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    Vacceo got a reaction from alemander in Time to bring Midnight back?   
    I´d honestly love to see a whole update on all Midnight material. For regional manuals, I think both Hammer and Shadow and Fury of Shadow provided the potential development of a whole year to insert the players. That would be nice to see on the Dornish north, Sarcosan south and central Erenland. I really missed how events folded after the first century under the Shadow went on.
    A lot was left to provide more details such as demons of the jungles, more on elthendar remains, infighting between legates, orcs and so on...
    Now that FFG has lost some franchises as OP has stated, they may have the manpower to take advantage of the OGL, it would be nice to see what they can do with the defining traits of Midnight such as magic, paths or even prestige classes (I´m partial to pale legates).
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    There cannot be a Chicago typewriter without a Mike McGlen...
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