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  1. The issue I see with moving to a ruleset of its own is the amount of changes and adaptation it will require. In the end, Midnight is clearly supported on D&D and you can see that in terms of gear, spells (even with its mechanics such as nexus, magic points and so on), alignments, levels and classes... I also think that the archetype system from 5th can fit better the variations, prestige classes and subsystems that Midnight employs, but that´s an FFG decission in the end.
  2. I´d honestly love to see a whole update on all Midnight material. For regional manuals, I think both Hammer and Shadow and Fury of Shadow provided the potential development of a whole year to insert the players. That would be nice to see on the Dornish north, Sarcosan south and central Erenland. I really missed how events folded after the first century under the Shadow went on. A lot was left to provide more details such as demons of the jungles, more on elthendar remains, infighting between legates, orcs and so on... Now that FFG has lost some franchises as OP has stated, they may have the manpower to take advantage of the OGL, it would be nice to see what they can do with the defining traits of Midnight such as magic, paths or even prestige classes (I´m partial to pale legates).
  3. After playing the game a couple times, I really enjoyed Leo Anderson and Akachi. I, however, miss some good 'ole Irish mobster lad doing gangster stuff. We need Mike McGlenn soon.
  4. Trench broom or trech sweeper also accepted! If you ever fire a Thompson, it will be quite clear why it was called Chicago Typewriter.
  5. There cannot be a Chicago typewriter without a Mike McGlen...
  6. I have played EH just once, so my impressions are quite limited. However, when I opened the Arkham Horror basic box for the first time I felt overwelmed with the amount of... everything! that was in there. With EH, not so much, honestly. I really miss some all time classics among the non-euclidean big bad ones like Hastur, Nyarly (and his masks!) or Ithaqua. I also miss some of my fave AH investigators, particularly Mike McGlen. In terms of extra elements, I´d love to see the Orient Express, an expedition to Anctartica (Mountains of Madness anyone?) and Erich Zhan as an ally. And of course, more variety on core cards.
  7. It would be nice to see Midnight reworked for Pathfinder or any other system. Plus, FFG could add some extra value to the re-edited suplements such as more details on the Dorn houses, more rumors about the Darguul or the Elder Fey, more speculation on the gods, maps of places like Calador…
  8. Years and years of sedition among the People have finaly given fruit! May the White Mother guard you all!
  9. I do not allow to buy archeotech components, simply because anyone owning it, will simply not sell it. Same goes for xenotech. I use both as plot elements on my campaign. Xenotech is, depending on race, a standard for them. Think for example of the eldar; their grav-sails or runes for war navigation are relatively common elements in their vessels. My guess is they also have diverse qualities just as humans do on their components. That said, no manual specifies if those components are of different qualities. Let us consider a vessel that belonged to the Space Marines during the Heresy and turned traitor. Many components at the time were standard while ten millenia after that are considered archeotech; if that is the case is it possible to think that even back then they had different qualities? Another possibility is getting one of your characters to research (typically a Mechanicus member) an old STC, discovering how that old and fogotten component can be further refined into an outstanding and almost unique piece even among components that are, by themselves, outstanding.
  10. Is it possible to install and run Archeo and Xenotech components of different qualities or do they count as "standard quality" in all cases. If degrees of quality components are acceptable, is it possible to reduce space and power requirements for said components?
  11. Arkham Horror succeded in adding a thematic element with every expansion covering both Lovecraftian geography and famous Great Old Ones/Elder Gods. I think MoM covered particular stories (In the Mountains of Madness!!!). And well, as long as Erich Zan appears somewhere...
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