resolve something. Seems easier to see to me than relying on the tiny reckoning symbols in the corner.
  6. Excellent, thanks. Figured they'd be around but wasn't up to doing url digging.
  7. Release news says they should be available, but I can't find them. Am I too dumb for the new site?
  8. Stuff is generally usable right away. The only exception I can think of offhand is if *during resolving Reckonings* something new with a Reckoning effect spawns (not that unlikely to come up with monsters or status effects), that new Reckining effect does *not* happen yet that phase. The "no double actions" rule is generally very literal, only the exact same action is not permitted. Just because "Component Action: use Cat Burglar" action may also cause you to gain items does not mean it has anything whatsoever to do with an "Aquire Asset" action
  9. I have 2 36er boxes of small D6es handy I use to supply people in the game (I myself use original dice plus some bigger extras) that I otherwise use as damage and mana markers for Mage Wars, a red and a purple one. The box we pick to use ALWAYS rolls crap.
  10. Main difference between a "spawn a monster" effect like that, and an ambush would be that with a spawn, the monster stays on the board while it would be discarded after an ambush (or more precisely, never placed in the first place, just have its stats referenced). Secondary difference would be that spawn effects indeed take place, so you could end up with a blank draw that way. (Don't know exact wording by heart if anything supersedes the spawn effect, the ambush bit certainly isn't it because spawn and ambush are different things)
  11. *Whacks Varikas with box lid* No, "putting my hero in another space" is "putting my hero in another space". One of the methods to accomplish this may be "moving". You're right though, plenty of ways to "move" exist that are not "move actions". Since Syndrael does not specify "move action" but general move, those would all disallow her regen. Oath is not one of them, because no "move" happens. Edit: @ Moevius: also, I dont really see this issue debated much. What I see debated somewhat frequently, and what may be easily conflated with this (because tangentially related) is the popular house ruling of making Immobilize do something else than what it says on the card.
  12. No, just plain text from the card. If the arguments are with your group, I recommend beating them with the box lid, something that unfortunately doesn't work in oneline debates.
  13. Asm0 said: Just played my first few games of Descent with my gaming group, there were a few peculiarities with movement that we could not quite agree on. So was wondering how others handled these situations. 1) Firstly there was the�"Oath of Honor" ability, my hero players seemed to use this ability mainly as a way of bypassing blockades - They would engineer the situation so that the closest available adjacent square was always behind the target creature, thus allowing the knight to teleport behind and continue on there way. Is this how this skill is supposed to function? 2) Second is to do�with the combination of "Oath of Honor" and Syndrael's hero ability. Does using "Oath of Honor" count as having�moved for the purpose of being able to recover the 2 points of fatigue at the end of her turn? I notice that it is worded as not having moved, instead of not taken a move action. 3) Lastly there is the case of interrupting your movment to perform an action. Basically does it HAVE to be an action you use in the middle of your move, or could say a Disciple move two squares to move along beside another hero, use "Prayer of Healing" on them, which is not counted as an action, then continue on with their movement? 1) Yes, oath can allow awesome wire fu jedi jumps if used properly. 2) No, her "figure was placed", she did not "move". Regen 2 fat. 3) Anything thats doable should be able to interrupt. Edit: line breaks. This time. I hope.
  14. Triu said:Essentially does not mean "it is essential" in this case.I tied to tell him that post 3ish in the BGG thread, but my opinion doesn't count because I'm german or something.
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